So camp opened today
*Please insert eyes rolling here*

I’ve been praying all sorts of prayers. That lagos camp will just close for no good reason. I mean… I always wanted to skip camp jare. I actually thought I’ll be preggers so I’ll get a quick legit EXEAT. Well here I am single and definitely NOT preggers…
Well now the only reason I was looking forward to camp is cos I’ll finally lose all the weight I gained three months ago!!! Yes CHRISTMAS!!!
And also in the one month I lounged in Abuja.
Speaking of Abuja, that’s where I am serving. Yes my camp is in Lagos but I’m serving in Abuja. Don’t worry if you don’t understand, you can’t understand, sorry. LOL
OK, so usually before I take any major step, I retreat. Just take sometime off to hear God. I had scheduled my retreat, pre-NYSC, for friday March 1 which incidentally was the day after my posting came out and I saw that the ‘powers that be’ had “runs’ed” me to Lagos just cos they want me around ’em. I laff!!!!


Uche and I were visiting with Fr. Patrick after we did our hair when Jibola pinged me and told me the list was out and I was posted to LAGOS!!! Orders from above. I laff again!!!

So the retreat was a good time to ‘seek his face’. I didn’t even have time to vex… That made the ‘powers that be’ scared… D fact that I said NOTHING. Keep smiling baby… Makes people wonder what you up to…

The night before the retreat tho, I had this dream where God told me the resource material he wanted me to study at my retreat, which by the way was for about 5hours. Phew… The message was clear, sooooo very clear and tz not for me alone which is why I’m sharing with fellow Christian Corp members, batch A… (the message can be applied to every Christian of course)
The message is simple
REP CHRIST WELL wherever you have been posted to, especially in camp. Like I hear, tz easy to backslide and go with the flow… Especially as there is no fellowship pastor/exco watching you and you also don’t have any fancy Christian label on you…

This may be the time for you to read my post of RIDIN’ SOLO here for a quick refresher.

No need keeping up with the Joneses!!! Honey,YOU ARE THE JONESES!!! Stand out and FOR CHRIST!!!
No baby, you are in this world but you are not of it. Don’t conform. Transform ’em instead.

God has an agenda!!! He wants to bring EVERYTHING in obedience to Christ. And he’s raising a generation of young ‘crazy’ believers who will be sold out to this agenda of his. He is sending us into the world and he is banking on us to stand for him even when it is not popular opinion.
I am speaking specifically to all my fellow Christ lovers… In orientation camps now. Please shine your light. If that action will NOT bring HIM glory, don’t indulge.
And nope, we have not been called to be passive about it. I don’t see agents of darkness passive. We are agents of Christ and have been called to fulfill his ETERNAL COUNSEL!!!
Pray wella, especially in tongues, in the middle of the madness that is camp. Saturate the atmosphere. Arrange things in the spirit… Arrange people too,especially the soldiers LOL!!!
The world is watching you and they are also groping in darkness. Some of them don’t know!!! Please do well to show them your light ok!
You have been drafted into this army of Christ called to fulfill his eternal counsel, even in orientation camp. Please take this assignment very seriously!!! Cos I will too.
Grace abounds, amen!!!


Btw, I, like most other ladies are renowned for always having so much load. NOT ME this time. My camp bag is so small.


That is ALL!!! And my handbag. I’m friggin’ serious about loosing weight!!! So no single provision. I have it ALL in that bag- shorts, shirts, two canvases, mosquito net (Ruthy Daddy’s girl prevailed on me to get one finally), waist pouch, EVERYTHING I NEED!!!I am so proud of me!!! Grab my handbag and i am GOOD TO GO!!!


My mates are already in camp. Me i decided to skip day one stress. i had to rest jare before camp starts for me. Momma almost fainted cos I told her I wanna go on day three. Well, cos of her I will go on day two. I saw pictures from today and all.could not stop laughing.Tweets were also crazy!!! Spent all day in bed catching up on camp gist… I also saw some people frog jumping!!! *inser5t huge surprised face* I hope that is not BATCH A ooo.  I also saw Abuja Corp members with their bags on their heads. Hian kwa!!!

Anyways, I will go tomorrow!!! If Lagos camp doesn’t just decide to close down that is. Yesoooo I am still hopeful!!! VERY!!!


