Hi guys. So I know I am supposed to be posting part 2 of WHY AM I STILL SINGLE but let’s put a pause on that for now, shall we? Thanks.

For the past two Junes, something amazing has featured in my life, asides my birthday of course. But first lemme do small Pastor Mildred gossip hehehe.

With Pastor M at CHAYIL CONFERENCE 2014
With Pastor M at CHAYIL CONFERENCE 2014

It dawned on me this week that two years ago at about the same time this amazing something happens, Pastor M was pregnant and glowing to heavens. Jeez that red gown… untitledWhat made the pregnancy amazingly special was the fact that Doctors had said she would NEVER carry a child but 8years into her marriage, ‘…for the first time, my womb was not empty…


(Get the message WHAT TO DO WHILE WAITING by PM for more details on the testimony. Still easily one of my BEST right up there with the POWER, MONEY and SEX series. Yup get that one too. Call 08077714411 or 08028356363) She wasn’t there alone.

Women of faith
Women of faith

The very warm and lovely Pastor Laurie IDAHOSA was with her, she too with her three testimonies stephen-ezenwosu-13714854071061despite doctor’s reports and plenty drama. I was there too but more on me later.

Vera and I
Vera and I

Btw relive IMELA here

Then last year, mama was carrying a sleeping Davida and testifying to the shame of satan (Ekwensu ntoi) wpid-davida-0251 wpid-12-ldant-1311

Pastor Dr PK
Pastor Dr PK
Vida and E'
Vida and E’

while Efe Nathan and Onos just brought down the house in worship.

Efe and I #BirthdayMates
Efe and I #BirthdayMates

And then there were tonnes and tonnes of testimonies of pregnancies and births from the previous year choi

Hahahahaha this year, my darling Pastor M is here again, hosting the annual event WHEN WOMEN WORSHIP and she is pregnant again

Can't find the full length of this pix ugh!!!
Can’t find the full length of this preggy pix

hahahahahahahahaha so next year, she will be here again at WWW 2016 with her testimony baby (David?). Anybody thinking wha’ I am thinking for WWW 2017, 2018…??? Yes yes? Ok don’t say it out but if you know this song just sing along with me

If He did it before, He will do it again…dsc_6003

(In case you don’t find me at WWW this year, know that Pastor M has locked me in the generator house so come and save a sister)

Ok enough about Pastor M. It just dawned on me now that I don’t even know if the annual event WHEN WOMEN WORSHIP (WWW) started 2years ago or that was just the first one I attended. Anyways WWW 2013 was themed IMELA. It always falls in June so there I was, fresh graduate, Corper, planning my wedding, everything going well, no real issues. I had reasons to say IMELA Chineke (That’s like You have done well Lord or best still, You Lord have outdone yourself).


I recall inviting plenty of my friends and meeting some of them for the first time there e.g. Tani. My dear, the next year, baby girl who came in 2013, in her words ‘jobless and depressed’ was at A KI KITAN testifying of how her life had changed in the last one year. Not only did she get a job, she had been promoted and had become an official LAGOS BIG GIRL.

I mean, look a’ tha’

Ok so WWW 2014 was themed A KI KI TAN (When Words Fail) and my goodness gracious, I had moved to the ‘Buj by then, NYSC done, married and all but trusting God for my dream job so me was coming to WWW with that huge request but also with a heart of worship and gratitude because frankly, I was in a VERY GOOD PLACE too. It was at the airport, Lagos bound and writing that Private jet post that I got the phonecall that landed me my job. Literally WORDS FAILED ME!!! Thank God for tears, I could just express myself freely in them both at the departure lounge and in His presence with other women. Then see me now saying I would miss WWW2015 as I would be either too heavy and about to pop or just about popped not knowing that I came for A KI KI TAN already pregnant hehehe.liThis year ehn, lemme not lie, I come bearing REQUESTS hehehe. Azzin the list lonnnnnnngggggggg. The changes that a baby brings in your life is REAL. First I have had to relocate to Lagos first to birth my child but wisdom demands I stay back because… BABY (at least for a few odd years maybe) and that auto means I left some ‘goodies’ behind in the ‘Buj.

