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Hey yawl

Smokin’ is the Word around here. You know, sometimes when someone is not blogging (or doing something they used to do regularly), it just may be intentional. God may just be taking them through somethings and the fewer the disruptions, the better.

I think I just unlocked level NEXT with E’, staying HOME and err’thang, so we can all agree that I am BACK like I nevurrr left!!!

Writing is truly my passion!!! My greatest passion. I love to write, and then I love to read what I have written and just gush over how gifted I am with this writing stuff. Lol.

Anyways, I am here to talk about PowWow with E’. Oh my goodness, the last one with Stay at home mamas was everything.

PowWow with E’ for Stay at Home mamas Literally EVERYONE brought their babies…Azzin!!!

The testimonies I have received from the kinda deliverance God did in homes ehn. The Stay at home thing is a BIG deal and if you are a SAHMom, I truly celebrate you.

Mama and my F’ lol

People tend to look down on us but I will continue to ELEVATE and CELEBRATE that ministry with my life, resources and time.

Mama and I

I will definitely be hosting another one sometime in May (or June), and by God’s grace, will launch my next book

THE HOUSEWIFE’S MIDWIFE… Helping Domestic Queens deliver their dreams.

God truly met me in my season as a Domestic Queen and ridiculously elevated and announced me after I stopped feeling sorry for myself, or being jealous of others.

But this is not even about that, it is about the next PowWow with E’ which I have tagged… The #ChicksInBiz PowWow with E’ and Steph. This time the topic is

From Freemium to Premium.

I recall when I started this whole fitness thing and I used to do it for free, my friend Steph watched me a while, and then literally started to harass me to make a business from it.

I have known Steph since Primary school and we have stayed constantly in touch through the years so she KNEW there was MORE in and TO me.


In fact, one day, she sent me the Parable of the Talent Scripture and told me to read and tell her what God was telling me. I was so mad lol. I was like Who da heck does SHE think she is? My Spiritual Mother? Lol. But I did read it, and I felt like God was truly leading me to do MORE with what He had blessed me with. I was pumping so much energy into it, and the chicks were getting amazing results from my free coaching, but I was SCARED to even think about making a business off of it. Satan ehn, he is just a bastard. I just always felt that as a Christian, it would be robbery charging for something that I just stumbled upon. I thought people would look at me and say I was starting to lose my salvation because of Money. I felt people would think I was being opportunistic. What da heck did I even know? Wasn’t I just a fluke at this fitness thing? Yes, there were results, and even I too had had this amazing transformation,

Love the transformation haha

but what if they were just one-offs? If I started and then I didn’t get the results again, people would laugh at me. What would I even charge? Whatever I charged, people will complain. Guys, the chatterbox chatter was REAL and on FULL BLAST. I don’t think I ever even mentioned to Steph, but I stopped opening her emails and didn’t read anything she shared online anymore. I just thought this girl wants me to leave all I do and walk right out of purpose, chasing money haha. And at that period, Steph was always on the WE MAKING MONEY grind, and how if you don’t have money, you will be frustrated, you won’t be able to do big things for God, help others, birth your dreams, etc. I just didn’t wanna hear that because of my internal fears and struggles. And my people, I KNEW what it meant to be broke then!!! Ah!!! Bless my friends, Valerie and Ayo especially, who God just used to deliver me from starving. Our needs as a home had increased exponentially and our income had decreased. Ah!!! My people, let me save those stories for the program. Much as I needed money, Satan made it look like doing business with a gift God had blessed me with, even if freely, was a sin.

And then some events started to happen that gave me some sense. Lol. I spoke to a few of my friends who were so supportive. Pastor Mildred, my Pastor had already been one of those telling me to go premium before now and I was forming born-again, so bless her, she was one of those that were praying for God to ‘show me’ lol. The day I went public with my premium business, NO KIDDING, I stayed up ALL NIGHT. My tummy was turning, I went to the loo countless times, I fought demons, I second guessed everything. But I KNEW God had literally seized my peace until I started this, so there was no way back. I had to face my fears. I went public in April and my first class was May 2016.


I am not sure I can find the words to explain how my life changed from that day. You see, it wasn’t just the money. It was PURPOSE!!! I began to unwrap and unveil a new Eziaha, the one I NEVER ever saw. My spiritual life took a deeper meaning because I just saw a different fatherly side of GOD. Something in me clicked. I have NEVER EVER considered that I would do business in my life. I always wanted to write and be a TV Host like Oprah. And still work in Corporate Global (like UN, Google and Yahoo). Me? An Entrepreneur? I could never ever think up this life for myself.

