Diche. Super Proud mama of two;)

First off, Happy birthday to my dearest Diche, Pastor M’s sister.

See the likeness. Choi

Keep it moving ma, FORWARD!!!
June sure rocks ehn. Kai. So my Doctor/Minister Diche z also June born

My favourite picture of her and hers

Ok today’s post.
You know how people say ‘oh I need to complete this post and rush off to church/work/whatever?’
Well I almost never say that cos most times I write my posts over days so I really am never in a hurry.
Today tho, church in 45mins, time check 7:15am, typing as I move around the house and I should be done before or on the way to church.

Ok my first encounter with Onos had to be on BBM. Pastor M always played her song. In my head, I knew the song. Then I saw a picture of her and I’m like ‘this babe is gorgeous ooo’ plus she seems tall from her pictures. Talk about triple word score. Can sing, beautiful and tall.
Then I realised she’s coming for Akikitan. Woooooot. Zeze zeze!!!

Save this date yo!!! 15:06:14

Then Pastor M does a post on her and I’m like ok, I need to check Onos out.
Pastor M sends me the song cos I couldn’t find it online and so I am getting ready to step out and decide to play it.
First off, her voice sounds incredible. Tz a deep one, almost like TY Bello singing or JM talking.
Second off, the song is exactly sung like it has been playing in my head. Whaaaaaat? The ‘everything has changed’ part that is.


Best part has to be the fact that she repeats ‘Everything has changed, for me’ plenty times. Just gives you time enough for it to sink and start scabashing
Thirdly, I love when people sing, talk in between the songs like prophesying and speak in the spirit, especially when women do it. Sinach does it a lot hence my forever love for her songs. Onos does it perfectly too.
Then the song?
Lemme tell you what makes Onos’s ‘Change’ a perfect song to keep singing before Akikitan which really means When Words Fail.

1. She starts by listing past things God has done in her life for which she’s grateful. Things that have caused her to
Sing ‘Everything has changed.’
Common Sis, I know you have a testimony. Yes things may not excatly be perfect but look closely and think, you will find that one incident that has changed your life. Like I said in my last post, we are not reducing them to coincidences oooo. We are consciously making a big deal outta it and thanking our Sugar daddy for it. So come for ‘When Women Worship’ and together we raise our hands and send a healthy sacrifice of worship and praise for all the ‘Everything changing miracle’ our God has done for us.
Deal? Deal!!!

2. The song also speaks of the present. The stuff God is doing. The stuff that hasn’t been perfected yet but you see His hand already. You really need to worship Him for that ooo. Cos the devil can steal a testimony already in the works especially if we don’t secure it with our praise. Look in darling, there is something Abba is doing right ths minute. Ah, me I know mine ooo. And I’m ready to lavish my Papa with worship and praise. David sef will be impressed in heaven. We are going to break his record. David and the angels sef. I remember last month’s WWW we themed Imela. Chai!!! The drama ehn? As they(we) worshipped, God stood up from his throne. As in the worship pushed Him up. It was too much He stood up and started sending His blessings on the worshippers. Zattah!!! This year, we are breaking our own records. Our Words may not do but our Worship unlimited from our hearts we will give.

Ok bathroom break now. Time check 7:35am.

Phew!!! Brb

Ok I’m back. Time check 8:18am
Bath and brekkie done. Yup brekkie done. Had to have brekkie cos I’m not coming home till after LDM today that’s about 8.30pm.

Today, finally!!! Yes you too can have your own fairytale 'Happily ever after' marriage

Ok, so no dice on publishing this before service like I thought. I’m church bound sha. Just maybe I may.

So the third reason has to be prophecy!!! As in just speak it in faith. Everything has changed becomes a Word of faith. Shattah!!! And she keeps saying speak it over your life, your job, your family, your health everything. No devil can stop a faith overdosed person ooo. 
That’s my favourite part. So while I’m grateful for what He’s done, what He’s doing, I’m most grateful for what I know He will still do. I have the guts to ask Him for MUCH MORE, and praise and worship in advance. I may not have it now but ah, I know Jehovah be working behind the scenes.
I believe it. I receive it.

I also like where she keeps saying ‘no more sorrows/sickness/pain/etc, only blessings all the way’

This song is the BUSINESS ooo
Here is the video

Good luck finding a download link. Will still check again and I’ll add it to the comments section if I do.
It is a loaded song I promise. Most times I just play it overnight on repeat. So when I wake in the middle of the night, I can truly be worshipping.

Try it. You will thank me la’er.

Ok. I made it. Workers meeting over. 8;57am. Church’s for 9am. Church about to start. And yes, I had time for a bathroom picture. Thanks to God’s Favour. Lol

Sunday kisses

Plus I am meeting a FABer today. Whoop. At LDM.
Happy Sunday darlings.


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  1. Dear Sis, please is Aki kitan a strictly female affair?
    My apologies for posting a question, couldnt get your mail address.
    Thank you

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