My name is Faith Oyebade and am privileged to be part of Captain Wild’s Disciple.

When I first met her in 2016, I knew there was more to her, I could not help but I just love moving with women with great impact. I am very privileged to call her my mentor and one lie the devil keeps reminding me is , ‘Are you not shameful that someone younger than you mentors you’ and here is my response to him, ‘God the ancient of days never relates with us with age. Ask Abraham. Inasmuch, she has got what I want, I will hold onto her skirt, till it is delivered to me. Meanwhile, shame is from the devil not from God, I believe this moment for me is ordained by God. Ntooorr….shame back to you devil. Haha…😆 please don’t give a place to the devil to deny you your place in God.

Meanwhile, I believe God revealed this truth shared by her on the 5 types of mentors you need in your life, read here.

I can’t over emphasize that we all need the right men in our lives.

No man is self made, we all have the influences of other men either negative or positive in our lives.
At least a man gave birth to us, a man nurtured us, a man will also guide us, the men that surrounds our lives has a long way to determine how far we go in life.

We all had the influence of our parents, friends, school and environment rubbing off on us, if a man will ever go far, check his company of friends or people that surrounds him.

So I chose to be part of Coach E’s inner circle and it has really made a tremendous impact on me.

I have been hearing setting goals for a while but I have not been able to wrap my head around it and grasp its doability, but when she held us accountable to goal setting daily, then I began to figure it out gradually.

She held us accountable and made us sit up to take responsibility for our destiny. Be Self driven, she says, don’t always wait for people to push you. Kaiiiii!!! That word hit me ehn..

And when she says I hear God telling me so and so, I will be like God speak to me too please! And when she started telling us to read the Bible in a year, and always pray with the word, and have a prayer schedule, always have a scripture to back up your prayers instead of going to God empty, hold Him by His word. hmmmm! I told myself eheeen! 🤔It was like a light sparked up within me and I received understanding, and ever since , my Bible App became my buddy.

Now as a woman, we complain no time, no time, she also said we should use Audio Bible, even while you are cooking be listening to the word, Wow! I caught it, even when am taking my bath, I listen to the scriptures to fill my mind daily.

Knowing fully well that the battle and war we are fighting resides in our mind, it is not physical, so what you feed on makes you.

who you roll with determines what rolls with you and how far you go in life.

I am really getting better understanding each day by the privilege of being in this circle with Coach E’ and how she reveals how she lives her life to us daily with so much discipline, omg….I had to sit up!

And the truth is , she did not even collect any financial gain to do this😭😭😭😭, I don’t know what to offer to appreciate this kind love of hers to do this, a heart of love to help men is the kind of heart God loves and blesses and that was why He blessed Solomon. Chaiii. It will be devastating to take this kind opportunity for granted, you see why I can’t allow the devil’s lies.

Captain E’, I pray God will bless you immensely and give you the wisdom for the greatness ahead.

Love you from my depths ❤️🥰.

I appreciate you for doing this and giving me the privilege.

God bless you Immensely

This is Faith
Captain Wild Disciple.

Please let me know one thing you learnt with your comment, meanwhile, War-ship and Worship is the biggest deal at the moment, click here to read about it and register.

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