Holllllaaaaaaaa Fam,

Today, God laid it on my heart to share three unrelated things that I am doing in this season that are helping me win.

Let me keep it 100% with us, Fam, 2021 would have, by now, flat out taken me out.

EVERYTHING that can shake has been SHAKEN, and if God has not been helping me stand solid, plus have roots that extend downwards, I would have really been fodder for satan.

Anyways, look at your girl. Still living her BEST LIFE and THRIVING, working actively on a heart FREE FROM GUILE, because your girl is not going to hell for NOBODY!!!

Ok those three things. I hope to keep it short today, haha.


Simply put, convictions are what I believe to be true about a certain matter.

For example, I believed I could run my business and life without the popular social media sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter so I upped and left them all in October 2019.

Funny it was after I left that I broke into the 7-figure monthly income at CSL

I also believe that I can run my home super efficiently without a help, so in October last year, I let my help go and decided I would not be needing another, much to the disbelief of my husband haha.

6months later, my husband is a believer and keeps commending me on how well the kids and home are running.

However, if I don’t deepen my convictions actively with relevant knowledge, they will start to weaken and soon, I will doubt that which I believed with my blog before. And trust me, this messes everything up, in my mind and in the physical

That’s why the Bible says faith comes by hearing AND HEARING

“so then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”

Romans 10:17NKJV

I wrote a post about convictions on my fitness blog here

How #JesusGirls use the POWER of conviction to WIN at weightloss.

Today, I am still deepening my convictions actively, and one area big on my mind is in discipline and hard work and focus. I know most of us consider myself a disciplined person and I am, to a large extent, by God’s grace, but I am steadily entering new crazy depths, and doing crazy things that make me think if my own is not too much ooo.

So I have to make sure that I am going for knowledge from people who believe like I believe

So I am reading these three books at the moment 

  1. Deep work
  2. ‘So good they can’t ignore you’ both by Cal Newport and both I have read before
  3. No excuses’ by Brian Tracey

They are deepening my convictions that all my hard work especially behind the scenes is not in vain.

Of course I am also reading my bible and listening to some crazy men of God that speak to my convictions in this season.

Once I stop, I truly will start to doubt everything I believe and think my hard work is in vain and my SURE future reward is a mirage.


Oh, I am so thankful that God in HIS MERCIES, allows me to not just PRAY but BELIEVE He will hear me and send me answers.

So once I pray about a thing, I thank God and wait for the answer to come, very expectantly.

Like Habakkuk, I stay on my watch

“I will climb up to my watchtower and stand at my guardpost. There I will wait to see what the Lord says and how he will answer my complaint.”

Habakkuk 2:1 NLT

This morning, while making my bed after everyone had left for work and school, I got an answer to something I prayed about yesterday, which I was even anxious about.

It was a decision I was to make and wasn’t sure if it was wrong or right, but I prayed and took my peace, settling it in my spirit that God would bring me an answer of PEACE.

Suddenly, in that mundane moment, the answer came to my spirit so clearly among the two options I had. One option that looked very likely and good before suddenly stood out as FOOLISH and almost incredible.

Like, how did I even THINK that?


So, yes, praying and having expectations that GOD will hear AND answer has been such an ANCHOR for me in this season where I am desperately desperate for His voice

“for you answer our prayers. All of us must come to you.”

Psalms 65:2 NLT


Haha, this one has been the HARDEST.

So I have quite a few things I do, and Jesus knows that when it comes to spiritual stuff, I want to make sure I am stewarding the whole thing right. 

Recently, God started to show me some DANGEROUS prayers to pray for everyone on my team everywhere, so that they are not just helping me and serving, but are doing it with the same spirit.

The more I prayed, the more release I had to delegate!!!

Numbers 11 verse 17 NLT

Delegate and DISAPPEAR.


I literally will not check until it is all done, so I am not TEMPTED to have an opinion.

It really is a TRUST issue and God told me 

Eziaha, you cannot LEAD without TRUST

So I have to first TRUST GOD, then TRUST the gift of men He has blessed me with as I cover them in prayers, then step back and let God do His thing.

Funny this is a part of my confessions haha.

So in recent times, I have RESPONSIBLY delegated things I have held on to tightly and I have seen God move in crazy amazing, and I daresay even more powerful ways.

Then I now see how much time it has freed up for me to both spend time with Him, and also serve  my family with my presence and deeds, in that order.

So this delegate and disappear has been so key for me in this season.

Let me stop here.

I pray this blesses you, and opens your eyes to some things you too should be doing in this season that can change everything in your favor.

God bless you.

With so much love


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  1. “So once I pray about a thing, I thank God and wait for the answer to come, very expectantly.”

    This👆 stood out for me because I have been praying without being expectant for the answers. I am going to start trusting God more and looking out for Him in expectation of answers to my prayers. Thank you CoachE

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