Leading Gen-Zs and Millennials, try my R&R principle.

Hello you, welcome to my blog. By now you know I am a  passionate Leader who’s equally passionate about raising leaders. And all thanks to my Leadership hero, Craig Groeschel who keeps giving amazing leadership wisdom on his podcast. Check out Craig Groeschel leadership podcast Honestly, I agree that leadership can be hard or maybe […]

Don’t make these Journaling mistakes… (I’ve been so guilty)

If you follow this blog and my YT channel especially recently, you would notice that I have been creating some buzz around Journaling. It really is a super power for me and it continues to both make me effective with my tasks, and extremely joyful at soul deep levels. However, I have made some Journaling […]

Don’t enter a new month without answering these 3 questions. (I do this too)

‘An unexamined life is not worth living’- that’s Brother Socrates on that beat. If you are thinking ‘What does it mean to examine my life?’, and if the concept already overwhelms you, then keep on reading, as I have some wisdom I am dishing on how to bring order, and elegance to your ridiculously amazing […]

Allow me to reintroduce myself. #July 2022

Welcome to my blog, again! Yes, I have been blogging for Eleven (11) years, so why am I saying a ‘Welcome to my blog’ today? Well, keep on reading to find out why a re-introduction is in order. Hello, my name is Eziaha Ngozi Bolaji-Olojo Born June 29, 1986, so I just turned 36. Currently […]

Unlearning: 5 Leadership mistakes I’ve left behind

Leadership is INFLUENCE (thanks John Maxwell). I daresay, TOO MUCH INFLUENCE, especially spiritual leadership. And because spiritual leaders have SO MUCH INFLUENCE, we need to really be careful how we live and lead, especially for what my sister girl Theodora calls ‘the sake of the Brethren’, while of course we keep teaching and giving them […]

These three things have been life-changing for me

Holllllaaaaaaaa Fam, Today, God laid it on my heart to share three unrelated things that I am doing in this season that are helping me win. Let me keep it 100% with us, Fam, 2021 would have, by now, flat out taken me out. EVERYTHING that can shake has been SHAKEN, and if God has […]


This post really comes from something I have been working out in my life especially in recent times, especially as I walk through what really is an INTENSE season, which frankly, I am not trying to make anyone understand, or seek human support above what is necessary. I take JOY and STRENGTH in the JOY […]

HOURS, driven by a VISION

My friend who I will call Damilola, asked me this question recently. I will attach a screen shot The moment she asked me, I felt the answer starting to crystallize, and a few hours later, it all came together. This was no STRAIGHT forward Yes or No answer. It required a voice note, and then […]

My April Reads (plus review of Q1 books)

Gosh, this is so late and I apologize So I shared here my January and then February and March reads. January reads Q1 Reads The reason I do these posts is really to encourage you to read and then hand you practical guides in choosing books as I share not just what I am reading, […]

#LeadWithE’ : My really poor hiring decisions.

Yaaaaay.  Say hello to #LeadWithE’ series Super excited that I get to finally launch this here on the blog. So every other Friday, if not sooner, I would share on leadership. By virtue of the amazing church I attend, Daystar, I had been learning so much on leadership and then earlier this year, I got […]