Hey people,

Phew!!! Been a while I posted here but this September, my A-game will be on fleek. Two posts a week, by His grace lol.

Ok so one of the things I am learning in my walk with God is that Jesus really wants to be LORD over everything.

Like yes, He is my lover and best friend and father and all, but mehn, that big dude up there also wants to be LORD!!!

As in the one who has the first, final and everything in between say in our lives.

So these days, I tell Him how much I love Him yes, but also how much He is s bully. He really is. My bestie still argues with me on the bully thing but what does she know lol…

What does this all mean?
It means that you hold on to your plans VERY loosely.

Very and loosely both operative words
Anyways, I got to the end of August, which by the way was like 250 months in one, and instantly, I felt a shrinking.

I felt like my world was going to go through a shrinking… Not the kind that hurts, like ah, God is taking away all my friends and beloved activities, but one that would be as exciting as it would uncomfortable. Almost like an adventure of sorts BUT yet with a shaking.

So I sha kinda adjusted and prepared for it.

Then September rolled around and I sent a message on the first to a couple of my friends that I would be unavailable at least this week.

I felt like I needed to give time to other areas the Lord had highlighted. In fact, with how God had legislated my whole life, I knew that after September, whatever stood would really be unshakeable.

At this point, I call a friend who always has experiences way before me for some wisdom and perspective.

She picks. I explain. She asks if I need her to speak into it or I was just telling her for telling sake.
I am like girl, you better speak lol

And she tells me she is going through the EXACT same thing.

A separation, to press deeper into God. Mine was however to press more into levels of work I had yet to reach.

She texted a couple of her friends like I did and said to give her some time.

She also told herself what remains after this shaking is the real deal.

Phew. If either of us needed confirmation, there we had it (but we didn’t).

So similar it was creepy. So we prayed over each other and released ourselves to our individual WILD adventures.

God is WILD sha.
So September really into December would be me pouring crazy into work.

Speaking of work, I let go of my staff so I am rolling solo until I hire UP.

In fact, the UP is the operative word here. I will do a whole blog on this on a leadership series I am starting here called #LeadWithE where I would be sharing leadership lessons from my life.

Also, again just as I fully entered September, I got the confirmation finally that CoachE’s tagline which is Jesus&Fitness is now Jesus Girls Fitness.

Had been brooding over it for about a month and just this September, the Lord gives me that line.

Excited to kick off our very first SOLUTION called Lose to Gain and yes, it is for JESUS GIRLS.

Gosh, I never saw this coming. You don’t think this stuff up.

On a books level, I had all these books I planned to read and the Lord just shut them all down and demands that I RE-READ all three Cal Newport’s books that I already read in the last two months and as I read them, He would download heavy strategies and blueprint for my life through them.

On a study level, as in spiritual, really it has been on a high and we keep turning on the heat this September.

I really have been praying with this prophetic word over my life from my 33rd birthday from a WILD sister Fola.

Gosh maybe I would have lost my mind if God didn’t graciously send me that word. It has really been an anchor through the crazy ride my life since I turned 33.

The another WILD sister sent me this prophetic message from Elijah list a couple weeks back and I have consistently been using it to pray since then. It is SO ACCURATE for me.

Oh and yes this month, I will launch this one year project where a couple of Jesus Girls (again haha) and I go on this WHOLE September 2020 Girls trip to Dubai!!!

I will share this on my blog and so if you are interested, we start planning already. I mean, if you start paying small small, in a year, we would make this happen. It is going to be EPIC!!!!
Please look out for the post ladies…
I feel like I am missing out something

Anyways, since I can’t remember, let me end by begging you to chase Jesus.

Like just CHASE after Him with everything. He is so good and the ride, even though with its highs and lows, is always worth it.

Oh I recall the last thing I wanted to share; I finally kick off the project to build a brand new reader App, this time for iOS and Android. Gosh, even the amount I am pumping into it is scary but it is a God assignment and my best friend and covenant sister reminds me that God will do it.

The App will even have audio books and the name is
Which means LIGHT in Hebrew
Phew. I am stinking excited about it. Please keep me in your prayers as I keep my blog readers in prayers too.

Oh and I always have this standard response to any speaking engagement.

Lol. I just feel like I would rather write than speak. My writing gift is so powerful let me leave speaking for those called. However, I got this invite that did me in.

Funny God had told me about it late last year and even though I wrote it in my journal, I had zero idea it would happen any time soon or even at all. So when I got called, I just about passed out. God has a sense of humor. I also LOVE the topic and I am excited about it.

In fact now that it is drawing close, I think I am now scared lol.
Pray for me yawl…
Oh and this September, I also intend to sleep more. Now this should make a good number of my friends happy.

Oya let me run. My next post this week would be on Leadership.
Love and Prayers
Zivah and Chazaq


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