I had rolled around a possible title for this Post. I had thought I would use ‘Out da Game’ but I just didn’t feel comfy using it again. No doubt, I was out da single ‘game’ but there had to be more to this Post jor.

Monday while talking to my one n only lover girl Sapphire about something else when she mentioned ‘Victory at last’ so I thought I would use that too. Indeed, this is a VICTORY!!! I had sorta settled into using that but Tuesday while doing the dishes and listening to Banky’s Yes or No which btw is one of my most fave love songs, the title dropped again in my Spirit… ‘My dreams… My Reality’


I loved this because it just tells me how blessed I am to have won this VICTORY and be out this Single game with God’s customized gift to me who makes My Dreams my Reality.


Ah!!! The BEST gift any woman can give herself is the GIFT of marrying well.

My husband is a TEN!!! My Shalom. My nothing missing Nothing broken. Aku m!!! My treasure. When I say ‘Victory at last’ I know what I am saying.

That Post ‘Dear diary…’ didn’t even scratch the surface. I dunno how I survived this. The devil fought this in incredible ways using the weapon of TRADITION. And sadly, some people let devil use ’em lol. The drama of inter-tribal marriages.

And Aku m, oh, he eagled-through it all. Like the REAL man that He is. I mean, I know and LOVE what I am doing today. No single trace or whiff of doubt. My PERFECT slice of heaven.


I am at PEACE with the man I am signing over my life to cos he has since signed his over to Christ and I have no doubt that dude is leading me all the way to heaven!!!

Just recalled that he once told me ‘You will make heaven just because of the

kinda love I will shower on you…’ Lol.

I believe him ooo. Cos dude loves me in the way God alone commanded men to love their wives. Perfect!!!

Trust me darlings, this is ONE BLESSED BRIDE!!!

Lemme tell you what again makes today PERFECT!!!

I know there are a lot of totally comedic myths about marriage. Recall my post on ‘I am building ’em NO altars’. I know marriages are being made a JOKE of what with the divorces and separations wey full everywhere. Oh but I have better examples and mentors who have shown me that the marriage of my dreams is possible.


And two of them Rev Albert Femi Oduwole and Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo with their wives will be VERY present to join me once and FOREVER to my ‘dream of a man’

I won’t lie ooo. I wouldn’t have attended my own wedding if Rev wasn’t there. From the start to the end, my darling daddy and his ‘girlfriend’ have been counselling, loving, leading, spanking, praying with, etc in this relationship…

Who better to do this joining than the Very Rev Albert Femi Oduwole and he and his babe be coming all the way from Ibadan just for his darling daughter… Gosh I could cry




And my Pastors Kingsley and Mildred Okonkwo.


Lemme not lie ooo, I still didn’t think Pk would make my wedding. I mean I know I am a ‘ very correct daughter’ Pk’s ‘my darling’ ‘Ezy baby’ etc but PK no dey attend wedding like that ooo. So for PK to come, oh my!!! There was this 3 consecutive church days I had been outta church and then PK called me. Wanted to know how preps were going and check with me generally. Kept on saying ‘…don’t let em stress you ooo. You have to look good on that day ooo’

I cried ooo.

I called PK a couple of days before to remind him of the date ooo and he is like ‘remind ke, I didn’t forget ooo’

Then Pastor M, ah she made a statement that thrilled me to heavens… ‘Can I even dare miss it? …’

PK and PM even helped me get the Elevation church which we used cos my dad was about to whisk me off to an Anglican church to marry. Then my Rev Albert sealed the deal with Pastor Godman. I mean, my Pastors major rock!!!


And Rev Femi and PK enjoy the marriage of their dreams. Like fine wine, getting better as the years progress.

I can’t even thank my Pastors enough.

My Testimonies… My Prophecies
Life of mine!!! Blessed!!!

They are the ones joining me ooo. Praying me into this fabulous institution. Biko tell me how I won’t enjoy the marriage of my dreams!!!

See eh, me and una and this blog still dey here…

I wanna share the testimonies. I will share them here. Some of y’all need to tap into testimonies of provision for wedding.

