An unexamined life is not worth living’- that’s Brother Socrates on that beat. If you are thinking ‘What does it mean to examine my life?’, and if the concept already overwhelms you, then keep on reading, as I have some wisdom I am dishing on how to bring order, and elegance to your ridiculously amazing life, causing a life examination to be something you actually enjoy doing periodically.
Let’s gooooo…

Holla, sweet Sister or Brother reading this blog.

One thing I am actively praying about from a place of holy anger is this over busy life, where a lot of people are just throwing the word ‘I am busy’ around like it is something to be proud about, and most times in response to slacking, lateness or plain absence on delivering on a task that matters.

It truly has irritated me to prayers.

Yes, you should be busy, but only busy in the things that truly matter, and with enough margin in your life for the moments of life that when added to your busy, truly help you live a healthy, balanced life.

High quality leisure like cooking, playing, having rich conversations with friends, and more, including sleep and rest. Btw, wondering what high quality leisure is? Wonder no more hehe. I did a YouTube video about it here

Rethinking Leisure #HighQualityLeisure

So, seriously, I cannot relate with that busy, overwhelmed life like I shared last week with those on my mailing list which you can join here.

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In fact, I consider myself a ‘Joyful warrior’ against that pandemic of (among other things), an over busy life.

And when you live life at a pace that is slow enough to actually taste and see that the Lord, His creations, and His people are good, you enjoy a richness to life that is at a soul deep level.

It’s a gift and you truly deserve it.

You really do. So if you slap the ‘I know you are busy’ card on me, I joyfully and firmly reject it

I steward an orderly, spacious life, and I am so careful and protective of my schedule so I don’t get slammed.


Ok, so why is this important?

Because when your life is slow enough, you also make room in it for one of the finest gifts from God to humans ever!



I did a SOLID video on how to supercharge your Journaling in a link I share below, and went into plenty details there. Best part is it is about 7mins long, but you will send me parfait when you are done, for how good it is.

Supercharge your Journaling

In this blog, I wanna highlight something I didn’t get to mention there and that is taking some time at the start of every month to document your wins and mistakes.

This may sound like it is not a big deal, but it is, Babe.

For example, today is August 1, and I am taking the time today and tomorrow, to review my July.

And how I can get to do that is reading through my Journaling that month, especially the 3 I mentioned in the video here. In fact, I teach you in the video how to journal so that reviewing is EASY.

That is how to truly examine your life, so it brings more richness and joy to it.

don’t just waltz into the month without doing that.

It may take you an hour or 5 hours spread over 3 days but let me tell you, it is SO worth is.

I truly testify which is why I am set to do that for myself within the first 3 days of the month.

Like my Gmama Joyce Meyer said and I mentioned in this blog here,

Your life is also amazing, but you didn’t take the time to document and review it too.

Let me end by juxtaposing the quotes from Joyce and Socrates…

An examined life ends up being a super amazing life“, and

“Journaling is the hack.”

Excited to see the beauty that is your life (and mine) keep blooming, and if you have any Qs, feel free to ask, after you have watched the video here

Truly thankful for you,

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