Fine mama
Fine mama

A new life beckons so girlfriend is in the market for a house, a nanny, a car and when my Chocolata Royal is old enough, a job. If only these things were pushed out with the baby hehehe. But we can pray the goodies here because we never lose with God, especially when a baby is involved.


So guess who is NOT joking with WWW 2015 themed THREE NIGHTS IN THE SECRET PLACE? Yup, Eziaha!!!! In fact, I am sooo serious that I have rented momsie for those three nights to babysit because I need maximum concentration biko. I had to sharply courier my electric breast pump which had been sitting pretty in the ‘Buj


because the manual wouldn’t do the work involved in storing the large quantity I need for my Chocolata Royal and we still on the exclusive breastfeeding grind. My freezer is getting full with enough food so nobody calls me that booboo is crying ooo. Yup Eziaha is NOT KIDDIN’

What makes this year special has to be the fact that it is a whole THREE DAYS!!!wpid-img_20150612_232930.jpg

Day One; Friday June 19 at 6.30pm_ When Women Pray

Day Two: Saturday June 20 at 4.30pm_ When Women Praise

Day Three: Sunday June 21 at 4.30pm_ When Women Worship

I won’t even type out all the ministers coming because it doesn’t matter who comes, GOD WILL BE THERE Shattah!!!! But then the Ministers coming no be here ooo choi!!! Pastor M has some listed in her post here and in the one above.

Tee for Day 1 BUT HEY IF YOU NO GET, come

I am excited about all three days but you see that day 1, High heels for WHA??? Sweeties, I have dusted my trainers. Very comfy ones. Then my jeans and tee shirt. I am also in the middle of gathering scriptures I would use to fire my prayers. Kabayaaaaaaaa. Personally, I would be praying for my hubby, my Chocolata Royal and then myself so I go arrange my scriptures laidat hehehe. Yes call me selfish ooo hehehe. Would also remember my friends trusting God for babies (while dodging the baby bullets for now). I need more godchildren please. And specially for Ijay Sweets whose birthday is that day but she no dey Lagos sooooo…

Then the next day, we will now dress up and boogy down for answered prayers and finally day 3, ah good ol’ ever reliable worship. Just flat out worship THE KING!!! Was watching one of my most favouritestest Pastors Poju Oyemade and just before he came up, there was this music minister who was ministering. The presence was so thick dude couldn’t sing, he was just speaking in tongues… Ah worship atmosphere is something else. Wild bears and lions camping at my dormot would not stop me

Now tell me which problems can survive these three days? Dem never born the person wey born the person wey born am…

Tell you what else I would be doing?

I would also sow a seed so that my prayers are dropping on wet ground. I know that thee days there is a resistance and tons of reservations when it comes to Biblical giving but I loved how and always refer to the people of the OT especially Papa Abraham who took every opportunity to build an altar and sacrifice to the Lord especially when God has spoken to them OR God has done something OR when they want God to speak to them OR to do something. So because I believe in sowing and reaping, I will.

My people, ha si na ogologo okwu adiro n’uka mgbede. No long sermon in evening service. I have talk my own. Lemme go and express more milk before I sleep. See you at #3NITSP wpid-just-us-girls-2015-flyerand please follow Pastor M on www.justusgirlsnaija.com for all the deets.

And hey, all my people coming, if you see me, say HIIIIII but not when we are praying sha hehehe. That prayer time is not the time to be socializing before the Angel carrying the answer…. Hahahahaha. That analogy makes me laugh.



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  1. Kai! I miss DCC for real! I stream services but it’s not the same thing being in the midst of the praise. “…There is power in the name of Jesus, break every chain, break every…”

    I miss everything and everyone. I will definitely be there in the spirit. My love to all.

    1. nne tz not same at all ooo.
      when I was home on mat leave was when I realised that. But at all at all na hin bad jare so enjoy the stream.
      I absolutely miss you boooooo

  2. Mama E’ no gree ooo !
    Choi ! Who won’t make all these preparation, for 3 Nights to be with The King of Kings.
    Prayer, Praise and Worship nights, God must open His windows of heaven, with loads of answers poured on us. I can feel it already.