I’ll be back… I have a wedding to attend after which I am off to the moon.

If we had been faithful enough to abstain from sex, we have earned an overdose of it on the moon…image

Which is why I wanted to wait till after the wedding to do my post on TEAM V… I wanted to write it as a #TeamV.Alumnus.

See you in two weeks…

Complete with pictures and all


Mrs. Eziaha Olojo.



Oh did I forget wedding details…

The Elevation Church

Lekki second round about. Marwa bus stop.


Reception follows at

Olumide Philips Hall. 18 Adebayo Doherty street, Lekki Phase One. Lagos.



This Post was written and scheduled on wednesday 27th Nov. I definitely didn’t put this together on my wedding day. All I did was attach the wedding pictures and publish



Gangsta bride yo!!!

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  1. I hope am d first to comment!I am absolutely happy for u!yes your dreams ,ur reality,ur victory!!!datz wat it shld b calld!
    God bless ur marriage,shal be sweeter than honey,u both shal find pleasure in eachother foreva!

    1. My besie
      The most LOYAL of them all
      Where do i start?
      How can I repay you enuff for all your love
      Whatever did I do to deserve all this love from you Vee
      Bless you my darling
      Love you forever
      and yes you are the firs to comment
      Smooches and kisses babes

  2. 1000 likes. What more can I say, you’re testifying. This can only be God, just enjoy the ride with your Akum. Your union is already blessed. This 2 weeks moon errrrmmmm I think the twin girls will come forth as a result lol. All the best dear

  3. Awwww. This is soo cool. I feel tears in my eyes. Congrats Mrs. Olojo. God bless you. You know what God says about you now. ‘Your marriage shall be a BLESSING. Your chidren will surround your table and you will see your children’s children’. God bless. *sniffs*. Have a blissful marriage(without doubt)

  4. I am so happy for you. Like I commented before tradition and Satan no reach. God has triumphed over them. Thank God for a gift like Akum. Congratulations dear and the gift and blessings of God will not abandon this union.

  5. Ur life is jus BLESSED! I’m in love with this kind of love biko, ife aisetan!
    Congrats darl, enjoy God’s blessings all d way Mrs Olojo!

    1. Titilayomi my daring
      Wish you made it
      We for dance shege
      Love you girl and please fix yours already
      Still loving orange so use it
      Love you baby

  6. My darling Eziaha, I’m glad u got victory @last! And ur testifying too! God is indeed great!I’m happy for u for aving this marriage of ur dream.HML dearie! *mwah* I key into this testimony of urs IJN!

  7. Wowwwwwww, I had tears in my eyes as I read this, Congrats dearieeeee, May your home be filled with Love, Peace, Children infact all the GOOD things of life . I tap into this Wonderful blessing. AMEN

  8. Ahhh such a 9c 1 Zi. Ur stedfastness has indid payed off. Marital bliss is my ernest prayer for you and I tap into this GRACE! Enjoy ur 2wks mooning*lol*

  9. Eziaha,I’m so happy this day finally came for you.uncle bolaji is a lucky dude.i wish u a happy married life.may God bless your marriage remember you are my role model…….lol.although I’m vexed u didn’t invited me,I would have come all the way.anyway,happy for you darling.❤️??

    1. hahahahaha
      Just send the dollars you would have used to come. No pee
      Muah. Thanks darling and be good aii
      Love love love

  10. A victory with showers of Praise! Tz divinely official, our darling Mrs Teniola Olojo. Av fun in the moon dear and make sure not to break any leg but of course, break back as many times possible. Wishing you a blissful Christmarital experience!!!

    1. Lol at break back
      Biko no back breaking
      Only one ting needs breaking
      Thanks darling
      My hubby has already thrown away Ngozi and has named me Eziaha Omoteniola Olojo

  11. Been seeing ur pictures on Lizzie’s dp,I asked her to pass my congrats msg to u,I hope she did o…
    I am love struck at your love plus amazed at how God works,yes I read ur dear diary post,kai! God is awesome and dis ended in praise for real.
    I am so happy for u and let me say wat I shud av said b4 these plenty talk(not my fault,u guys look so cute together)…
    Congrats Mrs E! God bless ur union!! May the love that bind u both together continue to grow better with time.May ur union be just like Christ’s own with the church,may love,love,unity,peace,plenty kids…abide in ur home.May all that accrue to a home with God’s hands upon it be in urs IJN,amen!
    I key into ur marrying well too,amen!

