Lol, so I did this post on my IG @coachesquad on all my many teas.

and I decided this week on the Monday blog to also do a detailed post on all my journals and how I rock them. One time, I went to visit my mentor DDK at home and she said something I never forgot.

There are 3 things any person serious about life MUST be doing …


Who knows if I would share posts on the other 2 later, but for today, let’s talk about HOW I JOURNAL with the hopes that you can learn and apply a thing or two

If I have ever closely mentored or walked you through a challenge, I encourage you to journal cos journaling is my life!!! I LOVE TO JOURNAL and so I have like 72.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet My Journals…

  1. The WAR Journal…

This is undoubtedly my fave, because of what memories it holds for me. Got this from hubby who got it from work and I colonized it. I started using it in August 2015 and I called it my WAR JOURNAL. It was a time in my life where I hated this stay at home mommy life especially when I was in Bonny island.

My life felt stuck and my marriage was suffering and at the time, WAR ROOM had launched and I was really diving in and learning from all the reviews (wasn’t out in Nigeria cinemas yet) and I decided to also FIGHT for myself and my marriage. This journal was my therapy. I found a strategy to war in prayers and the word and it REALLY helped me. A LOT.

God also spoke A TON to me and I would write it all down. The journal is full now but I never put it away. Too many things He said then I am seeing come to pass now. Most of the books and devotionals I have written have their foundation here. I LOVE this journal and it is going NOWHERE

2. My Shocking Pink journal
Safe to say that the brown journal had to be replaced and so there have been many replacements and as they get full, I put them away into my book shelf in my room.

Cupboard (sorry scattered. Blame my husband. Lol.)

The book shelf in my home office is the one that holds all the current journals.

Scattered cos of this post. Usually arranged

So, this Pink baby is my current one.

Again, it is THERAPY. Everything that hurts, teaches, breaks, delights or XX me, I write it here. It holds my deepest heart cry cos I am writing to God. If you have ever upset me, your name is here lol. When God speaks to me, I write it here. I go EVERYWHERE with it if I am sleeping over that is, and mostly write in it daily.

Also, when I study the Bible and something jumps at me, I write it here too. When I am preparing a strategy for say my prayer, or life or study, I use this as my rough draft first before I type cos I don’t like loose sheets when something is precious.

Like this morning, I had to do some structure to my Prayers and Daily Musts and this was what I used to draft. I also MOSTLY write prophetic words spoken over me here. This is my MAIN journal, I think. I got it from Laterna books and I get all my journals from there, except when gifted or stolen from hubs lol. Also, I am doing the Bible in 365 days challenges and any lesson that drops at me in my reading, I write it down in this journal.

3. My ‘the Book of XX’ journal

Now this one is SO SPECIAL. Yawl KNOW I love me my mentors and I lean in and stay in their slip streams for my distant mentors and harass the ones I have access to (hey mama, Rev and DDK), so as I lean in, my eyes are open to lessons in their life that get my life all the way together, giving me hope that THIS, this life of discipline, obedience, sacrifice and all, will be worth it.

I write lessons from their behind the scenes of their lives especially at the start of their ministry. I love that the Americans are VERY OPEN and share so when I listen to Chris and she tells me how she and Nick began, and how she served like crazy in the back of nowhere, and how her Pastors told her she could go her way and ‘do her own thing’ and she was like NO WAY, No matter how big the world sees me, I am stuck to you (that’s the Houston’s of Hillsong) and how she honors her mama Joyce, and how no matter how Joyce calls her friend she calls her Mama Joyce, and when

Joyce tells me how sticking hard it was for her in the first years of ministry, and how she lost all her friends, and how she was broke and so on, Eziaha writes it down. I think this is my MINISTRY journal and I sectioned it in various parts.

Book of Joyce

I have the Book of Joyce, Chris, Priscilla, Heather, Steven furtick, Lisa Bevere, etx.

Book of Chris

Oh, when Heather tells you how they publicized like crazy their first church service even on radio and had rented out a big hall only for NOBODY to show up, I write it down. When Lisa Bevere tells me how crazy her marriage was and all the horror stories, she shares lol,

Lisa & John Bevere

Eziaha writes it down ooo. I love their now, but I go baccccccccccck to then, cos what they did then is responsible for the now we all love.

So, no kidding, I scrolled to the very beginning of Joyce and Chris pages on IG and studied them. I googled their names and searched in-depth for what people who have had the privilege of hanging out with any of them are saying and I write. I still recall seeing this amazing all-day meeting Joyce and Chris held for women in ministry.

It was a very closed meeting for about 20 women they just chose random. Ah, no I stalked that meeting review online from those who attended. That is where this picture above came from.

Ah no I dug deep. And I almost cried from a longing to be in a meeting like that. No cameras or crowd, just my 2 heroes teaching from their hearts over food. I actually have tears in my eyes even writing this. I got all the lessons Joyce shared and write it down in the book of Joyce.