    Lol @ dodging the baby bullet for now
    Awwwwh ! The black shirt……..


  3. ‘That prayer time is not the time to be socializing
    before the Angel carrying the answer….’ Too funny E. I can so testify about Gods faithfulness in Rev Laurie’s life,I grew up under Her ministry with Bishop. When den boys started showing it was like cinema lol.Mama Idahosa also has a similar testimony,d doctors told her dt her womb couldn’t carry babies.Hussai lie,God was only preparing the womb to carry our dear Bishop Feb. Not too long after dt our fine Bishop showed. Hehehe.
    I discovered Pastor Mildreds testimony via your blog and I danced Kpalongo and did turkey dance to shame the devil as in Ntoi yeye dey smell. I am a young woman who is waiting on God (Na who has ‘taken’.lol her Bank presidents,Prophet,multibillionaire children.#wenodeybornuselesspeopleforourfamily

    E abeg no vex for this epistle.I am just excited about Gods faithfulness and you ermmm Yummy mummy just be fitting you like tomorrow no dey.


    1. na real cinema. I can imagine how it must have been wow.
      devil is not just a joker but the joke and the joke is always on him.
      mehn your children CV is intimidating. make I go adjust prayer points hehehehe.
      #SameGod love.
      and thanks for the compliment jare

    2. Sweetie
      Obviously your “special ” children will be here soon. Please let’s hear the testimony so we can at least do ntoi to the devil…..not exactly sure how I will look doing the turkey dance lol!

  4. Hmmm….Eziaha!!! Generator house is too big. I will put in an Indomie carton, seal it up and DHL to Bolaji. Don’t even try me. I’m done and I am now in the business of passing the baton on to others, thank you very much. #doneanddusted

    But seriously I just couldn’t hold the tears back as I read this blogpost. I’m just in awe of God. Someone asked me yesterday pastor M will you preach all three days? My answer? “My sister, me too I’m coming to seek God biko. Every man for himself, God for us all” lol!

    It’s not one of those meetings that I’m hosting o! Me too I’m attending. I have plenty things to pray about and plenty things to praise and Worship him for. So nobody should look for me.

    You are absolutely right sha. I’m thinking slippers may work better for me in Friday in case He asks me to take them off like Moses. With my big tummy bending to unlace sneakers? Abeg e no work. Slippers na d get me.

    Tnx for d blog. Was a great thing to wake up to. I’m even more excited about the meeting now. Love u darling. Great job.

    1. looool mama nobody should look for you. that line got me rolling. ok oooo. me I receive baton(for girls) and keep it in the cupboard for the future.
      yesooo just wear slippers jeje or flat easy-to-remove shoes.
      I even just changed the dress for day 2. has to also be comfy biko.
      love you right back mama

  5. Hello everyone, I guess everyone is already in the mood of prayer at TNITSP. Chai to think that this program was actually next week.
    see what having excess workload in school does to a young girl.
    I realllllyyy reallllly realllly wish I was there.
    but I’ve already communicated with my FATHER to send down all of my blessings to my “domot”.
    still with you all on spirit.
    not part of the DCC family yet but I honestly honestly hope to be part of yall really soon.
    I always listen to the audion messages from Pastor K and Pastor M. Its soo amazing, I lack words.
    Nice blog miss Eziaha. I especially love where you said “Now tell me which problems can survive these three days? Dem never born the person wey born the person wey born am…” lol
    I really hope all my prayers will be answered even as I’m with you all in spirit..if that’s possible.

    Have a glorious and beautiful three nights in GODs presence.

    ND I hope Pastor M sees this but the very first day I pay a visit to your awesome church…ive always promised myself that you and Pastor K will meet me.
    even if its just to see my face
    I mustu come..lol
    you’re such an inspiration to a lot of people…you can’t even imagine.

    1. Lovely comment
      Please feel free to introduce yourself to them. They are usually accessible in church.
      Thanks for the blog love hun
      And yup, prayers answered in Jesus name, amen

  6. E’ your posts always make me laugh. guess i haven’t visited so long that we all married with baby oooo, [jaws drops/eyes pop]. enjoy the fabulosity my dear. smilez

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