    1. amen hun
      You have a heart for Christ Sugar so you MUST marry well
      Our Father gives only good gifts. Your own is sure
      Thanks Sugar
      Send me an invite when it happens ooo
      Infact before it happens sef. Let me make a sister of you

  12. yay yipee hi Ya yi. eat other shouts of joy can I express? eziaha I’m so happy. u made it God be praised. last so someone on tweeter asked u where uve been. I saw ur reply and I wanted to comment that ure getting hitched but I let it pass. and now, finally. God bless you home in many ways u can imagine. May the family u make be God’s own family. congratz dear.

  13. OMG! Congrats Eziaha! I’ve been a silent reader of Ųя blog, but I’ve been busy with work and life, so I haven’t been here in a few months. Only to open up today & read this! And see Ųя beautiful wedding dress!
    Congrats again, Mrs Olojo! May God’s blessings rest on your marriage, may your marriage be fruitful, and May God satisfy you both with long life, in Jesus name, Amen!
    Come back with stories of how the ‘moon went oh! We ‘Team V’ babes are waiting! Gosh! I’m so happy for you!

  14. Aww..finally!!!our very own E has settled the deal..well ur union can be nothing but blessed,wishing u a happy married life…I hope and pray that as the word says two are better than one,in all u do,a double anointing shall crown it.on a lighter note,wishing u and ur beau a wonderful time in the moon..perhaps the twin girls might be the result,just like some 1 earlier said..hehe…well here’s to the latest couple in town…Mrs E toh sure!!bless..xxxx

  15. Kai! I’m so happy for you ooo! My first comment here, I remember was on that very moving “dear diary” post. Congratulations!!! You indeed made it, and victorious too!
    Your home is kept by God.
    Oya na, I’m gonna subscribe so I can hear all the sumptuous, yet unreachable-for-now #teamVAlumnus gists! *wink*
    Congrats again, Eziaha!
    Very unconventional bridal hair too, might I add. It didn’t come out very clear in the picture though, but still.

    1. Thanks darling
      The hair was a struggle ooo but I was happy to get a stylist to work it for me at the dying minute
      I will still post close up pics. I loved it cos I wAnted to be a ‘locked’ bride
      Thanks my love and AMEN

  16. Woooow congrats dearie its real victory @ last,yes u always look gud but today u look great,lovely gown, I key into Dis grace of marrying well in jesus name Amen.

    1. AMEN AND AMEN. And if I am holding on to even a lil of that grace, nne i release it freely
      You too will testify
      Thanks darling. Bless you

  17. Very emotional at d moment, but immensely joyful after reading this post. I’m proud of u and how you held your head high through it all. I’m proud of Bolaji and the amazing love he has for you. I’m proud to be your friend. My best wishes go with you. I love u dearly. U Rock…always

    1. My booski
      My bestie
      My sister
      My lover
      My friend
      Where do I start|?
      A whole blog post won’t even scratch the surface
      My Chukwu bless you for me. LOVE YOU biggest

  18. Darling, beautiful, fabulous Eziaha… Congratulations to you Princess and to your Prince Charming too. Indeed God is good, He has done you and Aku gi sooooooooo well. Nne ehn, your wedding gown is so beautifully unique and your hair and your eyes… Hmmn, your husband is truly blessed.
    Now my prayers for you and your husband is rooted in God’s word; Romans 12: 1-2. To know God’s perfect will for your lives and marriage in Jesus Christ holy name, amen.
    Best wishes Mr. & Mrs.Bolaji and Eziaha. God bless your union and marriage abundantly, amen.
    Peace ++

    1. I was waiting for your comment and as usual it got me smiling from my heart
      Big massive hugs darling
      Next up na twins…

      1. awwhhh, how sweet to hear that you were waiting for my comment and that it got you smiling. big massive hugs to you dearie. and yes oooooo, we are waiting for the twins by God’s grace. love and peace of Jesus…muah muah ++

  19. Hian…before it hits the max number of comments limit….. CONGRATULATIONS to you and Aku gi !!! May our God remain ever faithful, ever merciful and ever true… Hope there is no internet access on the moon…. distractions are not allowed. GOD BLESS…..

