While you are waiting… #PurposefullySingle

While you wait for your #happily ever after, there are a few things you can cultivate in your single season. This blogpost was first published in 2013 and I share on how you can be purposefully single. Before I proceed, I should absolutely be a Consultant to prospective Corpers on how to have a totally […]

Letter to my fellow Christian Batch A Corp members…

So camp opened today *Please insert eyes rolling here* I’ve been praying all sorts of prayers. That lagos camp will just close for no good reason. I mean… I always wanted to skip camp jare. I actually thought I’ll be preggers so I’ll get a quick legit EXEAT. Well here I am single and definitely […]

Higher and very JOYFUL…

Hello dolls… Today i am just happy… Over the roof happy… tumblin’ flippin’ overtly excited… until of course NTA started the news…Hiss much.. i really was not gonna blog… I just wanted to spend time listening to Lara George’s album HIGHER…. Esp the title track HIGHER… Oh my!!! that song totally rocks… I just read […]