Every day this week, I would do a short styled post in this format. It would focus on IMELA…

Let’s kick off with WWW.BARREN.COME
I recently figured out something about myself. In the past, I didn’t care more than necessary. But today, it is major for me. PREGNANT WOMEN… I stare mehn!!! I mean it is embarrassing how much I stare at pregnant women on the road. I feel like a part of any pregnant woman’s life. I have been involved in the pregnancy journey of a handful of my close friends. I mean, I would ask questions, ask for pictures, and just generally fuss over her tummy. I have a friend now who is pregnant with twins. And she has asked me to be their godmother. I am joyFULL to bursting. And she is so glowing in her pregnancy. I keep asking for pictures. Unfortunately, I can’t share them, but they are really beautiful. Pregnancy must be such a beautiful thing. Someday, at the right time, I too will make the triplet mummy team 🙂
Which is why my heart breaks when I see a couple trusting God for the fruit of the womb for many years, especially when they are Christians. People start to label them BARREN… Gosh!!! I can’t imagine the trauma such couple, especially the women go through. I can’t imagine how every visit to the Doctor felt. How many PT strips returned with a single line. It must have been disheartening seeing Ms. Flo visit as regularly as a Swiss clockwork.
Let me not discus in laws please. Especially if you have not been blessed with the really REAL born again in laws.
Every woman who truly desires the fruit of the womb should be blessed with it. God’s time is the best, but when I say that, don’t you just wanna slap me? I really am not in a position to advise any woman that has been labelled ‘BARREN’ on God’s time being the best, or even how to wait for this time… No I am not… But I know someone who qualifies. Someone who was labelled barren by ‘Ndi uwe Ocha’ and had been waiting on God to do that which He alone can do and is today being hosted to baby showers in a way that makes us all jealous LOL…

WWW- when women worship… Themed IMELA. The ‘someone who qualifies’ will be hosting this talk of the town event, strictly for ladies… See more details here http://justusgirlsnaija.wordpress.com/ and here http://eziaha.wordpress.com/2013/05/26/my-love-for-women/
BARREN: shame to bad people… Hehehe. The ‘someone who qualifies’ who is now ‘…in her sixth month’

and another coded ‘someone who qualifies’ will be ministering specially to women who are trusting God for the fruit of the womb. Women who doctors and society have labelled barren. Do you know any such woman… Then please let her/them
COME: in that atmosphere, anything good can happen. Even if you are standing in faith and believe that you have already received, come and still thank God for that. We are going to be giving thanks both in Gratitude and in faith…

Of course, this is not exclusive to expectant women as per fruit of the womb, it is open to all women… So COME… Again you get to hear the testimony first hand from the ‘one who qualifies’. And like my friend L who is coming all the way from Ibadan said, ‘finally I get to see PK and PM and the Dome…’ Lol…
Please come!!! Ladies will be treated like royalty that day… Hello Queen!!!
Btw, the stay at my house offer don close ooo. But like I said, there will be free transport to most places in Lagos so feel free to come… And come very expectant too
As more info comes, i will share…
I am super duper excited. I can hardly wait… You know me now, and my love for all things exclusively ladies. men please invite all the ladies you know. Do them that favor. And then stay away 🙂
Stay beautiful Queen,

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  1. miss, pls wat is dis abt “men stay away” tin? after doing all the imvites. in my church men are usually welcome to female’s programes (most of d time…*smile*)

    Its 9s sha.

    1. lol Bolarge. I’MA BE LOOKING OUT FOR you especially to be sure you stay away…
      Please stay away thank you very much
      invite every female you know and please stay outside…
      plenty hugs… and ntoissss

  2. God has really bless and fulfilled his word in you Pastor Mildred. I tap into your divine every every.

  3. The programme is a wlc one which I would really had L♥√ع to go to. Unfortunately it fell on sunday, I will suggest that subsequent programme shld be on saturdays.
    Thank you

    1. Awwww sweerie. U should come ooo
      Tz sunday evening now
      Go to your church in the morning and come in the evening pretty please
      Personally, sundays are favored for these kinda programs.
      My take sha.
      Please Love try eh
      Waiting for your good news +oo

        1. I’m incredibly sorry
          I forgot absolutely!!!
          When I did you that mail was when I realised I had a FANTASTIC group of FABtastic women to invite.
          I’m super sorry.
          *hug hug*

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