  20. I just had to comment oh…. Had to say congrats again!!
    I’m happy for you my darling *still smiling from ear to ear*!!
    And Mega-proud too know such a strong and wonderful young lady!…
    Grateful to God for you and your hubby… And thanking Him for all the beauty that your lives as a couple will bring…
    Love you babe,…to smithereens!!! :*

  21. A big congrats to you…so happy for you…may God continually teach you how best to love each other and may this new beginning of yours be filled with joy, laughter, happiness, and all that you desire.

  22. Congratulations hun! You make a very beautiful bride and love your dress! Mr Olojo looks like he won a billion dollars! hehe
    To God be the glory for your testimony! May God honour you as you have honoured Him.. It’s favour from here on!! xxxx

  23. Woowww!!! Damnn!!! Am speechless. Congrats my friend and role model, may your union be blessed and favoured. Cheersssss!!! Happy married life.

  24. Woowww!!! Damnn!!! Am speechless. Congrats my friend and role model, may your union be blessed and favoured. Cheersssss!!! Happy married life..

  25. Hey hey!!! I’m like major excited reading this post (so much I’m begining to wonder what’s my own sef lol).I’m a regular reader of this blog even tho I don’t comment much but with this post, I just had to drop something. I don’t even know what prayer to add to the multitude I’m sure u’ve received. Still, I pray that ur marriage would be the STANDARD that others generations from now would look up to.IJN

    1. Nne we cant overdose on prayers thank heavens so keep it coming sweets. Bless you. Thanks for celebrating me. May we always have reasons to celebrate, amen. Muah

  26. Congrats Ezi! Soo proud of u and may God walk with u and hubby on this beautiful journey. You are truly blessed and highly favoured, Mrs Olojo. Much love

  27. Congratulations again, my darling, I’m super excited for you…can’t contain myself. Marriage looks fabulous on you. Victory at last indeed. God is so wonderful. May God bless you both tremendously. I key into your grace of marrying well…nothing beats that. Mwaah!

      You are a true friend and sister. Thank heavens i sent the last minute invite. I could not have forgiven myself if I made you miss this wedding.
      Soon baby we will gather again for you. Thanks my darling. Love you mega

  28. EZIAHA,
    happy wedded bliss. Im so happy for you even though i don’t know you. i came across ur blog couple of weeks ago and its already bookmarked ur page. you are so inspiring…

  29. I remember the first time I saw Mr and Mrs Olojo together. This was in 2009, loooong before they became Mr and Mrs. I wondered to myself just how they wound up together what with PBJ (Pastor Bolaji) as he was known to me then being such a quiet man, and our darling Eziaha being larger than life. Of course, I didn’t know Chukwu’s ways.. Smh.. They provide perfect foils for each other. And I bless the Almighty for them.
    Mr and Mrs Olojo(it feels good to say that*wide grin*), the heavens have opened to shower blessings upon you and they will not close until the Lord comes.

    1. Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
      We go way back don’t we?
      A lot of people wondered why PASTOR BOLAJI was just signing up with this NOISY girl looool
      Well, I have his medicine because frankly, he fought through SO MUCH to win me over so…
      Mr and Mrs Olojo!!! You can say that again baby…
      AMEN AMEN at the showers
      Love you TOTALLY Sugar pie honey bunny pie etc

  30. Hmmm,where do I start……I came across ur blog through a friend and I av been hooked.You have truly inspired me,you still do.GoD bless u and ur union abundantly.xoxo

  31. Awwwww…Congratulations! Came over here from 1+the One’s. You definitely sound like a fun person. May your marriage exceed your expectations and fulfil God’s purpose in your lives. Congrats again

  32. Big Congratulations Ezi!!! You just keep showing the world what a joy it is to know and love God. I am certain your marriage is blessed and you will continue to enjoy God’s favour. Remain Fabulous honey!

