Ah why has the Day Finale been a long time coming?

DXB Airport

Oh well, I am going to start by blaming Nigeria lol.

I wrote all the previous posts in Dubai and in the middle of the night. Since I got back, light which used to be predictable has been so erratic and daytime is not my finest writing moment.

Frankly, Nigeria needs to WORK!!! Imagine just how much more efficient we would all be if we had steady supply of power, and then how much safer we would be if we had well lit roads and CCTV cameras everywhere. These little things make the BIGGEST difference but no…

It is well sha
Ok so besides chronicling my final day, I would also like to do two more on.

  1. Dubai on a REALLY TIGHT budget

2. Travelling alone with kids

So, look out for those ones in that order but certainly do not hold your breath.

Ok so let us talk about my final day… DXB departure and MMIA arrival. I woke up that morning and I was sad that I had to leave. And I am not even that emotional but I felt really sad.

Well, per usual, I woke early, completed our packing while kids still slept, wrote a bit, then woke kids up and prepped them, plus breakfast of oats. I had only banana left so I packed it for airport snack. Flight was 10.20 and boarding opened at 7.15am.

Planned to be there latest 8.45am. I sort of felt DXB would be easier to navigate so no need to be there so early as opposed to Nigeria where I was there on time.

I also planned to buy a 9aed burger I had seen in a neighbourhood Egyptian place and I was a bit concerned per such cheap burger so my curiosity made me try it.

Final Waka

The burger I had at Burger King which was 23aed was not even nice so I wondered what a 9aed would taste like. Got there and they said it would take 20mins so I paid and went back upstairs to pack our load, and exit the flat.

I almost cried having to leave. I made sure I didn’t forget anything so I checked and checked and checked and checked. Thankfully the room was not so busy so not a chance. I had however brought out my token to make a payment and my phone screen started acting up so I dropped it the night before. This morning, I no see the token. I wasn’t sure I had packed it so I looked and looked.

Thankfully the Holy spirit told me to check the dustbin and I checked only to see it there. Wow. Was so thankful cos I would have missed it, thanks to ElJohn lol.


Final look through the flat especially the view from my 17th floor, took pictures and left.

Saying Goodbye

My host works at night so she wasn’t back, I really missed taking a picture with her. I dropped her a note apologising for all the noise my kids made and also for the beddings which they had also written on. Thankfully no wall writing as her apartment is all white. Phew!!! Then thanked her for her grace and hospitality and promised to be back, this time without kids. Lol
Then I let myself out, with a not dry eye.

My kids though, they were pumped cos it was another day out. Boxes down, I went back for my burger and flagged down a taxi

Now, little gist: I had made sure the money I had budgeted would last me till the very end. No need for extra withdrawals so I kept things tidy financially. By the last day, I budgeted 60AED for the airport taxi. It cost me 55aed to come anyways so I figured, this would work. Also had a few coins left, so it meant I was leaving Dubai cashless haha.

Dug into my burger (apparently standard practice is burger comes with fries everywhere) in the taxi while the kids had the fries.

Burger and chips

The burger was WAYYYYY better than the one I bought at BK sha kai. I cannot wait to share about budgeting on your Dubai trip. Anyways, I kept looking at the metre for the airport trip hoping it would not rise to above 60 lol. Thankfully, it stopped at 35aed!!!


Ok so apparently, I think airport taxis start at 25aed so your journey from the airport is more expensive cos of that. Regular taxis start at 5aed hence the major difference. Yay, so I had a few extra bucks. At Terminal 3 which is where Emirates departs to Nigeria from, I saw a few trolleys and service men so I asked if it was free.

Our free trolley into the Airport

They said it cost 30aed (always ask) and then pointed me to where I would get the free ones. Apparently, I was paying for their help not the trolley itself. I quickly flew to the free place lol, grabbed one and loaded it up with my boxes and ElJohn while KingDaveed and I pushed. DXB airport is like heaven on earth. I really don’t know what else to say about it.

Boarding Gate

Everything works and works perfectly. It is like somebody will die if something doesn’t work. Plus, there are signs that show you where you are and where you wanna go so you really can’t get missing despite its size and activity. Luckily, women with kids had their own area to get boarding passes and you also get FREE strollers which is heaven sent.

