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Please allow me to suffuse y’all with plenty apologies. I have been up to a whole lot- trying to keep my NYSC blog smokin’, keeping up with CDS activities, fine-tuning my personal project which requires an intense amount of time spent thinking and researching (God your daughter is in your hands ooo), doing my microsoft-mindthe_gap training sessions which are so intense and infinitely exciting, and of course settling into being a teacher and an administrator of secondary school kids… Phew!!! Those kids have energy!!! And also know how to drain energy too loool.

Btw, what are the odds of E’ being posted to a school where Sociology is offered as a senior secondary subject? Like seriously!!! Of course by now you should know that I studied Sociology and I am so crazy about my course. Like I tell anyone who must listen, my course SOCIOLOGY is THE FUTURE.

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The prospects are so GREEN, I feel like screaming. And the truth is that there is a Sociologist in almost everyone of us.

Sociology as a course is being introduced in some secondary schools because quite a number of kids who are towing the ‘social science’ line for Universities abroad have to take Sociology in their IGCSE exams, and also because the western world is recognizing the fact that SOCIOLOGY is indeed the FUTURE. Quite a number of my senior students are taking that subject so E’ to the rescue.


Fantastic stuff…

So now on to my subject matter. I needed that deviation to explain my silence for about a week. This post was to go up on Sunday and this was further confirmed after my Pastor’s message that Sunday. But I hadn’t found the time till right now!!! So here we go…

I have a confession journal. In fact, on A4 sheet, it comes to about 4pages, on font size 14, Times New Roman, and 1.15 spacing. Trust me when I say that IT IS WORK CONFESSING IT DAILY!!! It is my 2013 confession. I make a new one every year to cover all aspects of my life for that year, and I keep updating as the year progresses. This year’s own has been the longest so far. Some days I wake up and I am too tired to open my mouth. Sometimes for a whole week I don’t take my confessions.

*covering my eyes*

But truth is I take my confessions often. My confession contains really Big dreams ooo. Kai!!! If you see it, you sef go fear looool. But not too big for my God of course, so please leave me to my God we know how we run tins.

Something happened to me recently though and that made me do this post. One of the UNBELIEVABLE lines on my confession started happening. In fact I didn’t even know how it happened I just realized that against all odds it just started happening. In fact now that I write I realize it is not just one ooo. Quite a number are happening like ‘feem’.

One bordered on my NYSC year which by the way I have big dreams about. Things just started falling in place. Stuff I touched prospered. I suddenly always found myself in the right place at the right time and most importantly in the company of the right people who are pushing me to greatness.


I mean the incredulity of it still amazes me. Do I have it all? Not yet. But at the rate things are going I am sure my mind will be blown away walahi… Others are a bit personal but at the right time I should share them.

My message today is NOT a long one. But it is a very practical one. Get a note, A jotter whatever. Or open a file on your lappy or iPad and write down, NOT what you already have but what you want to see in the nearest future. Like a prescription, take it at least once a day. If the  list is not shaking you, you never start ooo.

Dream big. Realise that greater is HE that is in YOU than he that is in the world.


You do serve a really big God you know yeah? So please feel free to enlarge your mind and dream big. Do your part by confessing and doing that which you can do. Don’t bother about the HOW. It really is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Yours is to confess. Let angels hear the confession and start running around to make it happen for you. Like I said if it makes sense HOW it will happen to you you have NOT started at all.

Somedays you may be too tired to take the confession, but please take it anyways.


Have it easily accessible. I have mine on my phone at all times, and I am thinking of making an audio version too. So that even when I am not saying, I am hearing, though I must still find time to CONFESS ooo.

Trust me Sugar confession maybe work but CONFESSION WORKS… the more you say it, the moe, and faster, you CREATE IT… Afterall the bible says in Mark 11;23,24 … and YE SHALL HAVE WHATSOEVER YE SAY.


And also in Proverbs 18;20 …a man shall be satisfied from the fruit of his lips.


Please be sure to be confessing, and right too.

I release a speaking and confessing positive grace on ALL my blog readers today.

Stay speakin’ and winnin’




My blog address for my NYSC dedicated blog is now #iSeeGREEN is my personal project and I will share more about it later on that blog. I have done a domain name change. Please share word about it, will ya? And massive thanks to all who have been saying the sweetest things about it, and dropping comments too.

E’ hugs.

My latest story there is on OTTO ORONDAAM, who started the SLUM2SCHOOL initiative during his service year last year and has so far enrolled OVER 300 slum kids in schools.


Fantastic inspiring stuff.

So while people see NYSC year as a waste of time the rest of us are taking advantage of it and impacting lives using the KHAKI ADVANTAGE… You really should read this one and spread word too.

It is the first in the series of my ‘NYSCpiration’… Cool stuff… Here is the link…

NYSC GREENspiration 1… #Slum2School

Cheers to your weekend which starts tomorrow…

My weekend started yesterday… hehehe



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  1. Hmmmmm…hmmmm. I’m still ‘hmmmming’. Biko, borrow me an adjective to use nd describe this post abeg :s I HAD a list towards d end of last year. As in…A LIST!!! And all d angels around went AWOL…nd I sort of dropped. But I’d make another list today with d assurance that even if my angels get freaked out and go AWOL, My God will send them back, ENERGIZED :d I receive The Positive Grace. :*

    1. Like a friend of mine used to say then when we prayed together before exams ‘My angels are on igbo… They are on power horse. They are so high!!! So they must perform’
      So please feel free to activate them with ur words per time.

  2. Blessed post. Wonderful confession and sharing. God is indeed happy for us to confess His Ability to do ALL things. Not just some things o, Eziaha but ALL things. It is faith and hard work keeping faith but as you said, ” Trust me Sugar confession maybe work but CONFESSION WORKS… the more you say it, the more, and faster, you CREATE IT… Afterall the Bible says in Mark 11;23,24 … and YE SHALL HAVE WHATSOEVER YE SAY”.
    My favorite Bible passage when things are tough is Jeremiah 32:17. You know that our God is Sovereign, ALL Powerful, ALL Mighty, ALL Knowing and HE created the heavens and the earth with His outstretched arms and great power, in short, nothing is too difficult for this our Awesome God.
    This 2013, we shall testify oooooo,

    A big E’ hug back at ya dearie. Thanks for sharing/writing a fabulous piece as always.

  3. Darln u r doin a fab job,ur posts inspire me.u r rily making a difference in this generation wif ladies lyk u d devil is in trouble.luvvvv u

  4. Babe idi egwu,Chukwunna gozieghi nyeghi Ihe Nile ichoro n’ proud of u,u inspire me.wif more ladies like u then devil is in trouble…’

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