The crazy thing is as I see my life come together beautifully, and I stay on the path He has called me into, I have an idea of how He will bring all my desires, the ones He placed in my heart which I had to lay down at several points, come to pass again.

I will HOST TV!!! I will WORK with GLOBAL BODIES like I mentioned above, but on a different level, I will be a SUPERSTAR Apostle In The MarketPlace, I will be a worldwide bestselling Christian Author, and all of these will happen on the path of purpose. The crazy thing is how CoachE’ is the foundation and the starting point for all of these. It is CRAZY I tell you. My books, videos, programs, TFS, etc. There is a mindset and personality that achieves dreams so passionately, and CoachE’ gave me those.

You see, going premium gave me something I never imagined it would. It gave me PURPOSE!!! It made me believe more in my God, and by extension, myself.

I faced that fear, stepped out of my Zone ‘Comfort’, and just look at God!!!

And now, let me even talk about money for 2seconds. I have learned that MONEY is not just for SELF AGGRANDIZEMENT!!! MONEY IS FOR PURPOSE. There were so many things I wanted to do before now but my hands were tied. Good and noble things ooo. But today, gradually, I can do them. How did I host PowWow with E’ for free (the one for Domestic Queens)? I couldn’t afford 5k same time last year, yet I could put over 100k into something happily? How am I building an App that will not just host my books but the dreams of various Christian Authors worldwide who need a platform?

I now have to sow, our tithe as a home increased, my offerings moved to 5figures from 3 before, I have helped some women start up their businesses and lead a better quality of life in my neighborhood. I just want to cry!!! Satan again, is a BASTARD!!!

The standard of living in my home improved too. I recall how shopping was crazy for me. I would write, rewrite, cancel and stick to the list because there was no wiggle room for an extra. I recall how excited I was to be able to FINALLY shop for a whole MONTH for my son, as opposed to my weekly shopping, as that was all we could afford. I had to ring one of my supporters to go premium, Rukevwe, to gist her after I returned from the market that day. I actually bought like 6 packs of Pampers instead on one. Lol. I got like 12 cereals, 6 tins of milk, 6 packs of wipes, yawl!!! It was PURE JOY FOR ME because who born me to buy more than ONE per time before. You see why I hate Satan????

See, if you have been feeling it in you that there is a business or an idea that you need to birth FOR MONEY, Honey, there is NOTHING wrong with placing some premium on your God-given talents. Just because you are a Christian doesn’t mean you must do everything for free and be friends with poverty and lack. That thing in your hand you are despising, IT CAN BE MILLIONS literally. God has children He wants to bless, starting from you, and until you DO BUSINESS and MAKE MONEY from it, you just might stay frustrated. God needs more Apostles in the Market Place, making money AND disciples for him, and all together will ultimately make heaven. Yup, you can be super rich, and still be walking in purpose and end up in heaven. Permanent Poverty is not for Christians. Not every rich person is going to hell. Money, in the hands of Christians, can change the world, LITERALLY!!!

And hey, you may not even be in a place of lack like I was in, you may have enough to live by, but what about those that GOD has destined for you to help? Life is really not about you? Nations are tied to your obedience and purpose and when you slack, you put a burden on the rest of the Body. We need to get beyond the ENOUGH mentality to the ABOVE AND BEYOND, not for ourselves, but for our world. God is banking on us.

I am so thankful Steph will be there. She has impacted me so much and I am excited about the fire she will be bringing to ignite yawl too. I recall the PRAISE THE LORD she screamed when I told her I was going premium. Lol. That gurl is just a fish. Lol. So we will be crushing those mindsets and crashing the chatterbox that has been limiting us. We would also be teaching practical steps on how to move from osho-free to premium. If you also need clarity to even define your vision, this is for you. Then there will be opps for QnA. And hey, we will also be spending time in prayers too, because we need the supernatural on our natural efforts too.

Sooo looking forward to it. Taking in 20 to 25 Chicks so you wanna jump in on time. Feel free to spread word.

Come hang out with the Fitness Coach, and the Business Coach!!! E’ and Steph.

Details below

Venue: Simply Afrikan Place. 19 Fola Osibo Street, Lekki 1, Lagos

Time: 1pm to 6pm

Date: Sunday, March 26, 2017

Email: powwow@eziaha.com

Cost: N5000

Can’t wait to see yawl and then see more Chicks In Biz make our CEO so proud of us.

Love always,

CoachE’ (haha)

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