My bestie Ogo says the camp gates will stay open till I get ‘ere. No escaping LOL!!! A girl can have hopes jare…\


One thing is sure for me though!!! I will enjoy FAVOR!!! Three weeks of FAVOR!!! And NOPE, it won’t just be a drizzle!!! It is gonna be a FLOOD!!! A flood of favor with everyone in camp from the moment i work into the gate, through ALL camp activities, with all the soldiers and co,  till the very moment I leave camp. I promise!!!

iBelieve iSpeak iRecieve iTESTIFY!!! Wooooooooooooooooooot!!!

Biko latch on to me ooo. Or best still collect your own favor jare and enjoy…

Ruth btw is in my camp yay!!! And a few of my other friends too!!! If you are in Lagos camp or you know anyone there, holler at Your’s sincerely!!! I am looking to meet and connect with FABULOUS Christian ladies in Camp ooo.  Ok and a few guys too, but ladies especially!!! So holler at me jare. And let’s take many pictures together!!! You can be sure I would do plenty pictures!!!


Stay FABULOUS on the Christ lane,


Holla Berny love… Congrats on the amazing, favor filled internship posting to Yaba left. We serve a faithful God. Rep Christ wella there. Let ’em see the Christ in YOU… Smooches…
Thanks to everyone who wished me a great camp experience. Thanks a lot. E’ hugs and kisses jare… You can be sure I’ll have a lot of fun and take a lot of pictures too!!!


And yes I’ll also lose weight.
Of course this applies to all, within and without orientation camps. Christians the world over need to really shine their light even more. And unashamedly too.
I miss my Abuja folks ooo. See my ushers ooo.

Sir Billionaire

They now have uniforms. Awwwww. I hear our numbers are increasing. Can’t wait to be back jare… Sooooooooooooooooooon!!!

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  1. Thank u for featuring me Eziaha! *big hug* u know I read ur blog everytime right?! Girl! U don’t know how gingered I get everytime I read it! I hope u enjoy Camp and of course let CHRIST in u Shine!!!! Cheers baby

  2. loool @ your “losing weight” I hope you don’t come back fatter like I did. Anyways enjoy yourself.

  3. Hmmmm..seriously laughing out loud @”lossing weight” God help u ! ℓ☺ℓ.
    Nne, ur camp bag is small o! Well, since u aint going with provisions, u cld buy food @ mami market cos camp food to me, is like prisoners’ food ℓ☺ℓ.! My camp experience: when I was in camp, I I faked fainting 3wice..ℓ☺ℓ. *cant watch* so red cross officials had 2 carry me and off I went to my room whr I had a bowl of cornflakes.ℓ☺ℓ.! As for chrsitians backsliding in camp, saw lot of dem but jst SMH! I was actively involved with NCCF (Nigerian Christian corpers Fellowship). As an usher, I was going for d fellowship every evening after evening parade o! U cld imagine how stressful it was for me but I derived joy in doing what I did. It was all for God! Serving Him even in camp! I also joined my platoon when it was my platoon’s turn to cook. Nnne, it was hectic o! I even served food and dat was crazy as well cos I got lot of insults frm my fellow corpers Y? Becos I refused to give dem double portion of fodd..ℓ☺ℓ. I also contested for ‘miss camp’ I rep platoon 6 anyways..ℓ☺ℓ. And it was amazing! Altho, I didn’t win but dat didn’t bother me. Well..I joined OBS (camp radio station) and also sang NYSC national anthem in french! Camp was fun tho! D parade was crazzzzzzy o!soldiers waking u as early as 5am somestimes 4:30am! My experience didn’t end there tho. Just a tip of d iceberg *winks* But God saw me thru d 3 wks….
    Nne, wishing you da best of luck in Lagos camp! *kisses* NB: inform me when its visiting day so I cld cme

    1. Kemi oooooo
      Fainted 3times chai!!! Can’t stop laughing ooooooooooooooooo
      Cornflakes???!!!!! Kemi u are crazy!!!
      All d soldier drills I ready jare
      Miss NYSC woulda fitted you jare
      Yeah I’ll do the NCCF thingy
      As for d backsliders tz well oooo
      Thanks love for this jare
      You got me rollin’

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