Hey guys,

Happy new month. June has always been my absolutely fave month of the year for the obvious reason of it being my birth month. But this year’s June is particularly delicious, even if I say so myself, even if today is just the 4th. First, the month started with me getting literally the BEST news ever per a prayer point of mine. Then we had FIRE BRAND festival on the second, and then we have WHEN WOMEN WORSHIP coming up right in the middle of the month, and hey, the 29th is the child’s birthday. Whoop.

I am particularly excited about Friday the 29th of June cos I get to spend it with one of my fave set of Chicks… The Stay At Home moms. I really do have a heart for SAHMs so no surprises there that the Lord laid this vision in my heart.

So, who is ready for A BREATH OF FRESH AIR?


I certainly am.

Being a stay at home mom sometimes can come with its peculiar challenges that MANY won’t even understand. It can feel like going through the motions, doing a job that deserves ALL the accolades in the world, but often gets nothing, which can really lead to frustration and depression, especially when you haven’t fully grasped the absolute power and essence of your season, so you are just kinda like in the doldrums. Plus can we talk about how very challenging and energy draining it can get doing everything you do to keep the home running.

Hey mama, it is time for some FRESH AIR!!!

So, come Friday, June 29, 2018, I will be hosting 10 stay at home moms to like 6 hours of FRESH AIR… We are talking Spa, Mani/Pedi, Food, Fun, Fellowship, Prayers and friendships. I am so excited I get to do this with and for my sisters, having had my fair share of just being frustrated, exhausted and in the doldrums in a particular season of my life as a Stay At Home mom. Plus, it is also my amazing way of celebrating CoachE’Squad Ltd.’s second birthday, which was May 2018. CoachE’Squad was a dream that birthed in that season as a Stay At Home Mom, and I hope I can extend that beautiful gift that God graciously gave me with 10 more sisters.

Hey, so who can apply?

First, you gotta be a Stay At Home mom, obviously lol

But you also need to be at that point where you DESPERATELY NEED a breath of FRESH AIR… Where you just don’t understand your season, you want more, it feels frustrating, it looks like your dreams are going, you are EXHAUSTED, If you have cried tears, had major marital challenges because of your frustrations, contemplated leaving your marriage, seen your babies as a hinderance (I KNOW how that can feel), been super broke and have major financial challenges, feel like you have lost your purpose/direction and stuff like that, then allow me the privilege of spending those hours with you. It is amazing what a breath of FRESH AIR can do to inject LIFE again into you.

I certainly have dealt with EVERYTHING I mentioned above and God graciously extended His love to me. No, He didn’t give me CoachE’Squad, He gave me JOY, PEACE, DIRECTION, and pumped back life and wholeness into me. It was as a result of that that CoachE’Squad Ltd was birthed. I don’t know what needs to be birthed from your own season but all I wanna do is help bring some FRESH AIR into your life and then let God do what He wants to from there.

So please don’t send an email if you cannot relate. You may be a SAHM with a strong sense of purpose, running your own biz from home and all so you don’t really need this. So, let’s let our sisters who NEED this be the ones to come. Like you REALLY have to be in a place where you DESPERATELY need a breath of FRESH AIR!!!

I am so excited to spend time with you, and then I am even more excited to see what FRESH AIR brings into your life in the months to follow.

Hey, so send an email with a little bit of yourself and your story to powwow@eziaha.com

I won’t even do the selection cos I am too emotional lol. I have enlisted TWO of my friends, Stay at Home moms too, who have attended my previous POWWOW for SAHMs in the past to help me, so please let your email make a good case for you.

And hey, childcare will be available so feel free to come with your babies too.

Like I mentioned, we will be enjoying a spa session, then a good time of fellowship, friendship and SAHM girl talk over food and drinks, and we will PRAY!!!

I am so flippin’ excited. What a beautiful way to spend my 32nd birthday. God sure does have a sense of humor. I recall how FRUSTRATING my 29th birthday was when I had just freshly become a SAHM and was SO DAMN FRUSTRATED and today under 3years down the line, no matter what accolades I get, I still take pride in calling myself first a Stay At Home mom and proudly too, and then I can be a blessing to other SAHMs too and hopefully be a part of someone’s story of grace too.

Oh of course this is going to be FREE so you MUST register by sending that email AND you MUST be SELECTED after which the address will be sent to you, and beside your baby or babies and your nanny/help, you can’t bring a friend. Hopefully as the Lord increases His daughter, we can do this for more SAHMs but for now, just 10!!!

So please share with any mom you know who may need this. I look forward to an amazing birthday this year while my mama Pastor M looks forward to me making my Stay at home moms meeting a monthly affair. Phew. See why the child needs HELP? Speaking of which, how CRAZY is it that EVERYONE who applied for this my call for help is a MOM??

Wow!!! I would prefer someone single please, maybe a student or corper sef. But someone single and has some time to offer. But super thanks to all the moms who offered to serve. It really touched me.

So, have a great week guys and may JUNE birth miracles like the one I heard on the 1st of June that made me just bawl in gratitude to a God so faithful!!!






Now that I think of it, June actually got off to a less than desirable start. I was out on my morning walk, listening to my Hillsong on YouTube, on a MAJOR ROAD, and time was about 8.10/8.15am and I was getting close to home when someone snatched my phone, mounted a waiting bike and sped off. Talk about broad day light robbery. But my people, I refused to let that define my month. Good thing is a few hours later, one of my best friends was hitting me with the BEST NEWS ever. I literally forgot that my phone was stolen. I replaced the phone already though, but this makes my heart break for my country and these crazy youth willing to risk their LIVES for how much? Like, if they caught them, they would have been lynched. Just crazy mehn!!!



Hey, if you would like to support my FRESH AIR program, especially with like gifts for the SAHMs, please don’t hesitate to holler at me too. powwow@eziaha.com. I just feel like some people may wanna support so holler. I would consider that a birthday gift from you to me.



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