Between the locs, Fitbit, and Song… A super Happy birthday to me…

Whoop. It was my birthday a couple of days ago and it was STRAIGHT A-PLUS PLUS!!! Spent it in obedience to God and with my stay at home moms. We had a full-on SPA experience and then pedicure, then food and some RAW conversations. My heart is FULL and CHANGED and I am so grateful […]

Dear Stay-At-Home Mumpreneur.

Hey guys, this went up on Bella Naija last month and I have another one due up this month but first, I wanted to repost it here, in case you missed it. . . . Dear stay-at-home mom running a business, It came to my heart to write you today coming from a personal place. Like […]

So which STAY AT HOME MOM is ready for a BREATH OF FRESH AIR?

Hey guys, Happy new month. June has always been my absolutely fave month of the year for the obvious reason of it being my birth month. But this year’s June is particularly delicious, even if I say so myself, even if today is just the 4th. First, the month started with me getting literally the […]

The Story of POWWOW with E’ and DDK (all the events leading up to it)

Hey yawl… How is everyone’s Monday going? Mine is off to an amazing start. I am so determined to be SOOO DISCIPLINED this week, and brutally cutting off all distractions as much as I possibly can… So I wanted to share, as openly as possible, the story of POWWOW 5.0 with E’ and DDK. It […]

METAMORPHO-O with E’ & DDK: An intimate meeting for Stay At Home Moms

Hallo my Darlings, Ok so does anyone feel like a VERY FULL SPIRIT? Like this year is just doing me gish gish, that is a mixture of excitement, plus surprise, plus fire, plus discipline, plus seriousness, plus FOR REAL? Plus it all… It just looks like I year I wanna GUMBODY TO MY JESUS and […]

Dear Stay-at-home mom/wife…

I am super excited about this post because I am sharing lessons from my life with wives and moms. I realised that in my circle these days are a lot of young wives, new moms and stay-at-home ladies, and as we interact, I feel a divine need to share some in a post. Stick around […]