Pump. Passion. Energy. And a BRAND NEW YEAR!!!

Hey FaithFam. We’re cruising on the Throwback Lane this January. Lol. Today, I’m bringing back another ‘oldie but goodie’ post. If you need a reminder of why you shouldn’t dim the passion and energy you were feeling with the dawn of the New Year, you’ve come to the right place.   Hallos people,Happy Super Duper […]

TFS 2021 Mentees share their Mentoring experience

If there is one thing that I heard continually in the academy, it is that my relationship with God has to be solid because once I get that aspect of my life right, every other aspect just literally aligns. CoachE’ said again and again the importance of deliberately creating time for God. My relationship with […]

MEET THE F.A.B MENTEES: The Journey of 3

Hey F.A.B Sisters, It’s always a privilege mentoring young ladies and also a great joy when i see the light that they illuminate even after the mentorship program. Today, we get to review the journey of 3 wonderful F.A.B mentees….. it’s going to be an exciting and refreshing read, so…enjoy!!! Faith Ogbotiti Shares Her Experience […]


Hiiiiii E’ blog fam!!! It’s Toluwani here writing this post, some of you know me as Toolzzz♥️♥️. I’m Captain E’s mentee & assistant. Ok, you might be wondering why I took over her blog post today, no fear! I’m here for one reason, which is TFS Mentoring Academy, yassssssssssss!!! I’m so flipping EXCITED to introduce […]

Yay, the FAB SISTERSHIP mentoring academy is OPEN!!!

Note Before : I changed the email from eziaha@eziaha.com cos I’m not getting emails there so well so pls if you sent to that email, resend to eziaharx@yahoo.com Hey FAB FAM Gosh, I am so excited about this post because ONCE AGAIN, I am mentoring YOUNG LADIES not just stay at home moms. Phew. Last […]

#On Raising Leaders: Bimbo’s Experience

I must say pouring into people,most especially those on our level or downwards can be a true test of one’s growth game. It’s like giving yourself a score card of how far you yourself have learnt and how serious you take your life. That was exactly what happened to me while mentoring Goodness and Ife […]

#OnRaisingLeaders:Rose’s experience.

The time spent mentoring the girls can not be fully explained because it was an avenue of growth for the mentees and us. As mama Eziaha had taught us we first mapped out structures on how their weeks will go. What and what we designed to teach them and what we expected their take home […]

Meet the Fab Mentees….Goodness-Mercy Weme’s journey.

I’m Goodness-Mercy Weme, one of the beneficiaries of the just concluded mentoring program on TFS.  I really cannot find the right words to describe my stay at the program. It has been all shades of awesomeness. I’ve been blessed and blessed tremendously. I’ve grown in just this short period of time. Thank you mama E.  […]

LeadershipWithE’; How do I start mentoring/discipling people?

Hey people. Feels like ages I did a Monday blog. Missed it last week cos I didn’t have energy for what I wanted to write. Still kind of don’t have energy for that but I even know this post is what I should write today, so let’s discus Leadership with E’ Ok first, by God’s grace (haha), I qualify to […]

Meet The DisciplE’s….Faith’s journey so far.

My name is Faith Oyebade and am privileged to be part of Captain Wild’s Disciple. When I first met her in 2016, I knew there was more to her, I could not help but I just love moving with women with great impact. I am very privileged to call her my mentor and one lie […]