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With the way I have not been blogging one would think I didn’t have absolute control over my time… Well I agree my supervisor has this way of being in control but hey…


I gotta get my work published right… hehehe. Abuja has been real fun jare… And activity filled. When I am fully settled, things should get better… Meanwhile, I just turned down a job offer… Like my bestie said to me ‘BE WISE.. BE SENSITIVE..BE PRAYERFUL’ Thank you baby… I swear the guy job no pure, lie no good hehehe… Not as in 419 ooo but as in… *winks*. Bless God for covenant friends. Love you endlessly Ogochukwu…

Btw, Pst M has been writing on her blog ( www.justusgirlsnaija.wordpress.com ) so you guys can be reading her own too. And I won a gift on her blog YAY!!! I and thirteen others hehehe… So you better be visiting the blog ooo hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I have told ya…
Ok that is my way of apologizing for being AWOL… Wish I could grant y’all free rent space in my head… All the articles I have published there!!! Too bad you have to wait for me to put pen to paper hehehe…

Tz Val’s day so I figured it would be heretic to not come up here and wish you amazing lot a Happy Val’s day. I also decided to post this a day to Valentine because of the timely messages I have here like you will see… Please have a glass of wine, and a bar of chocolate… On me… Happy Valentine.

So while we are drinking and chocolating, may I nicely tell you some things you should NOT do on Val’s day (actually in the Valentine season). I know that people are wont to make some avoidable mistakes this season so here is your FAB SIS to the rescue. You are welcome.
Ok before I jump right into it, let me make this unnecessary detour… I have been watching the series COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF which is about this VP of America, and as the sitting President dies, she becomes Madam President much to the chagrin of those who prevailed on her to step down (including the dying President and Mr. Speaker who would have become the Presido) as a ‘woman could not be the leader of the free world’.


Funny huh!!! In fact one of the reasons cited was that she would be unavailable on the RED days of the month… Imagine sha. Anyways Madam V. President no gree and goes on to be Presido and the DRAMA that ensues daily with the peculiarities of this situation is better watched than gisted. I swore off series right after the Desperate Housewives crase I had. Exam period I would be watching DHW… crazy stuff… My cousins tricked me that twas a movie only for me to hear the very unwelcome ‘last time on C-in-C’ gosh… well I am hooked sha but in a detachable way. So the gist is my cousins’ keep saying they see me in her…. FRIGGIN’ WHATTTTT!!! A president? Eziaha? Heck NO, il pass… I know ‘le boo’ used to have political plans. Thank God he dropped it for a higher calling… I mean I know I am well on my way to being a career woman balancing family and ministry incredibly well (grace abounds), but I do not have presidency plans. NOT. I am not even sure why a lot of my classmates called me a FEMINIST… I guess to them, a feminist is a woman who knows what she wants and goes after it irrespective of what society thinks, and beats the guys while at it. Well then, allow me to present to you, EZIAHA, A VERY PROUD AND AWARE FEMINIST.

That said, I really love Geena Davies character as she plays Madam President in the series. That character killed it… I could definitely play THE PRESIDENT in a movie. #addedtomybucketlist#
Ok on to my Valentine red flags… my digression is legendary… SMH
• Don’t feel sad if you don’t have a Valentine on Val’s day. Not everyone has HIV on World’s AIDS day… I loved this saying when I heard it especially as it is so true.

minnie tees

Really don’t feel bad sweerie. It is neither a crime nor the end of the world. If no one is taking you out, please take yourself out, if you have a desperate desire to be out… Baff up, spray a nice perfume, and take your pretty blessed self out.ALONE…


You could ring up a few friends and make it a GIRLS NIGHT OUT…


Sure beats staying in and having a pity solo party, whinging about being all alone at your age and all that. Who knows, you may meet some nice godly person who has taken his/herself out too and hey, that’s a cool love story right there… so please rock it this val’s jor…
• Please do NOT reduce your standards so low that even lizards can apply.  And please do not start chasin’ after men whether blatantly or subtly… IT IS NOT ALLOWED…

boy chase

You are a fabulous lady and a femmetotale so please stay honorably single that dishonorably hooked… I know it is ‘normal’ for some ladies start considering spending the day/season with someone they would not be with normally just because they too wanna prove say they too have a date this period who val’ed them. Trust me darling, it is really not a big deal. I know someone would say that I should shut up cos I am not single and am in no position to talk… HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Trust me dear, even if I were single and 30, I would NEVER reduce my standards ooo… NEVER.
• SEX IS NOT LOVE… I know some single guys tell some single ladies this all famous lie ‘If you love me you will sleep with me’.


