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People who know me know how I absolutely hate to welcome Ms. Flo

As in, I am almost always angry to have her visit. (No I don’t have a problem saying menstrual period, I just find ‘Ms. Flo’ cooler to say)

God knows I am not being ungrateful. I love that all is working well down there but blood generally irritates me. I remember once, after being involved in an accident and obviously in pain, I did not cry till I saw blood flow…

Another reason I don’t like it is cos it comes with a lot of pain, especially on day one. The pain is incredible.


I know I shouldn’t give up but I think I have. I just accept it. *coveringmyface* But even without the pain, I just hate Ms. Flo. I take consolation in two hings

  1. God in His infinite mercies lets me flow for just 2days and a few hours.
  2. PainFULL period equals PAINLESS childbearing. I am keeping this story. Save your two kobo

“…And a woman having an issue of blood/hemorrhage/subject to bleeding for twelve years, which had spent all her living upon physicians, neither could be healed of any and derived no benefit from any…” Luke 8;43 (E’s mix version)


Reading this story does something to me. Something really painful. I can’t imagine this being me. 2days, I am tetchy and irritated by EVERYTHING. 12years!!! Sorry, i will be dead!!! I cant deal mehn.

When this story drives home and happens to someone you know, it is positively heart breaking. The full gist will be released at WhenWomenWorship themed IMELA, but I can give a sneak preview.

I didn’t know she had suffered same. Till now. And I am grateful that I didn’t know then. I am too chicken to not cry everytime.  I heard even more from her husband. Where the blood could be pouring like water for weeks on end. Heavens!!! I have goose bumps every time I hear that. This was my ‘woman with the issue of blood’ in the flesh. She had been diagnosed of a certain medical condition as a teenager and had lived with this for 18years…

***Please excuse me while I go cry some more***

With this condition, Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) comes infertility and then the occasional issue of blood. Ewwwwwwwwwww.

But our God is faithful… which is why we are saying IMELA!!!

Shame to the devil and his mom-in-law, the woman with the issue of blood and labeled barren is today testifying…

***More tears. This time of joy***

The full gist? Una too like gist. Then see you at



Date; Sunday, June 16, 2013

Time; 4pm

Venue; David’s Christian Centre, Amuwo Odofin. By Fatgbems bus stop on Oshodi-Apapa expressway.

Free transport to major areas in Lagos. You can call 08028356363 or 08077714411 for transport inquiries.

The good thing is that this is NOT about Pastor M alone. This is about the same God over one who is RICH unto all. That He has done the seemingly impossible, means that my own especially is small do… So is yours.

Invite your friends and especially people you know who are trusting God for the IMPOSSIBLE especially in the area of children.

I am really excited about it. Can’t wait…

More gist on the program? Clear here  And please spread word

Our God is faithful. So faithful…


PS; I discovered the MOST amazing Blog ever. Of course, it is run by a woman. Doctor, married, a kid and yoruba but lives in America. I sooooooooooo love her blog and she is anonymous!!! She makes all sorts of sense. Gosh!!! For now, she is my numero uno blogger mehn. I have a pee with blogspot/blogger hosted blogs but I love hers and take the pain to comment too. Discovered her from a  comment on my blogpost WHILE YOU ARE WAITING. Thank you sisblu

The address? You have to wait for the next post. I am still enjoying it and I am in no hurry to share with you hehehehe

Yeah yeah, warreva…


4 Responses

  1. selfish E’, y keep d blog to urself na. share it 4 all to c.

    About your Miss Flo, I was thinking u would show d pictures of urself instead of that white lady lol!

    Anyway, thank God am a man, I don’t have to deal with Miss Flo. am so greatful!

    well, dt was d positive Miss Flo o, talking about d nagative one now, as in d 1 dt came bt refused to go for 12years, mehn! am so happy for d woman. I pain must b beyound explanation. And my so proud of her husband who stood by her all d way. so E, u c we still have some real men out there.

    d story is about d fact that my Big Daddy is still very much at work. that’s why I dey always duff for am.

    since u said we God’s guys should stay off EMELA, am so saving my strength. *smile* but should u Change ur mind, let me know on time o.

    9s work miss. I enjoy your blog.

    1. Lol
      No mind changing sweerie
      No guys allowed.
      Yesooo. Our big daddy!!! Always at work.
      And yes we do have some real men around. My latest post is celebrating ’em
      Lol at pix of myself. I have my blog flooded with my fine self.
      Feel free to enjoy.
      When pain comes, no picture is even thought about
      The blog is mentioned in the post after this
      You see I’m not that selfish

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