Gosh, this is so late and I apologize

So I shared here my January and then February and March reads.

January reads

Q1 Reads

The reason I do these posts is really to encourage you to read and then hand you practical guides in choosing books as I share not just what I am reading, but why I am reading them and what categories they fall under in my reading list

From the last two months reads which I shared here, there were a few I could not read.

I read, The Discerner and half of the Prophet by James Goll

I read So good and Deep work by Cal Newport

Weird by Craig Groeschel was SO GOOD. I felt so normal after reading it. Craig is my new spiritual papa. Love him
Read and reviewed Thanks for the feedback by Sheila Heen and People Fuel by Townsend with my friends with whom I listen and review Craig Groeschel leadership podcast together.

Especially loved the one on feedback

On parenting, I read Raising children without going insane by Jane Evans, Dare to discipline by James Dobson, and Confident mom by Joyce Meyer. All I HIGHLY recommend

On productivity, I read and re-read and listened and re-listened to ATOMIC HABITS by James Clear and Joy of Missing out by Tonya Dalton. With my chest I recommend BOTH

I also read Heather’s Pressure Trap

From my Q1 reading list, I carried over

Fighting together by the Lindsey’s,

Real Money and Parable of Dollars by Sam Adeyemi, and

Hello Tomorrow by Cindy Trimm

If you read my previous blogs on the books I read in Q1, you would get more details on how I choose and read my books. Now that we are on lockdown is a good time to invest reading into your life. Those blogs will guide you, for real

Ok on to April reads.

This April, I am switching things up and going outside my comfort zone. The focus God has called me to is KINGDOM PROSPERITY and mehn, it is time to answer that call.

Money has always been a topic that’s not the easiest to talk about as a Christian but in a very healthy, balanced and kingdom minded way, I have sensed very strongly, nudges from heaven to lean into what He is serving.

So I am focusing on books relating to that and also vision, because when your heavenly vision and calling gets more clarity, then your perspective on kingdom prosperity is also clear and then you can believe for bigger, and say SEND NOW PROSPERITY…

Save now, I pray, O Lord ; O Lord , I pray, send now prosperity.

Psalms 118:25 NKJV


So this month, I am reading

1. Cindy Trimm’s HELLO TOMORROW. I am almost done and it was a PDDK recommendation. See the text I sent her.

It completely captures my thoughts. That woman has pushed me to depths of prayers since I started

2. Midas touch by Hagin. This book is so rounded on kingdom prosperity and while it will speak real well to those in pulpit ministry, it will give you a solid teaching and foundation on how to roll with finances as a Christ follower. I am almost done too

3 and 4 would be Sam Adeyemi’s Parable of Dollar and Real Money. These are the only hard copy books I am reading. The rest are soft copies

5. The Laws of Prosperity by Kenneth Copeland

6. Biblical keys to financial prosperity by Kenneth Hagin too

That’s all.

Like I said, these books and authors are new territory for me so I am gradually training my brain to digest them.

I can’t do more than these.

Also, I am on YouTube downloading related messages from Kenneth Copeland on kingdom prosperity. When someone has given out PRIVATE JETS, you know he knows something.

This is not just money for me, it is money for the kingdom and it is really time to stop circling my small and selfish mountain and believe bigger, so if I am not reading the books, I am listening to audio.

No time for anything else.

Or less.

Interestingly, in my leadership group, we are reviewing James Clear’s Atomic habits this April but I have read and listened to it severally and have my notes on it, so I don’t have to read it again

Hubby and I are to read Fighting together BUT if we don’t, that’s fine as we are also reading devotionals on marriage from YouVersion and having pillow conversations about them, so that’s as good

My focus this month is all kingdom prosperity and I really don’t wanna break it.

Reading these have sparked a new level and depth of passion in prayers and study of the word for me

I will be back in May to review how well I did with the books and then share my MAY reads which will still hover around the same topic, and this may even go into June.

Me I am ready to make and steward kingdom wealth all for the blessing of mankind and the glory of GOD.

Ok, again, I hope this helps inspire reading in you.

Reading is really one way to enter next level and trust me, nobody knows how life post-COVID will be but we can rest assured that we all will need to have exponentially upgraded if we are going to thrive in that whole new world A.C

Love you and you are in my prayers.

If you have any book recommendations on this topic, abeg share with me.



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Let’s keep our mouths moving not only with food but the word too

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  1. Wow…interesting. I just started reading Atomic Habits today and it is gold. I got the recommendation from you by the way…thank you ma for all you share.

  2. I’ve always thought it’s just me that is struggling to vibe with Cindy Trimm’s books. I have two of them now but I can’t seem to get past a few pages. I will PUSH harder now! Thanks Eziaha

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