In 2020 a new dawn has just Begun.

My name is Dominic Bukola Elizabeth

This year I have moved closer to my dreams like never before.

In 2019 I prayed earnestly for God to send me a teacher. I waited, trusted and believed, and even when it seemed insensible in human understanding, I held on. I read eziaha’s blog but not frequently as of then but now I’m glued to the blog.

I just love the way she loves God. In my own terms, she is wow about God. Boom I got a DM from chi recommending the TFS mentoring Academy and I am aware God means business with me and I could not be foolish to miss this opportunity!!!

I knew it was an avenue to explore more in Christ. I didn’t know where to begin but I registered and wow GRACE picked me.

I got the email and it felt like it was my birthday gift. It felt like the beginning of a new dawn and a new me.

My spirit was ready but my body was dragging, my emotions (thoughts gripped me) but I knew they where going to catch up with me later and they did!

The journey so far has been awesome. It feel stretched and grown

Mama E does not only share her success story alone, she shares her struggles, challenges and how she overcomes them. (I mean the backyard work)

I love her because she keeps it real and practically. I don’t consider myself lucky but I consider myself BLESSED!

She has made me realise that this Christian journey isn’t as boring at all

“Live for God” she will always say. “Spend time with him in prayers, study his word to know more about him and when you are diligent in your time with God, he begins to reveal intimate details about your life to you”

Now, I’m aware the HolySpirit reveals and speaks to us in the place of prayer. So, I am not casual about my Prayer life and my relationship with God.

I have learnt how to be intentional and never to take things casual in mama’s word “YOU CAN’T JUST BE CASUAL” This words are stuck in my brain and I have become more deliberate with my life.

I don’t live just anyhow now, I Iive off a list. I have daily musts and goals now, and I work actively around it. I take myself seriously so I do what I should do at the right time because my goals are measurable.

Mama has taught us about structures and it has helped me restructure my life. She tells us that people we admire today, all have structures put in place.

I have learned how to structure my friendship and relationship. I am now self disciplined. Mama says it’s not easy, that its a process so I have learnt to do the needful regardless.

All this has helped me grow, I now act differently, relate differently and have got confidence in Christ!

This past 5 weeks have not only been about learning but applying! Thank you immensely Mama E!


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