That meeting was LIVE, it set a lot of things straight for me. Same way I stalk the rest of my teachers and write it all down. Infact if Joyce talks about Steven Furtick, I write it down lol. I have to be connecting all these things ooo.

The reason I LOVE SF so much is the stuff I have heard JM, CC, the Houston’s of Hillsong, C. Groeschel and TD Jakes say about him. Again, all are in my Book.

The secret of great men are in their stories so I go great lengths to find those stories and I write. Let me stop here cos I can write an episode on this book. If you ever get a chance to hang with me, ask me to share a few things from this book. I don’t take it out of my home though.

4. Powwow Journal.

Ok here, I write out all the plans and ideas for powwow, a meeting I organize 3 to 4 times a year for stay at home moms. Planning major events is NO JOKE so I have to track the process.

It also helps me see how God walked with us… how He scattered XYZ plan and at the time, we were confused, but I later saw what He was doing.

Also, as He gives me a prophetic word about Powwow, I write it there. Everything powwow is written there. I love it cos it just holds miracles!!! Have a meeting coming up in June and also a book launch and that is where I am writing it all again.

5. My DDK journal
Ok so DDK was not really in my life when I started keeping that Ministry journal so no space for her. However, since God graciously has provided a way for me to be mentored by her, I don’t play ooo.

I have had plenty meetings with DDK, both private and in conferences and I write everything in this journal. This journal is FIRE!!! If I speak to you from it, I would most likely have choking moments.

It is SOLID and DDK always really speaks to my NOW and it is almost creepy. Like God always explains my season to me through her so it is a VERY special journal. If you see me at any DDK meeting, this is the one I go with.

6. The EZIAHA journal lol

I love this one because it has various colors and reminds me of my many streams of fruitfulness. So, the various colors rep various aspects of my life.

One for CoachE’, then my mentoring, then the WILD WOMEN and stuff God tells me, stuff about the App and my books, my personal 2019 goals, etx. It is like my foundation, then I build from stuff here.

It was gifted me by a customer in the market who I got my Super blender from (the kind that blends beans and tiger nuts haha). I love it. I especially used it to plan my 2019 and will keep using it yearly. I don’t see it getting full any time soon cos like I said, it is foundation journal. I write the big goals there then build from it to my other journals.


This baby holds the scriptures I am currently warring with in long hand.

I don’t just write the scripture; I write the complete text in various versions. I juxtapose various versions and then personalize it to my name.

I take ownership of the scriptures so they move from logos to rhema. Behind it I have a short confession I got from reading one of Pastor Sam’s book, IDEAS RULE THE WORLD.

I created a confession from that book cos I am a creative and constantly provide content on various platforms so ideas and creative juices must be flowing so as I read that book, I created a confession from it.

I love it and it also goes everywhere with me, that’s why it is small. I also update the scriptures from time to time, like for Q2 I had to review it completely. I love it. I call it my SWORD

This is my daily planner and I ridiculously LOVE it. Basically, helps me plan out my day and week and month in advance. I don’t need to say much about it. I am a planner and scheduler so I NEED this.

The POWER PLANNER is not your conventional planner and I love the many fun pages in it and I use it very colorfully too.

9. TRAVEL journal
Another testimony. Every time I plan a trip, I use this one.

That American trip that my visa was denied post here; I had all the plans there. My Dubai trip had all the planning done here. Was also to do London this May but I started late so didn’t get a favourable appointment date for my Visa.

Planning another trip for later this year and all the planning is here. My Dubai trip worked out to the letter as detailed in this journal.

I also love how professional it looks. It was a souvenir to hubby from Allan Gray, an international investment company

10. My sermon Journal 1 and 2

My Small Sermon Journal

This one is the one I take to church daily as I prefer to hand write my sermon notes as opposed to the Note App on my phone. I don’t want to be distracted by my phone in church.

I also have another sermon journal and this one is bigger.

My Big Sermon Journal

I use it when I need to REALLY dig into studying a message that I feel like the Lord has highlighted for my season. I do like a real in-depth study and write in personal terms what that sermon is speaking to me about. Not too many sermons make this cut haha.

So far, I have one from Joyce, Priscilla, Mike Todd and well Chris should be here but she is in my main journal. The second was from LATERNA and the first came as a gift from one of my mentees

11. My Professional Leadership Journal

Here, I journal stuff I learn from Daystar/Pastor Sam and Craig Groeschel’s leadership podcast on leadership and then professional stuff I am also kinda working major on. So, if I wanted to talk to you about Leadership, that is the book I would bring out.

I also have weekly meetings with a friend who is also navigating leadership and we discus stuff from the podcast. That journal makes me look feel serious lol

12. CoachE’Squad journals

Ok, so these ones are for work: One is task related (the black) and the other is money related (the flowery).

