MEET THE FAB MENTEES…..Iloba Ruth AND Ukpebitere Blessing’s JOURNEY

My name is Iloba Ruth and below is my TFS experience I was invited to TFS by a friend and we both attended. I love the ‘sisterliness’ in the group, everyone was vulnerable and open to learning and sharing experiences. TFS was really practical. I have been hearing “study your Bible” without Knowing the ‘How’, TFS taught me in details how to do it and also opening my […]


Ah TFS Upgraded was a WHOLE VIBE and then some First, Toolz and Chi, my darlingssssssss Ah, they ran this gig with me and for me and BRILLIANTLY too. So proud of both of them. I owe you a hangout. Thank you Ok so we kick off with TFS Reviews and phew, it really was […]

5 types of “mentor figures” we all need

Hey people, So literally the MOST AMAZING assignment God has given me this year is DISCIPLESHIP. It has been a THING and half. Over the next couple days, the ladies in my discipleship program will feature on the blog sharing what they have gotten so far from the program and their private sessions with me. […]

Meet the Fab Mentees….Elizabeth Dominic’s journey.

In 2020 a new dawn has just Begun. My name is Dominic Bukola Elizabeth This year I have moved closer to my dreams like never before. In 2019 I prayed earnestly for God to send me a teacher. I waited, trusted and believed, and even when it seemed insensible in human understanding, I held on. I read eziaha’s blog […]

Yay, the FAB SISTERSHIP mentoring academy is OPEN!!!

Note Before : I changed the email from eziaha@eziaha.com cos I’m not getting emails there so well so pls if you sent to that email, resend to eziaharx@yahoo.com Hey FAB FAM Gosh, I am so excited about this post because ONCE AGAIN, I am mentoring YOUNG LADIES not just stay at home moms. Phew. Last […]

#OnRaisingLeaders:Rose’s experience.

The time spent mentoring the girls can not be fully explained because it was an avenue of growth for the mentees and us. As mama Eziaha had taught us we first mapped out structures on how their weeks will go. What and what we designed to teach them and what we expected their take home […]

Meet The Disciples…Bimbo’s Journey so far.

I’m Abimbola Oladeinde. I have always known E’ as an Undergraduate in the University of Ibadan and I tell you, there was certainly something about this bubbly lady. She was just extra. And the fact that she was a Christian was kinda shocking to me. I grew up knowing that as Christians we have to […]

#31F.A.B.Voices…Phebe testifying

I am super sure if I checked my rather HUGE picture collection, I would find one with Phebe… Or Bomu as I knew her in Pharmacy school back in UI… Funny we weren’t exactly close and frankly I was too bored in pharmacy school to look to make any friends… Post Pharmacy school, Post-UI, thanks […]