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Ok so here are three more days, One to the wife, the second to the Mom and the third to the Chick…


A nagging spouse is like the drip, drip, drip of a leaky faucet; You can’t turn it off, and you can’t get away from it… Proverbs 27v15-16

As I write this, I have one tap in my bathroom that is constantly dripping. It is the most annoying sound ever!!! If it was a human, I would have slapped it countless times. Pending when we get the Plumber however, I turned it off permanently from the source and limited my use of that bathroom. That tap lacks continence – SELF-CONTROL, an ability to hold it all in. It is commonly used in medical fields, to describe a bladder that cannot control the leaking of urine.

Kai!!! How embarrassing can that get, leaking wee anyhow.

I’m tempted to think of those times as a wife, when my lack of continence has gotten the better of me. When like my tap, my mouth keeps going drip drip drip. And we all know that where words are dripping, sin is not absent (Proverbs 10v19), so the more I leak, the more sin drops, and the more room I give the devil to come in and do damage in my marriage and home. I know nagging is our thing as Chicks, especially those countless times our men don’t get it. It can be very tempting, but not only is it counter-productive, it is also dangerous. Give no room to the devil.

My temporary solution for that annoying drip was to stop the flow of water into that tap from the source. I cut if off completely because I couldn’t deal. That’s the same effect our nagging and lack of verbal continence would have on our men. They just would cut you off and not listen to anything else you have to say.

What to do? State your grievance as clearly and politely as possible, and then trust God to perfect that case in a way that only He can. Then R-E-S-T!!! It is amazing what God can do when we stop trying to play God. Show some continence girl, and leave the dripping to faulty taps.



Ask God for the spirit of self-control today, and commit to being a woman of great continence, in Jesus name, AMEN!!!


Side note: I have certainly come a long way. I USED TO JUST VOMIT IT AS I FELT IT BUT NOW, I certainly have very few continence issues. Also I must admit this comes from a deep sense of purpose and walking fully in it. You just don’t want any avoidable drama. Life on His lane is challenging enough, especially for that wife who wants to obey God. So let’s DEAL wifeys!!!


We tear down arguments, and every presumption set up against the knowledge of God; and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ… 2Corinthians 10v5

I don’t know that there is any part of me where I have had the most struggles like my thoughts. There is really a constant on-going battle in the mind, and ignorance is dangerous. Oh wow, it is such a battle. Satan drops his arsenals – thoughts so stupid, so deep, so dark, and absolutely hilarious – in our minds and then watches to see if we let them take root.

Two things I’ve learned

  1. Not every thought that drops in my mind is mine. Which is why I need to stay aware, En-Garde and SWORDED so that I can quickly recognise his lies, and ‘take no thought’ from him. So, I don’t even have the time to feel guilty for thinking of XYZ because it was dropped by satan not me. In fact, one of my friends once told me that sometimes, the kind of thoughts the devil drops in her mind are so crazy that she is like ‘Come on devil, even for you this is so low…’.

So, once you catch that thought, quickly filter through the Word, and then reject it in JESUS name.

  1. We counter thoughts, not with thoughts, BUT with words. And not just empty, shallow, or fear-filled words either. Thank God for the very potent weapon for battle that He has so graciously given us – HIS WORD, which means we must be WORDED at all times, because the devil comes at any time.

In Luke 4, we see that even Jesus had to keep quoting the Word with an ‘It is written’ when he was tempted by satan. If Jesus, the All-powerful One, straight out of a 40day fast, was tempted by satan and needed the Word to get him to flee, how about you?

What thoughts are going wild within you? How worded are you? Thoughts are so powerful, but praise God the Word has infinitely more power!!!

Are you good to capture those thoughts with the Word? Or will you just wish them away? I heard someone say once that when a wrong train of thought comes, you chase it down like a law-enforcement officer, and you frisk ‘em, i.e. you choke the life out of it. Whatever you do, DO NOT IGNORE IT. Speak the Word because there is a Word for everything. Which is why Colossians 3v16 says let the Word of God dwell in you RICHLY.

So whether the enemy is coming for me, my husband or my kids, my job, or my joy, I have just the right weapon to take Him down. And because the Greater One loves us enough to live in us, we will continue to take him down.


Father, I recognise that I am in an on-going battle and the battle field is my mind. Help me to recognise the enemy’s thoughts, and take them captive by replacing them with Your Word which dwells richly in me, in Jesus name, AMEN!!!

SIDE NOTE: This is SOOO REAL to me. Deeply PERSONAL. Thank God for weapons of war!!!


And Manoah said “When what you say comes true, what kind of rules should govern the boy’s life and work?”… Judges 13v12

I love love love love love Manoah and his wife’s birth story. They are not quite as popular as their son, Samson, but their story gives us some wisdom as parents.

So first, an Angel appears to Mrs. Manoah and tells Chick that she would have a son. The second time He appears, she calls her husband who asks Him a pertinent question on this child that had been promised them. That is the question in our text scripture above, but please permit this ‘Bible versions junkie’ to share the same verse as interpreted in many other Bible versions…

How shall we manage the child, and what is he to do?

How should the child be raised and what should he do? 

What is to be the child’s manner of life, and what is his mission? 

How should the boy live and what should he do?

What do you have to tell us about this boy and his work?”

If you are anything like me, you got up to speak in tongues for a minute right now.

Manoah is such a man full of wisdom, and this coming from a man who had never been a father before. He knew that this Angel who had promised them a child, also needed to supply the blueprint on how to raise that child. He knew that this was not an assignment to be done casually, or like something that was mass-produced. This child was CUSTOMISED and had to come with his own ‘rules and regulations’ from Source. Remember that they didn’t have the privilege of the Holy Spirit or the Bible, as we do now, to constantly teach them, so this Angel needed to download before leaving.

When it comes to our kids, I am learning that I cannot use my mama’s wisdom, or even Pastor’s wisdom to train them. I have to literally sit at the feet of Jesus, and download the customized info needed to run their lives. My mama may have done it one way and it worked, my best friend may be doing it this other way and it is working for her, but that doesn’t mean that it would work for me, so I don’t take nudges from them, outside of the Holy Spirit. They know what God told them, however, what did God tell me? Our God is limitless in His ways and does not run a ‘one-size-fits-all’ policy.

He created each human unique right down to our finger prints, and the mamas (and papas) who sit at His feet get to download those customized files for their kids, and as they apply it, parenting begins to look simpler and more graceful. And then these kids grow up in the way that He alone has mapped out for them.

One way I do this is by going to lay hands on my son’s tummy while he is asleep at night and just pray in the Spirit. I believe in those silent hours, our sweet Father is downloading into His spirit and mine. As we continue to speak into their spirits day by day, we just find out that as we take steps day-by-day concerning them, we are walking right in God’s purpose for their lives.



This is certainly the kind of prayer we pray daily. As often as you can, in the presence of your kids or not, continue to ask the Holy Spirit to increasingly reveal to you what your Children’s’ assignments and life missions are. And continue to write them down so that you don’t forget and can easily refer and be guided by as you do this parenting work.

SIDE NOTE: BEING a mom has been my life’s BIGGEST privilege, especially because of the NEW WOMAN that is also born for every child you get the privilege of birthing.

Thank you JESUS.

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  1. I’m at work reading this post (its break time) and i didnt know when “Blood of Jesus” jumped out of my mouth just reading this part- “What is to be the child’s manner of life, and what is his mission”…like WHAT? There’s a scripture for this..???…Jesus is just Lord!!
    Thank you Eziaha!! Running to my bible ?

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