Hello this beautiful Saturday morning…

Just before you dahs out to shop, allow me to introduce this FABULOUS website to you all… #ThankMeLater 🙂

So this post was inspired by my big sis who I will call P*. She was just gisting me this early momo about how all the young girls in her office carry really nice bags and so she just has to up her style mehn… She is a senior manager at a ‘Big 4…’

So she pinged my other sister who I will call Q* who is the most fashionable of us all to ask her for bags.

You see, Q has an online fashion store www.royalperidot.com where she sells branded products.


I like to say her biggest deal are her bags which are made especially for her from Italy and America. They are branded royal peridot. She also stocks stuff from other top designers.

Shopping on royalperidot is so easy. The site is mobile enabled and so you can access it on a phone or on a laptop or iPad.


Currently she stocks high end/high quality Italian bags for the working class/Professional woman both the trendy


and conservative,



men’s bags and wallets,

fashion bags,

Alma_Damier_Ebene_Canvas_N53151_Handbags_1 CLP812-0-B%20650%200%2019%20c10c3c16c11%200

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wallets and purses,

Screen_20130608_080344 Screen_20130608_080328

human hair (like the very original one that people even buy off her head lol),





both for children


and adults…


and she is still expanding. Phew… The towels and beddings are her latest addition.

She also has a few flip flops which i have been begging her for…


the website tells us how it works, FAQs and stuff for easy navigation. Anyone can understand it.



and also a short description on every item…


RoyaL Peridot delivers in 24hours within Lagos and two days outside Lagos. There are NO delivery fees all over Nigeria and you can pay on delivery only in Lagos. The company once sponsored a fashion and beauty event I did in Uni then in Ibadan and they delivered in less than 24hours. Really cool stuff.

She also stocks other very quality stuff from top designers all over the world

So hurry along to www.royalperidot.com and start shopping. This is also a cool website to shop for gifts for your friends and loved ones in Nigeria and have it delivered to them in your name.

You have my guaranty on this product because I use them too. And of course, she is my very own super fabulous sister…


Right  now, the human hair segment on the website is ‘COMING SOON’ but you can still holler at her and she can sort out ORIGINAL human hair for you. You need to see my sister weighing the hair LOL… each strand is VERY IMPORTANT!!!

You can also like Royal Peridot on Facebook;    

Add them on BB; 25B6AECB

Email; sales@royalperidot.com

Or call; 08051619955, 07084117146

Amazing stuff yo!!!

Yes, the AJAERO girls rock!!! I know right…

Btw, did you just ask if my sister P and I got the much needed bag… Of course we did. a super conservative high quality black italian bag with short and long straps.

If you have any stuff you wanna give publicity to, feel free to holler at me and I would help out. It is free for now

Do me a mail and we take it from there eziaharx@yahoo.com Terms and conditions apply. The blog is still a Christian blog ooo…

Have a super fabulous weekend…


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