The time spent mentoring the girls can not be fully explained because it was an avenue of growth for the mentees and us.

As mama Eziaha had taught us we first mapped out structures on how their weeks will go. What and what we designed to teach them and what we expected their take home to be.

Our first topic was daily musts. We inquired of them to know how a typical day is for them. There’s a saying that “we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” And we’ve seen mama live this as a reality. There couldn’t have been a better topic to start with.

We shared robustly the importance of having a daily routine. How it gives you structure, helps you achieve so much, limits your procrastination and gives you something to achieve on bad days.

We further explained that daily musts or routines are different per individual. Yours must be one that pushes you to become the best version of you whilst, helping you achieve your goals per day. Mama Eziaha taught us in discipleship to let our daily musts cover all areas of life so none suffers. (Physical, mental, Spiritual, and social).
Daily musts will stretch you but its all for growth after all, so it’s fine.

We shared ours with them as we’ve learnt to always be exemplary in our leadership style.

We also informed them of how we’ve had to change our daily musts as we outgrow them. So a daily must shouldn’t be same for a long time. Except of course you’re not growing and living this life, seasons definitely change and sometimes you outgrow your lists.

One of the ladies asked how to navigate and still be able to achieve our daily musts amidst family duties, emergencies and chores and we shared wisdom to help her navigate through that.

Lastly for the week they created their daily musts and shared with us.

We talked about prayers and the importance of having a prayer schedule. We extensively shared the importance of praying with the word and having word to stand upon. We let them know that “as you proceed, seasons change so you’re wise enough to adjust your prayer points and schedules”.

The take home for one of the ladies was that ” realizing that seasons change is crucial if I want to make progress” ditto we shared about how seasons can change our daily musts and a week after too, we then mention seasons in the light of prayers.

Next, we shared about Books and Reading. We encouraged them to have books for the quarter and books for the month and how it does a lot of good to them. We let them know that we shouldn’t just pick a book and read for reading sake, rather we should read books that highlights areas of our struggles and ignorance. There should be a measurable change as a result of reading a particular book. It’s too late to be reading books just for leisure. We live this life intentionally knowing that we’ll give an account of how we lived to the one that sent us.

We shared our books of the month with them and asked that they do same. One of the ladies shared her reading challenges and we shared wisdom in that light to help her navigate through. Glory to God.

Oh! and we shared about Goals the week after. Goal setting is key, we shared that goals should have time frames, that way it keeps you in check and it makes it measurable.
We also let them know that goals gives focus and drive. The biggest take home was that our goals should reflect on our daily activities.
They shared their struggles and one said setting goals isn’t an issue for her but living up to it. So we explained that goals should be reasonable and achievable, goals cannot be set to pepper gang someone else or appear smarter. Rather it should be set for ourselves.

Afterwards we shared on friendships. How we all should be intentional about friendships and put the work it requires. We also let them know that it’s very okay to move on when a friendship is not working or when we sense it’s season over. We do it without slamming doors and without grudges or offense.

Hear the exact words of one of the ladies
“I’ve really been blessed from setting my daily musts to working with a to-do list. My reading has improved and my goal setting. I’ve already started working on my goals for May, Tfs has really helped rearranged my life and put it in order.”

Believe me y’all Tfs was great for everyone of us. Sharing your life out to someone legit keeps you in check. You don’t wanna slack a bit ditto you’ve to stay exemplary. So it kept me in check and fostered my growth.

Thanks mama Eziaha for letting me be a part of this. God bless you. Cheers to growth and living all intentional.


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