How I craft my CONFESSIONS

Hey blog Fam Ok so I thought I would do a quick one on CONFESSIONS. A couple of people have asked me in recent times how I craft mine, and also to help with practical tips and all, especially as I have shared clips here and there via my whatsapp statuses especially. First, can I keep it 100% REAL and say that some of you all are always looking for an easy and free way out of hard work and both crafting your confessions and being DISCIPLINED enough to say it DAILY is HARDWORK. If you are looking for easy and fluff, this is a good place to stop reading. There must be someplace else on the internet where easy is brokered. NOT. THIS. BLOG. Jesus DIED, yawl. He didn’t write a book, a blog, a poem, or even run for PRESIDENT to save us. HE.DIED. And then left us the Holy Spirit as a gift.Certainly not for us to do a bunch of easy peezy stuff. Ok so if you are still here, here we go. First, I really cannot recall exactly how I started this confession game but I know I had this blog from 2013 where I … Continue reading How I craft my CONFESSIONS