    P.S_I’m giving you honeymoon space before I call to officially congratulate you. #plentyhugs#

  33. I particularly like this part, “And Aku m, oh, he eagled-through it all” brought tears to my eyes, Congrats babes

  34. Eziaha!!
    i am so happy dat ur dream turned to a reality, happy that ur wedding went on beautifully despite all d devils attempts.
    i just want to say dat u are indeed an inspiration to me, ur life ,ur testimonies.
    being following ur blog and i can say boldly dat i hv been blessed. There were times i wud read ur blog n i wud feel more confident n motivated to take on challenges in my life,other times, i just want to hv a deeper relationship with God cos its so evident from ur blog dat u rep “Team Jesus” ,n u represent him well my dear.
    so wit all dis epistle i hv written 😉 i wanna say dat i wish u a wonderful and fabulous life together with aku m(whatever it means cos it sure sounds ril nice:) i pray dat God fills ur home with love and happiness for ever.
    have a fabulous day n don’t forget to keep blogging ooo

    1. Awww Sweerie such a fantastic message. Thanks thanks thanks. Glory to God.
      Aku m means my TREASURE
      Amen to all your wonderful prayers. God bless you.
      And yes I won’t forget to blog. I no fit.
      Muah hun. And a squeezy huge hug.

  35. Wow! So many things I like. The love u both share, the persistence despite opposition, team v, everything. Your wine will never run dry, dear.
    Please welcome men and sisters who abstained from the day they got born again into team v. A laudable project, u need to promote to deliver our youth from debauchery. Cheers to u both

  36. Congrats dear! I praise God for ur union is blessed, may u guys continually grow in love and faith, even as ur family increases in size. Sadens me to think I’ve missed out on alot in ur life. So proud of u, grad wiz a 1st class after all u went tru. See Gods blessing o! May He continue to bless the wrks of ur hands. So much luv ma dear, so much luv.

  37. Congratulations Dear. How time flies,… from the Good Old Times Of P. S. S. F I ve been kinda silently following ya progress. Nice to see those pictures with ayomikun and Saphire, also of the p. S. S. F fame…. never even knew that all three friends are now married. Hope the then pupsy and Mumsy came sha.
    Congrats once again. Hoping to see more of you through your blog villa. Cheers, Charles NiceGuy

  38. Congrats Ezi! You’ve always inspired me right from QIP days to PSSF. Thanks for being a wonderful grand, you might have forgotten some of the things you did for me but I never would! God bless you, your marriage and your Aku’m!
    Gloria Bakare

  39. Congratulations ma! May your union be fruitful and if it be God’s will may you have your beautiful twin girls. Your marriage will provoke God’s Grace and heavenly Blessings on your lives. You are Blessed and your union is highly Blessed.

    PS: reading this stirred up something in me, I totally felt myself envying you (good envy o! Hehe). And your story just re ignited my resolve to WAIT for HIM (my own perfect TEN HIM). Reading love stories like yours tell me it’s possible to have the marriage of my dreams (*dancing*).

    PPS: I found your blog few days ago and I haven’t closed the page ever since then. Reading your blog, your story has really blessed and inspired me and has totally encouraged me to keep living the Godly life as they are still FAB young ladies living the christ-like life. Thank you so much for blogging, you an inspiration.
    Mehn! I can just keep going about how I like and admire you and how much you have inspired me but let me kindly end here before I will take over your blog 😉

    PPPS: I totally want to be your friend (covers face). Please na! Biko nu! Be my friend.

    1. Lol
      First thanks darling.
      Yup twins are my hearts desire and He will grant it
      Amen amen amen.
      Yup tz possible sweets. A good godly dreamy marriage. Just stay on the Word.
      Awww thanks for all the blush worthy words. I appreciate love.
      Nne we are friends na. Lol. You may wanna email me at eziaharx@yahoo.com if you have specific requests.
      Muah. Huggs.

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