Kai… I have been swamped with requests on details about When Women Worship: 3 nights in the secret place. I thought my post was clear enough with all the links to Pastor M’s blog for details. So I decided to do this post enumerating stuff so you get it easily…

1. When Women Worship is an annual program hosted by Pastor Mildred Kingsley-Okonkwo every June. 

2. Each year it has a theme. This year it is themed ‘Three nights in the secret place’. Yup this year, tz for 3days. 


3. Day 1 is When Women Pray. Come ready to pray!!! Friday June 19 at 4.30pm. Dress code is tee shirt and jeans. We have customised tees for 2k


but even if you don’t get, sha come as you are, comfy enough to pray. 

4. Babs Carpenter is ministering on that day. I think there will be more minsters. 

5. Day 2 is When Women Praise. Also testimony night. Saturday June 20 starting at 4.30pm. Dress code is traditional but if u no get, come as u are. Comfy enough to turn up for Jesus. Ibitayo Jeje and Minister Ighosa will be ministering. 

6. Day 3 and finale is When Women worship. June 21 at 4.30pm A night of pure unadulterated worship. Dress code, any shade of green. Our very own MK, Wale Adenuga and co will be ministering.

7. There will be free buses to and from okoko, island and Unilag. Please call 08077714411 for transport details. 

8. Venue remains David’s Christian Centre, Fatgbems bus stop (behind PHCN office, Amuwo odofin Lagos. If you call 08077714411, you can be directed on how best to route your journey especially if you are not too familiar with that area and traffic. 

9. And hey, if you are not in Lagos, we would be live streaming here
please join us. Thanks.

10. No challenge can survive these three nights of prayer, Praise and Worship

Ok so see you there. 
Come on time so you get a good seat and then because there will be freebies too


19 Responses

    1. onyi bless you.
      forgot that piece of info. very vital. Just updated the post with a link for online streaming. Thank you darling

  1. Eziaha ! so on point with all the details clearly spelt out.
    Making it a lot easier for all of us…., distance won’t deter us.
    Thanks hun.

  2. This sounds very interesting. I am a guy and would like to particiapte, I am allowed? would really loved to be blessed by the programme.Thanks

    1. Guys just littered every where sha lol
      They were suppose to be working but they enjoyed the programme too so next time, come as a worker heheh

    1. Thanks dear. Awww enjoy Ibadan and ig you neex a great church, TRIUMPHANT ASSEMBLY Ijokodo jxn Eleyele works.
      Pastored by Rev Femi and Teju Oduwole

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