PowWow with E’-Domestic Queen Venue Details.

We were featured on The Guardian and Bella Naija earlier this week yay and most of you have been asking for venue and all for the event… We decided to put together a post with details… It is a purely WORSHIP and PRAYER meeting. No chairs, or tables. Just enough space to express yourself Venue […]


First off, WHEN WOMEN WORSHIP 2018… Who is COMING? Let me tell yawl, its gonna be STRAIGHT FIRE!!! TRUST ME. Move heaven backwards and MAKE IT if you live in Lagos or can come into Lagos. And hey, I am SO SERIOUS that I don’t mind hosting you in my home for ONE NIGHT so […]

THREE MORE DAYS off the 30-31-30 Devotional.

Hey yawl…  Doing this for my amazing IOS USERS who keep haranguing me. Like I say, the Android version of the App has to make the money for the Ios VERSION so let’s all be patient and prayerful. I LOVE THIS DEVOTIONAL TO LIFE Blows me away and so I KNOW no be my power. […]

Fight WELL… #WarriorInHeels

Timothy, my son, I command you…In accordance with the words of prophecy spoken in the past about you. Use those words as WEAPONS in order to FIGHT WELL!!!…1 Timothy 1: 18 How’s our fighting game going these days guys? I’ve probably read that post of mine about 501 times and it gets me pumped EVERYTIME!!! […]

WWW – EVERYTHING you need to know about 3 Nights in the secret place

Kai… I have been swamped with requests on details about When Women Worship: 3 nights in the secret place. I thought my post was clear enough with all the links to Pastor M’s blog for details. So I decided to do this post enumerating stuff so you get it easily… 1. When Women Worship is […]

My life in THREE Junes…

Hi guys. So I know I am supposed to be posting part 2 of WHY AM I STILL SINGLE but let’s put a pause on that for now, shall we? Thanks. For the past two Junes, something amazing has featured in my life, asides my birthday of course. But first lemme do small Pastor Mildred […]

Why am I still SINGLE? A message preached by Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

I just love this message. I am not sure but I think this was the last LoveDating&Marriage seminar I attended at DCC Lagos. I love it so much that it is the last Singles message left on my phone. It just seemed soooooo practical and useful. So this is dedicated to all my Single FABers. […]

A great Cloud of WITNESSES

Therefore since we are surrounded by a GREAT cloud of WITNESSES… Hebrews 12:1 I love this scripture. Especially because of how God has revealed Himself to me through it in recent times through a series of experiences- Mine and others who have shared with me. You know there is something about your own RHEMA. Your […]

The one before #Àkìkìtán

I am sooooooooo expectant I can hardly stand or sit still. My spirit is bursting and rearing to go. Kabaye!!! I am incredibly AMAZED as to what happened with IMELA last year. (The Program is actually WHEN WOMEN WORSHIP but each year there is a theme. Last year, IMELA, this year #Àkìkìtán) I am still […]