Meet my journals, all 15+ of them…

Lol, so I did this post on my IG @coachesquad on all my many teas. and I decided this week on the Monday blog to also do a detailed post on all my journals and how I rock them. One time, I went to visit my mentor DDK at home and she said something I […]

How we (Heather Lindsey & I) spend our QUIET TIME…

Guys, I am just in love with God. I mean, I am just plain obsessed with God!!! Groupie. Freak. Stalker. Lover. Everything!!!   The NUMBER one resolution I have this new year is to spend more QUALITY time with God!!! I seriously shortchange myself EVERY SINGLE DAY I don’t spend quality time with Him. When I just […]


One of the things I LOVE this most about being a bonafide DCC member and a true CORRECT daughter of PK (lagos) and Pastor B(Abuja) has to be the way my mind has been spiritually brainwashed with the water of the Word. See my Pastors ehn, they don’t know how to ‘sugar coat’ the Word. […]

LIVE AMAZED!!! The finale

Aha!!! Tz my mama’s birthday today. Her 71st!!! My life’s biggest international influence. My numero uno mentor. Chai!!! Joyce Meyer is a dream. She’s my dream. I listen to her all the time. I read her a plenty. I google to get JM latest gist. I download podcasts. JM!!! I don’t even know how my […]

#AttitudeO’Gratitude… Day PAY.IT.FORWARD

Yay!!! So today I am paying it forward… I’ll be thanking Him in advance because my testimonies are sure… Sharing this publicly would also make me accountable to my faith… I must stay in faith till I get my victory and by december 31, I would be right back to testify in appreciation… Deal? Lezzdodis… […]

Dear Diary… August the 3rd, 2013

Dear diary… Saturday 03:08:2013. 7am Today would have been the day… Heck, I had a mental post loading already. I titled it ‘OUT DA GAME’ I would have scheduled it for 3pm today and people would have wondered ‘Is E’ blogging on her wedding day?’ I even had a dream last night of a bride […]