Today is Day 7 and I am EMOTIONAL as this is my last full day in Dubai. Infact by the time you read this, I would be back home in Nigeria. Just knowing I had come to the end of this trip made me so emotional, especially as my darling country is, well… no words.

I truly doff my heart for those who live in Nigeria AND then in some other developed country. I wonder how you cope.

Anyways, I woke up EXHAUSTED and decided that instead of Jumeirah beach which we had planned, we would stay in and rest well, then go out later, explore the neighborhood and especially the local food vendors a bit, then hit Dubai mall to explore it further.

Particularly wanted to see the Dancing fountain display again and then the Dubai Dino which we didn’t get to see before. Also wanted to enter a few stores and see what they cost for real. Dubai mall is full of designer shops, almost every big designer has a shop or 10 there so it is no average place to shop if you don’t have plenty of cash.

Thankfully, sight seeing is just as awesome. Lol. You can’t even be bored there; you can only be tired. Infact EXHAUSTED. Shout out to KingDaveed for walking all the way with me. Had to carry ElJohn most times sef. DM is exhausting but we were happy to give it one last look and walk over.

Side note on Jumeirah beach: Mondays and I think Wednesdays are for women and kids only so I was happy to schedule it for Monday. It is also a free beach and overlooks the Jumeirah hotel which is quite a sight. No regrets about not going though as really, we had explored Dubai good and well in 6 days, but I will be there when I am back to Dubai.

I woke at about 7am, and for the first time or so didn’t wake at night to do a few things. The water wore me out. Now I am MORE THAN convinced and ready to take on my swimming lessons. Anyways, I woke and got to packing, after I threw the last set of dirty cloths into the washing machine. Before the kids were up, I had cleared out the wardrobes and packed up like 75percent.

We did breakfast and just generally lazed around. Wanted to catch a quick nap again that afternoon so I did, with ElJohn but had to cut it short as I had deadlines and commitments to meet. That took me like 3 to 4 hours while the kids slept.

When they woke, we did lunch and set out for Dubai mall at 6pm. Yes, it was a late and lazy day. Had been 6days of non-stop full day activities and I wanted to rest a bit before leaving. Anyways, I packed a bag and we got down, only for the Holy spirit to tell me to explore the neighborhood as opposed to go to DM so we did.

Found so many exciting places around and so much to sightsee.

Also saw even cheaper food vendors with food from around the world. Tried this stuff from some country I don’t recall now, but definitely an Arabian one. It was 13AED yay!!! Like food was so cheap there.

Wish I found it earlier but no regrets.

Also hit BK for some of our famous traditional ice cream lol

then hung out at the mini-park where I ate and the kids playeeeeeed.

There were a few parents there too so we just gisted a bit. Everyone is so nice here, and I have a whole story to tell on that.

We also hit the Metro for the last time even though we were not going anywhere sha but we had fun going up and down using the elevators and those stairs that are like lifts too lol.

We took a few neighborhood pictures and finally went upstairs to eat, bath and sleep.

Like I said earlier, today was very emotional for me, Infact somewhere, I had this guy who I thought had his eyes on us. In my mind, I was like I hope he is one Dubai tourism some thing something who needs a few tourists, especially from Africa, to shoot some kind of tourist documentary for this their Dubai Expo 2020 and so they wanted my kids and I to stay for an extra 7days and they would lodge us in a hotel and pay us too.

Bam!!! I would have grabbed it with BOTH HANDS lol. Hubby laughed so hard when I told him and said Shebi it was me that was voting for APC in the election before the last. Lol. I would do a post on what Dubai has opened my eyes to later on. We are really suffering in Nigeria and it is more mental than physical.

I actually had tears as we went back upstairs for what would be my last night in Dubai but I was incredibly thankful to God for this opportunity. This trip was EVERYTHING and more just because He provided and made a way!!!

I will share all about my Day 8 within 24hours after I am home, if possible. I intend to SLEEP for at least 18hours when I get home lol. Praying for a smoother flight experience too and will gist you guys all about it.
Lots of Love

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  1. Thanks for taking us on this journey with you Capt E’💖. Me sef I have tears in my eyes reading this lol😘

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