So, if you wanted to know how much we made last year or have made this year, and how I manage my money, this is the journal to steal lol

13. The 5-year journal

Ok this is one of my favorite journals cos it lets you record stuff in it daily for 5 years. See a sneak peek in below. what it means is that May 19 2020 and 3 years after that, I have a 5-year view of what God has done and can see major anniversaries of major events and testimonies and stuff.

I literally cannot wait and I fill in this daily.

I am excited cos like I told the babe who gifted me, this is just me recording His faithfulness and believing that I will see His hand as the years go by. It is EXCITING and I have no intention to stop or ever lose it, so help me God.

It is authored by my friend and fellow fitness entrepreneur, CoachB and I think it sells for N5000 but she gifted me.

COach B and I

I love it to LIFE and EVERYONE should have it. I literally start my day daily with it and I am very faithful with it. I mean if God gave me a Word on May 3, I can see exactly how that Word is faring this time next year and every year until 5 years. Ahh so exciting. CoachB is my best friend for this one.

14. My BOUQUET journal

Ok so, I don’t wanna give too much away as this is somewhat personal but this is the journal that helps me return the glory to God. I get a TOSH LOAD of compliments, 100% of them VERY DISCOMFITING so I ignore them mostly. Very rude I know, but I just don’t wanna mess with pride please.

Recently, the Lord started to show me what to do with compliments in a way that I suddenly don’t become proud so this journal is the expression of what God told me. I love it cos it was a gift from my accountability partner Aijay and incidentally, was the one who navigated this whole situation with me until I came to this idea. I love it.

15. My ARROWS journal

Ok so since my mama started this 30day prayer for kids, I started journaling too the prayer points, confessions and anything else the Lord shows me.

My kids are arrows in God’s hand so I journal what He tells me about them and what I currently am praying for them about.

This journal was once used to document our social media posts at CSL but I switched up to this and now we use something else for social media.

16. My PRAYER journal
Ok I don’t use this often, but times when I have something major, I need to keep myself accountable on per daily praying and all, I bring this out.

So daily I write what I prayed about plus scriptures on that matter and then I kinda feel like I am not joking on the matter. So, if for instance sales dip at CSL, ah, I can call a 7day prayer and fasting and then I use the journal to document what it is I cover in prayers daily.

This journal is an Exxon Mobil one which is where hubby works so yup, I again bullied him for it. I even write the songs I worshipped with that day. I just love being intentional about my prayers, so this helps.

Ok so I realize that I have a few more that are inside which I whip out as need be but I am tired lol, and you guys are probably tired of me and my EXTRA life. Hahaha sorry, not sorry. I am VERY INTENTIONAL about life and I embrace my EXTRAness cos God uses me and it to inspire many people out of lazy, lackadaisical, blasé lives.

You are welcome haha
Ok and a bonus.
17. My CHRONICLES journal

Ok so Theodora and Aijay who are like my closest friends in this season bullied me at different times to keep a journal documenting the things I am sharing with the ladies in my discipleship program especially and then any other mentoring group I run. They, individually ooo, said what I am doing is a big deal and I want to keep accurate records for the sake of replicating and forming solid structuring around it especially as the years go by. Who knows what God may want to do with it? Just as I was still stalling and saying how I don’t need to jare, I see a scripture that made me start to do this
Numbers 33 v 2

At the Lord’s direction, Moses kept a written record of their progress. These are the stages of their march, identified by the different places where they stopped along the way.”
‭‭Numbers‬ ‭33:2‬ ‭NLT‬‬

I was so mad the day I saw it cos I could ignore my friends but I couldn’t disobey what was now a God-order. Yikes!!!

I even wrote down their names in the journal as the reason why I am starting this. I haven’t done this accurately as I started almost 2 months into discipleship but I have done it well enough. I will do better sha.

I love it sha and I got the journal again from Bolaji. Safe to say he brings me journals haha. He thinks he is bringing it home for himself then I corner it bam!!!!

Ok that is about all I wanna share. These are my MAJOR journals and like you probably now understand, journaling is LIFE for me, I like to be intentional about everything and journaling helps me achieve that, and also peaks my productivity and outputs in life.

If you wonder how I cope keeping the journals private, I really don’t. My husband minds his business and my home is really not that busy. If, however someone came in and stole one to read, I really would not die. I would instead feel sorry for them. I think I had a guest who did that but I didn’t have time to process it plus I could not say FOR SURE since I didn’t see her, but I don’t hide the journals under the bed cos I am scared. Nope, I’m good haha

Ok gotta go. Monday looking like I need to go and take a nap again before I face it lol


I am coming oooo, with my Dubai series that are pending especially the DUBAI ON A BUDGET post. Should do it this week.

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  1. CoachE, thanks a bunch for this. I’d definitely invest more in Journaling. Thanks to Toyosi strong Mama that kept emphasising on Journaling and told me to be religious, cause I was overwhelmed with stuff and somehow, I procrastinated until recently. Journaling is something I’ve always loved but i never realized I could partition according to different aspects of my life. I’ll start that now.

    Thanks again Mama

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