I am sooooooooo expectant I can hardly stand or sit still.
My spirit is bursting and rearing to go.


I am incredibly AMAZED as to what happened with IMELA last year. (The Program is actually WHEN WOMEN WORSHIP but each year there is a theme. Last year, IMELA, this year #Àkìkìtán) I am still hearing testimonies. Shattah!!! Jobs, births, business breakthroughs, relationships with God reaching an all time high, dreams birthed, etc!!! God is just incredible. I have no doubt that #Àkìkìtán this year, my Sugar Daddy will outdo Himself. Ah, I can feel Him already. He has even started dropping the miracles. I am a LIVING witness. I had a pending testimony I was going to #Àkìkìtán to praise Him in advance for and my Daddy decides to spoil me silly and land the testimony on my lap in the most dramatic of ways as I was in the airport enroute Lagos for the program.


Ah, I still have more ooo so lemme go and settle it in #Àkìkìtán.

I have done my best to blog and invite as many as possible. I know some ladies just can’t make it for very good reasons. I am not talking about those ones. But it is sorta heart breaking that some people who really should be there and are in Lagos or can be in Lagos on that day and can actually make it won’t come. Trust me, I’m PAINED for you. Anyways, God can still touch them sha.
Then some who are on every SM site I have been screaming #Àkìkìtán on but are waiting for me to specially ping/message them and ask them to come.



No comment. I just know that devil can’t let me miss that kinda thing so long as I am aware and can move things around for it. Tz afterall once a year biko nu.

Hmmmmmmmm. It is well. Amen.


The program will be streamed live on www.davidschristiancentre.org starting at 4pm. If you are outside Nigeria or have a legit reason to not make it, join us online.

Aside the program, I’m giddy that I’ll be meeting lots and lots of people for the first time. All non-DCC members ooo
First off, my mentees. Whoop!!! Those young ladies have carried it on their heads ooo. From outside town, some of them don enter lagos sef in time for the program. Everytime we have a prayer meeting, they pray sooooo much about it. And NO, they are not DCC Members. Some of them even got the asoebi.
Looking forward to meeting y’all. And they are sleeping over in my house afterwards!!! Yaaaaay. 

My besties Valerie and Booski will be there. Whoop!!! Some of my Twitter peeps (I truly can’t name everyone) and fellow Bloggers (Frances, Tomiwa, and co) and some of my friends in Lagos and TA too (my church in Ibadan).

Chai!!! You guys come early ooo. I’m certainly trusting to be there at 2pm max 2.30pm so I can have time to hang out with y’all. We all know we won’t be meeting each other during the program. I no dey play rough play. And after the program, everyone will be in a hurry to go home so we can’t be doing Meet n Greet then. So early we shall come, deal? Deal!!! *fist bumps*

Err, for those who need directions, feel free to call any of our ministry lines for detailed description. There will also be free transportation after the program so ask if your route is covered.
08077714411 or 08028356363.

DCC z very easy to locate tho. We are a church bang on the road. Hehehehe. Right on Oshodi-Apapa express way, off Fatgbems filling station just before Mile 2. Once you are in Fatgbems, you are in DCC. Just walk into that road and take the first turn right.

Come early though. Can’t guarantee you a seat inside the Dome at Past 4 but overflow go dey sha (and who knows maybe for just 30mins) Hehehe.

Bring a Worship offering/seed too. You can’t come for that kinda meeting empty handed ooo. Whatever your level, still sow.

Have a heart full of expectations too as you worship. Don’t just come empty hearted (of expectations that is) but hey, just know that you will be soooo full afterwards. 

Guys are NOT invited please. You can drop off your ladies and wait outside the property. But ladies, ah, even in jeans and tee-shirt, come. If you know any lady ‘going through’ something right now and in desperate need of a miracle, holler. I am too sure God will meet us all.

Guest Ministers?
Onos will be there LIVE https://eziaha.com/2014/06/08/www-onos_changed-come/
Efe the Minstrel, I can’t wait yo http://justusgirlsnaija.com/2014/06/12/the-minstrel-efe/
And Palmira with the voice of Angelsssssssss too. http://justusgirlsnaija.com/2014/06/14/heavens-angel-palmira/

Pastor Mildred Kingsley-Okonkwo is the Host


#Àkìkìtán 15-06-14
4pm. DCC Lagos.
See ya…



6 Responses

  1. Cant wait to come worship this GOD I also call OBA taKI TI A OLE KITAN!
    And I’m also super expectant on the miracles and testimonies I will share.
    Will trynna be there as early as possible and might have to skip drama rehearsals in TA lag after service.
    Lady E’ did I hear you mention aso ebi? Is there a customised top for d prog?
    Pls reserve mine o!
    See ya!

    1. Sweetie asoebi was sold before the program. But hey, you can wear anything though African Print is dresscode. But jeans and tshirt sef allowed ooo.
      Almost here!!! Can’t wait. Whoop!!!

  2. What time will it end Eziaha?, I am not too fond of driving back through that route at night. Else I may just have to stream then

    1. Nne we have a start time and we didn’t say a stop time oooo cos mehn, tinz dey happen ooo. But good thing is you can leave whenever you feel like 🙂 if you feel like 😉

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