WWW – EVERYTHING you need to know about 3 Nights in the secret place

Kai… I have been swamped with requests on details about When Women Worship: 3 nights in the secret place. I thought my post was clear enough with all the links to Pastor M’s blog for details. So I decided to do this post enumerating stuff so you get it easily… 1. When Women Worship is […]


First off, Happy birthday to my dearest Diche, Pastor M’s sister. Keep it moving ma, FORWARD!!! June sure rocks ehn. Kai. So my Doctor/Minister Diche z also June born Ok today’s post. You know how people say ‘oh I need to complete this post and rush off to church/work/whatever?’ Well I almost never say that […]


Hello my dearest people of an IMELA God… Thanks for all the positive feedback and energy And of course for all of you that are coming, I’m super excited for you Sweeriesssss. Bring your friends and enemies too. Trust me, you have enemies ooo. Lol. Ok today, I’ll talk some about the ministers and answer […]


Whoooooooop… I’m blogging right from the centre of the action… where we went to put together the AMAZING gift packs for all the ladies that are coming… So much fun mehn,,, Chioma, Diche, Ekamma, Pastor M, and all, muah… Because w̶e̶ Pastor M is ready to spoil the ladies, w̶e̶ she went all out… Ladies […]


This is the third in my WWW series. Do well to read Parts one and two first “…But year after year, her rival wife taunted her cruelly and made fun of her, provoking her, rubbing it in and never letting her forget that God had not given her children. Hannah was miserable. She wept and […]


You might wanna read here before you proceed. My WWW series… People who know me know how I absolutely hate to welcome Ms. Flo As in, I am almost always angry to have her visit. (No I don’t have a problem saying menstrual period, I just find ‘Ms. Flo’ cooler to say) God knows I am […]


Every day this week, I would do a short styled post in this format. It would focus on IMELA… Let’s kick off with WWW.BARREN.COME I recently figured out something about myself. In the past, I didn’t care more than necessary. But today, it is major for me. PREGNANT WOMEN… I stare mehn!!! I mean it […]

Fab n' Cash; www.ROYALPERIDOT.com… Trendy convenient Online fashion store

Hello this beautiful Saturday morning… Just before you dahs out to shop, allow me to introduce this FABULOUS website to you all… #ThankMeLater 🙂 So this post was inspired by my big sis who I will call P*. She was just gisting me this early momo about how all the young girls in her office […]

Correct Those Kids Early

NB. This post was first published on this blog in 2019 The beautiful thing as a stay-at-home mom is that you have more time, so make sure you are investing the right amount into parenting, and not just in an endless stream of Telemundo or Netflix. “Scaling up.” This is one term you hear used […]

It’s been TEN YEARS!!!!

Ten years ago, I wrote this post My Dream, My Reality sharing details of my wedding to Aku m. On November 30th 2023 we marked our 10th year wedding anniversary, Whooooopp!!!. Somebody pinch me!!! Whaaaattttt! God has been so FAITHFUL.  Ten years later our union has growwwwnnnnn. We’ve welcomed two sons, changed jobs, started a […]