Free Stroller

Getting our passes were SUPER EASY, then you walk to immigration, then to the train that takes you to your Gate which is very clear on your boarding pass, then walk to the gate of your own departure. Everything was so breezy so by the time I reached my gate, we had say 10minutes to spare and I had another 25aed or so, which I used to purchase the most ridiculously expensive fries for about 25. It was so small it was ridiculous but I didn’t mind.

When boarding started, I didn’t join the queue, I frankly never rush to board. Was among the VERY LAST to enter the plane as I even had to use the toilet just before I entered the jet bridge. Took a few pictures at the aircraft entrance and waved goodbye to Dubai with a thanksgiving to God in my heart.



If you read my arrival here. you would have known that Emirates gave me perfect seats and this was also the case on leaving.

The first seat so extra leg room. This time though, I had a woman with a baby as a neighbour. Lol. Infact it was a grandma and when we got talking, she said she had been in Dubai for 3weeks with two of her grandkids and a nanny without the mom.

That kid was under 1 imagine. In my head, I high fived the mom haha. WOW!!!! Thankfully the baby was calm through the flight so it was only my kids that brought the fire, which even she was hailing me for handling them alone in Dubai.

Ok so Emirates gives your lap child (in my case, ElJohn) special baby blankets which I left behind on my initial flight thinking I had to like we did the adult blankets, but I sensed I didn’t have to so I asked and they said no it was for keeps. Yay!!! Lol.

Flight this time was delayed for 20 whole minutes ah, then finally we took off. Was so thankful for the extra seat we had again yay, as it wasn’t a full flight. The truth is Emirates deliberately ensures that if there are a few empty seats, it has to be for the mom with kids which is so thoughtful. I want to fly Emirates to even Ibadan if possible. Planning a trip to SA and I am so bummed Emirates doesn’t go there cos of course, you can’t connect SA from Dubai.

Flight was MORE INTENSE than going cos this time, it was a day flight and my kids didn’t sleep. Well ElJohn slept a bit but KingDaveed didn’t even blink, but your girl was ready!!! I had a Nigerian grand ma neighbour too to the other side and at some point, she pulled me close and I thought she wanted to advise me about my kids running around lol, but instead she said she wanted to tell me what to do about my son’s bow-legs.

Peek thru Igbobi grandma

You see, ElJohn’s legs are slightly bow, and they were even worse before. I knew it would straighten but I also optimised his diet in Vit D and Calcium and it is getting better but not yet straight, Truth is I LOVE IT so when she said it, I received it calmly. She made me promise I would do what she said which involved Igbobi lol and I did (lie though and I wish I didn’t just cos I didn’t wanna seem rude), but no way I am taking my baby to Igbobi for leg that is just beautiful and may still straighten. Lol. But she was so sweet to the kids and kept giving them chocolates and stuff lol. Igbobi ko, Yaba left ni. Haha

Speaking of chocolates, ignorance is not good ooo kai. I didn’t know that there was this mini kitchenette place just beside the toilet where you could go pick chocolates and drinks as you like, so far it is available.

It was on one of my MANY trips to the toilet that I saw one man carry some and I am like huh…

Part of the snacks on board, loved it

Ah, let us just say I had enough for 4 return trips to Dubai haha. No, my kids and I had LOTS of chocolate. I even brought back enough for my neighbours hahahahahahaha.

Some of my Emirates stash

You know I was also on the first seat so the closeness to the place helped. I also kept the plates and cups used to serve as I really loved them.

The Emirate Plates

Even some disposable plates from Dubai came home with me as I LOVED them.

Take away plates from Dubai

Yes, I paid for them and nothing wrong with keeping them lol. Even the disposable cups from Emirates as they were stronger and just cute. See me using mine for my meals

Using them

and my kids using the cups for milk sef.

Abeg feel free to judge me. I even regret not taking from our flight to Dubai. Lol

Using the plates

I also was down to just 2 diapers when I was leaving Dubai so I banked on Emirates as I had heard in addition to the kids colouring packs and blankets, they also gave diapers so I asked at different times and got a total of 5 haha.

Diapers, I finally got a total of 5

Let me tell yawl, I milked my return leg for all the cash I paid!!!

Using my take away plates

Also, the in-flight food was nice too but for some reason, I thought lap kids didn’t get their own meal packs, not knowing it was an oversight, this time, I made sure to ask for ElJohn’s own too biko.

