Ten years ago, I wrote this post My Dream, My Reality sharing details of my wedding to Aku m. On November 30th 2023 we marked our 10th year wedding anniversary, Whooooopp!!!. Somebody pinch me!!! Whaaaattttt! God has been so FAITHFUL. 

Ten years later our union has growwwwnnnnn. We’ve welcomed two sons, changed jobs, started a business, moved houses, had our challenges and now standing STRONG. I’m just in awe of our God.

To commemorate our wedding anniversary, my husband and I sat down to answer some of your questions on our decade long marriage. It’s over on my YouTube channel.

Answering your Q’s on our DECADE long marriage. 

We answered Six Questions in detail. Questions on submission, growing old together, milestones we have achieved together, best ways we pray together as a couple and more. 

For you my blog fam I’ll highlight one of the Questions. 

Q. What are some of the things you love about each other?

My husband went first, and this is what he had to say 

Three things I love about Eziaha..

1) Her dedication to God and her family. 

Eziaha is extremely dedicated and intentional in her relationship with God and her family. She’s the planner in our home, her work space is filled with trackers, checklists, books and journals. She does a lot within the home as a wife and mom. 

2) I love Eziaha’s heart. 

Despite bagging a first class she’s content being a stay at home mom. She’s so family oriented. 

 3) I love our FRIENDSHIP 

When my wife started to talk with me more, we grew so much together, more in love. I love being around her and now she’s always tells me to go out and visit my friends. Eziaha and I are great friends and this is something I believe every couple should prioritize in their relationship. 

Now for the three things I love about my husband 

 1) He’s very WISE. 

Honestly this is one of the reasons why I married him. I’ve seen him come in with such wisdom and calmness in potentially explosive situations. Since I’m the one that likes wahala lol this just balances things out for us. 

2) His generosity 

My husband is so generous. I’ll never forget what he did back when we were students in University of Ibadan. I was broke and Bolaji had only N5,000, he gave me 3k and kept 2k for himself saying that a woman should not be without money. I can tell you that the same man then is still the same generous man today. As God has blessed us he has been a whole lot more generous towards me. 

3) My husband is my personal comedian 😂 

Nobody makes me laugh like Bolaji. He’s always yabbing me, bringing up jokes from nowhere ahhh our house is Comedy Central! The kids and I laugh a lot and when I do, the back of my head hurts hahaha. 

We truly had a great time recording the video and I hope you get one or two things as you watch. It’s HERE.

Thank you for sharing in our JOY!

See you soon,


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