For the life of my future dog, please LADIES do not fall for this… If sex was love, all the freakin’ prostitutes would be in love… But hey they are not. I doubt that would make headline news. If any guy tells you that, please do me a favor and SLAP HIM…. Cos in his mind, this is what he is sayin’


And nope condoms are NOT allowed. Like PM says, when a man you are not married to suggests that, he is a CON (419ner) and you are DUMB (dom) should you fall for it… gerrit? CONDUMB… CONDOM…
That’s all I wanna say. I am tired jor. I have preached anough on my blog.. just backdate and read and please DO right ok? Trust me, Val’s day is not such a big deal so don’t do anything you would regret once the frenzy of this period is up… Forget all the hoopla, in no time (read the week after, that’s about 4dys after), the WORLD will be talking about something else… Say J.lo’s joke of a dress to the Grammy’s LOL… Or keshi being made Pope… Trust me, Val’s drama is transient o jare… Very…. Be wise! Be sensitive!! Be prayerful!!!
By the way, please be sure to make the day special (just as other days are I hope) for your significant other. I am not saying break a bank vault. Just do something nice. And please sending DUMB BCs do NOT qualify as nice in my dictionary ok… *bad side eye* Abeg don’t spam me ooo.
So how would I be spending my Valentine? Being that I am in a long distance relationship, I will be alone but definitely not lonely. First of all right after, church tonight, I am off to a friend’s house (I call her baby) to spend the night.

me mimi Abuja-20130202-01102

So on Val’s day, we will baff up and take ourselves out. Kai, I already feel sorry for the guys who will encounter these two lovelies, and want to join us… Big joke!!! Two of us are not available and our boos are both out of town tho baby’s boo may be coming back that day… Either way we will have a great day jare…
You may also have a slice of cake. Still on me… It is VALENTINE… Cheers

(_) Ozienikhaye Pogoson(_)
Happy Valentine’s day darling…
PS; For me, NYSC Camp opens in a bit… holler to all my batch A people who have finally passed out… I am especially happy for Ebi hunnie, who had a real intense time in the village of Imesi in Ekiti state.


Babes didn’t stop whining updating us on BBM… lol… Shout out especially to my UI batch A peeps passing out today… Daddy’s girl, I see you and also my Ambassador Kemi (Baby you know you gonna be a Nigerian Ambassador to somewhere great yeah?) Big congrats to you guys…. Now please shattap and go and find TRUE LOVE… Tz Val’s day afterall… not just you Passing out day…
My own CAMP starts March 5 and I was all ready to find a legit way to get an EXEAT especially after reading my girl Berry’s blog… An aje-butter’s guide to NYSC and other blogs too. Abeg I am NOT cut out for stress at all. But I have been prevailed on and convinced by some to go through with it cos I can… Well, I’ll have the EXEAT handy sha just in case… I can’t come and die. But I am also looking forward to it sha… kinda… sounds like some kinda fun *straight face*

Dang!!! Mrs President just got sick… appendicitis and the Speaker has been sworn in temporarily gosh…. That’s a crazy twist mehn…. #meNOlikey# The Speaker is a bad bad man…

13 Responses

  1. Nicely spelt out,”Sex aint truly Love*,one shouldnt be fooled.The younger ones needs to know this plus i enjoy every bit of your msg published.more grease to your elbow Ngozi.

  2. Nice write up..Babes you don’t need to wait on a guy to take you out on Val’s day. There are lot of activities lined up post val wknd, if you are a 9-5 girl treat and pamper urself good n use this opportunity to indulge and invest in yourself..wink

    1. Lols Ngozi… U have a valid point…
      I’ll also get to lose d few pounds I have been trying to lose in vain since I moved to abuja…
      Let’s see how it goes
      Thanks boo. For dropping by and dropping a line

  3. Yes oooooh! Val’s day is here again and we ladies are going gaga (funny it’s the ladies that are more interested in val’s day than men cos we toooo love gifts) and people are willing to go to any length to ‘feel among’. Please oh, val’s day is just one day in a year. There’s no point in doing something stupid just to be happy like others especially now that couples will be rubbing it in your face…lol. BTW any one that doesn’t know that SEX is not LOVE by now must be a capital…what’s the word again. Nice post, Eziaha. Always on point!

    1. Thank you my Valentine hehehe
      Remember how popular vals day was in school… Pulling, dying, Scattering for each oda and all…
      Looking back now it seems like COMPOUND FOOLISHNESS…
      A special day set aside to show love is a BRILLIANT idea… Trust us to stupify it…
      Btw major shout out to that 20yrd old looking aunt of yours

  4. Hmmm..interesting! Sex is not love! True but the young girls out there need to know this. Thanks darling for d success wish! (Becoming a future ambassador?! Hehehehhe! I say Amen to that!)
    My val will be spent 2mr @ The passing out parade ground. After POP, wld be going to. An orphanage with some friends to show love to the vulnerable and less privileged kids. Nice idea iint? And that’s gonna be an anual thing cos I believe these kids need someone to show them love too with gifts on vals day. After orphanage visit, wld take myself out. I just pray am not gonna be too stressed up 2mr! *sigh*
    Happy val darling! Tu me manque!

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