The WORD for NOW… I laugh at the Devil

It was my girl Dumebi that first said it to me ‘…the devil sha, he can like to fight LOST battles…’ And she inserted the confused and the ‘huh’ smileys. Like who does that? Fight a battle wey you know say you don lose already. Smh Devil sha. I’ve learnt to laugh at devil. Yes, […]

E' in th'mix; the GOD in me

I am hoping you didn’t miss the posts in this series E’ in th’ mix. Simply, I am sharing lyrics to songs that have blessed me. And also links when i can. But otherwise, google is your FREE friend still 🙂 In case you missed it, here are links to the two I have done […]

Confession is WORK but CONFESSION WORKS!!!

My darlings, Please allow me to suffuse y’all with plenty apologies. I have been up to a whole lot- trying to keep my NYSC blog smokin’, keeping up with CDS activities, fine-tuning my personal project which requires an intense amount of time spent thinking and researching (God your daughter is in your hands ooo), doing […]

Letter to my fellow Christian Batch A Corp members…

So camp opened today *Please insert eyes rolling here* I’ve been praying all sorts of prayers. That lagos camp will just close for no good reason. I mean… I always wanted to skip camp jare. I actually thought I’ll be preggers so I’ll get a quick legit EXEAT. Well here I am single and definitely […]

V-red flags

V-Red flags With the way I have not been blogging one would think I didn’t have absolute control over my time… Well I agree my supervisor has this way of being in control but hey… I gotta get my work published right… hehehe. Abuja has been real fun jare… And activity filled. When I am […]