They Will Need Your Permission First

NB: This Blog post was authored by me and published on, a lifestyle online blog. It happened to me again recently, and as I told my husband, he was like, “Are you sure you are not just imagining things?” I smiled and didn’t bother trying to explain further. Ko le ye won. He wouldn’t understand. […]

Foolishly sleepwalking through a meeting with Jesus.

I woke up at 1am to spend time with the Lord and let me tell you guys, He dragged my WHOLE LIFE!!! I actually came to sort of pray-plain that is complain and pray about an issue and just as I started journaling, He started to speak and by the time He was done, I […]

Dear Stay-At-Home Mom, Be Very Extra

NB: This post was originally authored by me and published on, an online lifestyle blogging site. Hmm, you have time o…” Those were her exact words on my Facebook post. You see, it was my 5th wedding anniversary and we had gone all out in our family photo shoot. I shared a bit about […]

Stay-at-Home Mom, Rock Out Your Season

NB: This post was originally authored by me and featured on, a lifestyle online website, where I write on stay at home moms. Recently, as we approached our 5th wedding anniversary, my husband and I were discussing a particularly rocky season in our marriage, now with the benefit of hindsight. We all know that […]

Dear Stay-At-Home Mom, Don’t Make Your Child the Center of Your World

NB: This post was originally authored and posted by me on, a Nigerian lifestyle blog. I was excited to have her visit me, this stay-at-home mom friend of mine with 2 babies under 2, chasing the one academic degree I think is reserved for gods and other celestial beings: a Ph.D. As is the […]

Wetin Stay-At-Home Moms Dey Do Sef?

This post was originally authored and published on, a lifestyle website I contribute for stay at home moms. I am actually surprised that I do not recall every single last detail of this encounter considering how intensely livid I was at the time that this happened. My goodness, since revenge is best served cold, […]

Dear Stay at home mom, what are you projecting?

Is this what you do all day? He asked me incredulously one day when he returned from work and I was trying to fill him in on the latest celebrity gossip in town. “Is this how you spend your days? Watching TV, reading blogs and spending time on social media?” I was slightly upset because I […]

My Help is leaving. Here’s how I’m staying fruitful still…

PSThis post is actually a week old. Wrote it last Monday, the 18th. My Help leaves this morning… Like some of you know, I have the most amazing Domestic help. However, she will not be coming back after the holidays for family reasons. I feel so bad for her and even she has cried about […]

Meet our AMAZING SPONSORS for Powwow with E’ (plus Volunteers Info)

Ok when we started planning this meeting, I had no idea just how much bigger than our God wanted to make this. I thought we would have a few sponsors but look at us having about 30 sponsors and counting. It’s indeed a GIFT RUSH!! Since we were hosting Queens around the end of the […]

Domestic Queens, Here’s HOW TO REGISTER for Powwow with E’

Hey Ladies… Just wanted to do a quick one with details on the Registration for those who need quick info… Registration for FINISH STRONG START STRONGER for Domestic Queens is FREE but compulsory. Venue and further info will be sent to only the registered Queens. Here’s the form to register. If this doesn’t work, […]