It was my girl Dumebi that first said it to me
‘…the devil sha, he can like to fight LOST battles…’
And she inserted the confused and the ‘huh’ smileys.
Like who does that? Fight a battle wey you know say you don lose already.
Devil sha.
I’ve learnt to laugh at devil.


Yes, like real scatter ground and laugh…
First heard the phrase from one of the sweetest Angels I know Pastor Mildred Okonkwo. Someone shared something (that was bad) with her and she said simply… ‘I laugh at the devil’. No prayer. No fasting. Just a one-liner.
The next time the person came to her, it was with a testimony.


Please let’s not give the attention-seeking devil any attention at al. Trust me, he aint that important. Scratch that, he aint important AT ALL…
Like Min Jethro said today in church while preaching, (Btw, I am so PROUD to be a member of the MOST amazing Church DCC

Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo(3)

which rocks even though the Senior Pastor no dey. Everybody dey represent yo!!! Major shalla to DCC Ministers and Church workers especially. Our harvest is HERE o jare)
Ehen so Min. Jethro said sometimes our Prophet may drop the Word casually and we may miss it. Who says ‘…I laugh at devil’ to the news of a MAJOR medical condition Doctors diagnosed one of???
Same thing Eli did with Hannah… After the obviously IN PAIN woman cried to the prophet, he didn’t do a major deliverance. He just says ‘…go in peace.  God grant you your heart’s desires…’
No prayer and fasting prescription. No deliverance.
Sometimes the case is already settled before devil craze start. So why sweat it? Min Jethro shared various instances where it was just a ONE LINER word from his prophet(s) he had and wham, He believed and he testified.
Btw, I laugh at you if you don’t have a sound pastor or pastors. I laugh at devil and I laugh at you. Pastors just make life easier in my opinion. Esp. mine. Major shalla to my NUMERO UNO Rev Albert Oduwole


and his most delectable wifey. And my most amazing Pastors at DCC Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo and Pastor Mildred.
Major major Twale jare. Una rock!!!
Ehen back to my laughing at devil…
I have learnt, oh I have TRULY learnt that the devil only fights what He fears.  I sorry for am. It now always backfires in his face.
Poor devil

When too much drama sets into your life this week and indeed from this time forward, please laugh at the devil.
Of course I expect you to have a Word ooo. Not that you jus dey clown around.  Nope. Have a Word. Your own personal Word. Your Rhema… because God’s word WORKS!!!

When that Rhema don enter you, you sef go laugh when the weak devil starts…
The devil is too weak kai. Ask me I know. He’s also powerless. But he’s crafty. Plays the deceit game wella.
But please this week, your default should be this
In your face, loser…
Go and win my dear FABers!!!


You know how we roll now…

Since I am NOT anonymous, I get to harass you all with my pictures. Thank goodness I fine reach hehehe.

Speaking of which, sometimes I wish I was anonymous aha. Major shalla to Inthe… She blogs at Her blog is amazing. And yes, she followed suit and registered her own domain name too after I did. The rest of you wetin una dey wait oooo?

Enjoy the pictures jare…

Corpers weeee!!! Hehehe


One very funky Corper. It rained all through my CDS and I took these pictures IN THE RAIN!!!

And NO SHALLA to Tani and her MAC laptop and Safari browser which I am currently using to blog. That system is NOT letting me download more pictures and Tani too is not helping matters. The Laptop is too tush abeg. LOL. It has lost Tani and I. Don’t worry, I will attach more pictures to my next post. I know you guys never tire of seeing E’


I recommend this blog

Not just because the Owner is my Pastor but because that blog reminds me of my blog. Both the words and the pictures. Peek her latest post especially on TOUCHED BY AND ANGEL and you would almost believe I wrote it for her. Oya rush and read. And while there, tell her to please keep us very posted and update her blog on a regular.


I put something like this up on Twitter on Saturday… ‘…My Sugar daddy just knows how to spoil his baby. Of course I have a Sugar daddy. How else do you want me to cope…’ LOL. Someone tweeted at me that ‘…and your bio reads JESUS LOVING SISTER’ Kai!!! I retweeted it because it was too funny abeg. Then my twitter family came to my rescue saying all sorts of sweet stuff about me being a good girl ooo and Jesus/God is the Sugar daddy of which I speak. Loooool. I had a good laugh. Shalla to all my Voltrons jare. ‘preciate. Blog LOVE Sugees

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  1. Hehehehehehehe…Eziaha is a CHARACTER ghannnnn. Plsoooooo, I agree wit u on not laughing at d devil without a Rhema…lol. we resist d devil wit THE word nd not assist him wit meaningless laughter. Like I know dt while physically I see Eziaha laughing nd smiling all d time, her Spiritman is no laughing matter. Ask her.
    Btw…our Pastors supremely rock. I hvnt met PK bt I love him dearly…he takes me to heaven nd back…cool messages. Lovely post. I truly laugh at d devil…hehehehehehehe

    1. loooool @ assist him with meaningless laughter.
      Abi ooo
      Ds kain laff aint comedy ooo
      Na warfare laugh. We laugh and win. The Word is our weapon…
      Our pastors rock ooo. Meanwhile just so we r clear, because I overdose u with PK msgs does NOT make him ur pastor. Abeg shift. Be content with only d messages ok…
      Muah muah… I abs love you my Dawleen Booski of life

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