Away on Vacation, Be Back in Two-weeks.

Hey F.A.B Fam! One of the best decision I made this year was to get onboard Time Genius, an online course by one of my life mentors, Marie Forleo. I thought I was learning to manage time but I really discovered that I was learning to manage my life. One of my biggest take-aways will […]

#LeadershipSeries: On keeping my distraction levels LOW!!!

First, I must apologize for my inconsistency here and especially with the leadership series. 2020 should be better!!! Ok I intend to keep this SHORT because what typically stops me from writing is when I think of all the many things I wanna cram into one blog post (#FirstClassEfikoProbs) No kidding but just below this […]

My Place of QUIET retreat: HIS Dulce Apartments.

Hey Darlings… Happy new month. 2019 is almost ovurrrrrrrrrr can you imagine? Gosh this year has been REAL!!! It has stretcheeeeed my whole life, but with the stretch has come such a strengthening for which I am SUPER THANKFUL!!! Ok so today, what are we about? I have been hearing ‘My place of quiet retreat’ […]

JesusGirls Dubai trip Sept 202!!! Who is coming?

Hey Ladies… So sometime last month, the Lord laid this on my heart to plan this whole Jesus Girls Dubai trip for September 2020 Phew. I am super PUMPED for it, cos we get a WHOLE year to save up and then make it happen NO-PRESSURE!!! I was in Dubai April 2019 with my kids […]

September and how we are legislating it…

Hey people, Phew!!! Been a while I posted here but this September, my A-game will be on fleek. Two posts a week, by His grace lol. Ok so one of the things I am learning in my walk with God is that Jesus really wants to be LORD over everything. Like yes, He is my […]

Meet my journals, all 15+ of them…

Lol, so I did this post on my IG @coachesquad on all my many teas. and I decided this week on the Monday blog to also do a detailed post on all my journals and how I rock them. One time, I went to visit my mentor DDK at home and she said something I […]

Dubai Diaries: Departing DXB and Arriving Nigeria

Ah why has the Day Finale been a long time coming? Oh well, I am going to start by blaming Nigeria lol. I wrote all the previous posts in Dubai and in the middle of the night. Since I got back, light which used to be predictable has been so erratic and daytime is not […]

Dubai Diaries Day 7: My LAST full day in Dubai

Today is Day 7 and I am EMOTIONAL as this is my last full day in Dubai. Infact by the time you read this, I would be back home in Nigeria. Just knowing I had come to the end of this trip made me so emotional, especially as my darling country is, well… no words. […]


Hey guys, Oh gosh with how amazing my Day 5 was, I truly thought nothing could beat it, but I thought wrong. Day 6 was a whole ‘nother level of fun for me especially. Ok so the plan for the day was Dubai Parks and Resorts (DPR) which has like 5 theme parks and 1 […]

Dubai Diaries Day 5: The spectacular Gold and Spice souk!!!

Ok, so after that low-light Day 4, Day 5 was my absolute compensation!!!! Gosh Day 5 was EPIC haha. It was the one day I set apart for myself and not any kids attraction. So where did I go?  Downtown Dubai!!!! To the Deira, where we have the Gold souk and the Spice souk. Both […]