Kid’s food

It was me that mostly ate the main meals though as my kids were not ready for it. They just did drinks and chocolates and then the extra senrenre lol. I really love Emirates in-flight course.

My food

A lot to choose from so you must sha like something. I also knew my kids were going to not taste chocolates for another 50years when we were back home lol. I just let down my guards on this trip.

Flight was smooth thank God and we had some quiet moments when ElJohn slept and KingDaveed watched cartoon but for the most times, they were high and going up and down, making noise, jumping and asking a billion questions.

Kids on a high in flight

Me I didn’t even bother biko. I let them be, except when the seat belt signs came on and they had to be strapped in. thankfully I had gracious neighbours and the flight attendants were sweet.

Once again, the in-flight Wi-Fi didn’t work so I couldn’t keep in touch with hubby per our timings especially since there was a delay.

Touchdown Nigeria at about 3.30 and my heart was sinking as the plane was descending lol. Was also among the last to exit and then after the jet bridge, we encountered one rickety and noisy stair-elevator or whatever it is called. Made me laugh at how smoothly and noiselessly the ones in Dubai went. Then I went to the toilet and I was just sad lol.

After Landing

What now did me my main welcome to Nigeria was when someone snapped at ElJohn cos he banged a door shut. Same thing he would do in Dubai and people will pat his head, say he is so cute, ask how old he is and so on. Nigeria has made us all hostile but I am committed to remaining HUMAN!!!

I was also put on first class track with immigration and all so I didn’t have to join the queue which was really commendable, then someone paid for my trolley as it is not free in Naija and I didn’t have 150 change to pay.

Grabbed my luggage and was off to meet hubby. Again, people HARSHLY told me to be careful so ElJohn doesn’t fall off the trolley lol. Nigeria sha. Sadly, my phone stopped working when I entered Naija (it had been acting up in Dubai but hey I managed it but it gave up in Naija) so I couldn’t call hubby or chat with him and my second phone had no credit.

Thankfully I finally found him past all the touts and taxis and we were off home.
To be honest, I was very happy to be home in my house and with my family, this trip was a major miracle for my family so it made me burst with gratitude even though the heat was epic even beyond the AC. Forget ooo, you should not judge those IJGB for carrying water everywhere and saying they are hot, I spent only 8 days and I was about to melt when I got back. Even though Dubai is hot, EVERYWHERE you enter is chilling with AC. I mean EVERYWHERE and that buffers for the heat. I am sure if they could cool outdoors, they will.

I unpacked that same hour I came in as I didn’t want it to delay, then I dropped off to sleep. I didn’t even eat. I recall hubby asking me what I would eat but I can’t recall answering. My help who had been with my mom also came back that day so she was even super happy to handle the kids as she kept saying how she missed them lol.

But hey, I had a phone that was non-responsive to touch almost everywhere so it sort of bothered me as I KNOW the screen no be play. My kids had fallen it down so much and it had cracks all over and now had packed up. I decided I would go fix it the next day.

Sha, I slept and recalled that I hadn’t seen my camera since I got back. The last place I used it was at DXB so I was like did I forget my NIKON at the airport biko nu. I had NIGHTMARES ooooooooo please cos first there was phone, then camera. Thankfully, I had MECHANICALLY kept it in a safe place which is why my help didn’t see it as we were unpacking. I didn’t even pass it through her, so I was really joyful when the exact place the HS highlighted in my dream was where I kept it. Sha, next day I was off to Ikeja Samsung office.

My phone really wanted to stay in Dubai and I don’t blame it. Samsung hit me with a bill that was 5k less than SLOT and this with a warranty promo yet it would take 10 to 14 working days, Bill almost hit 100k kai. Big phone, big wahala. After wakaing to 3 different slots in Ikeja, I settled for SLOT inside Computer village and with my phone done, I felt like I could then say WELCOME TO NIGERIA as I could then make calls and see all my many pictures and more.

Hey, with that, we wrap up my DXB diaries but not the lessons learned. More to come
Thanks for rocking this with me…

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  1. Hi Eziaha, i love youuuuuuuuuuu! You are sooooooo real. Always looking forward to reading your blog whenever i have the time. Also, you are an amazing mum. May God reward all your effort in keeping your home. Looking forward to seeing you oneday.

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