Hello my dearest people of an IMELA God…
Thanks for all the positive feedback and energy
And of course for all of you that are coming, I’m super excited for you Sweeriesssss. Bring your friends and enemies too. Trust me, you have enemies ooo. Lol.
Ok today, I’ll talk some about the ministers and answer a major question that I think you may be asking.
And share my personal expectations from IMELA too.

I’m super duper tired as I blog. But I don’t wanna miss a day in the WWW series.
My school held her graduation today. It was to end at 10pm.
My escaping still didn’t let me make the final prayer meeting in church.
Graduation gist on a different post
Let’s just get through this already
Meanwhile visit www.justusgirlsnaija.wordpress.com for more details on the artistes.
I am particularly looking forward to
Nathaniel Bassey : his Imela song is something else. You need to hear him sing live. Dude is palpably anointing-ed. Chai!!! I’m joyful to bursting oooo.
Minister Ken; his Arugbo Ojo is one song I play if my quiet time is not feeling itself. Plus the song sounds way better LIVE. Looking forward to that song mehn!!!
PITA is another DCC star yo, going global. PITA is one of the reasons I’m still in DCC today mehn!!!!!!!!
He had this concert-like stuff with DCC end of the year thanksgiving like 3years ago and I knew I had to settle for DCC to keep hearing him sing s̶i̶n̶c̶e̶ ̶i̶ ̶c̶a̶n̶’̶t̶ ̶m̶a̶r̶r̶y̶ ̶h̶i̶m̶…
I’m sooooo making noise about his concert coming up end of June. This June rocks sha. I for insist on getting married this month still ooo.
Ok let’s continue… 😉
David Nkennor and Ibironke and many more.
Just come. Worship go dey dat day mehn!!!
The major question one would wanna ask is ‘Is this all about Pastor M?’
Well Yeah… It is. For me ooo.
The testimony of one is the possibility of another. And is also a prophecy that we hold on to (shout out to that BEAUTIFUL lady that read from Rev 19:10 at the prayer meeting on thursday …)
Pastor M’s testimony is our prophecy. We recognise her as that ‘Aaron’s head and beard’ from which it flows…
And it aint limited to the fruit of the womb… Tie this seeming impossibility of a testimony to the many seemingly impossible things in your life. Let our IMELA God have work to do.
Plus thanksgiving which we are gonna be doing in excess births even more testimonies…
Like Min Blessing advised, it would pay if we did a list of all the things we are thankful for!!!
It has a way of gingering us. Just write them down and come ready to be thankFULL.

I am particularly excited about IMELA for my own reason in addition to all the many I have blogged about.
One thing I keep hearing over and over again in my spirit man is this line from Tasha Combs song Break every chain. ‘…there is an army rising up 2x…
To break every chain, break every chain, break every chain…”

I have been trying to find a link to IMELA. It is not making all the sense. It is just making Faith to me mehn… That as these women gather, and worship and praise, there will indeed be an ARMY of Christ that will leave the Dome that day ready to wreck havoc on the kingdom of darkness.
Women who would NEVER ever let the devil have the last laugh in their lives, the lives of their husbands or children.
In their numbers. And increasing too as we shine our light.
The world has seen many outwardly beautiful women. The world has seen many ‘made-up’ women. The world has seen many ‘weak’ women.
The world needs to see more strong women.
Strong women. Purposeful women. Praying women. Women who know how to war on their knees till their testimony is birthed. Women who would wear the devil out. Women who would pray more people to Christ. Depopulate the kingdom of hell.
I strongly believe IMELA will birth them…
I just keep hearing it in my spirit, ‘an army rising up…’
And everytime I hear it, I say Thank you Jesus!!!
Cos I too am a part of that army. I could use a refuelling…
Thank you Onye m ji eme onu
Thank you my Ojiji jidenma
I’m holding on to this word… Fiercely.
And I’m bragging on the Word too.
The devil is in trouble. He should not have started this.
Jehovah bu Eze!!!
Thank you Jesus.

Thanks for sticking with me through my WWW series yo!!!
Tomorrow, God willing, my V-log will be up. I have recorded already. Can’t stop watching and laughing yo!!!
5 whole minutes of E’. Looooool.
By His grace, it will be up tomorrow.
I’m excited much…
Muah Muah Muah
See you at IMELA
IMELA by the way will be streamed LIVE at www.davidschristiancentre.org
That doesn’t mean you should sit at home when you can come ooo. It won’t open for you.
Come. Leave the streaming for people who truly can’t make it. No go jam network ooo.
I’m so happy its streaming. No one is left out of IMELA
Love on the double sweeties…
Cheers to a FABtastic weekend
The weekend of IMELA


6 Responses

  1. Yeah, can’t wait for 2moro as well, as PM always says “we serve a God whose word has ability & integrity”, I also have a lot 2b thankful 4 so I’m bringin my dancing shoes, btw did I mention I’m also preggers? Hehhehehehee. Ehen no P.S? Y na?

  2. Lol sweetie at No ps
    I could have sworn I typed this sleeping
    I was all kindsa tired sha…
    Yay at the preggers mehn… I hope I haven’t embarased myself staring at you in church before if you dey dcc… Lol
    Congrats darling
    Imela pregnancy Imela baby…
    Pls bring dancing flats oooooo
    See ya tmw sweerie

  3. The world needs to see more strong women.Strong women. Purposeful women. Praying women. Women who know how to war on their knees till their testimony is birthed. Women who would wear the devil out. Women who would pray more people to Christ. Depopulate the kingdom of hell

    -Gbam! ‘Nuff said. This statement got my blood rushing. I love this. You are abs right, the devil shouldn’t have even started this war.

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