Dear diary…
Saturday 03:08:2013. 7am
Today would have been the day…
Heck, I had a mental post loading already. I titled it ‘OUT DA GAME’

I would have scheduled it for 3pm today and people would have wondered ‘Is E’ blogging on her wedding day?’
I even had a dream last night of a bride who kept on changing DPs all day. Looooool. SMH.
Was it Dumebi or Tani that said they would seize my phone from me? Naughty girls…
Rolling my eyes.
Oh but here am I, no wedding today.
Aaaarrrgggghhh. Today was perfect. Too perfect. Which is why I ‘fought’ hard to make it work… We, actually. So much so that ‘they’ thought I was pregnant hence the insistence or ‘hurry’ as they said…
Pregnant??? I thought this was funny and insultive at the same time. Maybe I was pregnant. Especially if God had pulled a ‘Virgin Mary’ on me. Well. iSeeRed as I type so… #tossthat#
Hurry??? iLaugh. I’ve known Aku m for 5years now. 5years and 3months. If anything, we have been slow… Maybe ‘they’ would have known him earlier than March if they were not being tribalistic. If they weren’t threatening to disown me and harm him if I DARED to bring a Yoruba boy to ‘them’ seeing that ‘ndi yoruba can NEVER ever be faithful’ Tell me abourrit!!! People who have not accepted Christ and live by His Word can NEVER be faithful. There are no such tribe divides here. Just two tribes… TribeJesus and TribeSatan.

You see these two people, they are active TribeJesus members. Living by the Word. Not Tradition.
I find it interesting though. That I have had to fight every step of the way. From approval to consent and now to wedding. Heck I even fought through pharmacy school failure and saying it wasn’t cos of him. Looool.
But I find it comforting that through it all, Aku m has shown me so much love it is UNREAL… Someone said… ‘Thank God the guy is worth it abeg’ He is…

This is God’s living and breathing expression of Love to me.
The devil fights what he fears. I’m sorry loser, you better run!!!

I don’t have time enough to mention how consent came to have Aku m (and his people) finally meet ‘them’. But it took a lot of prayers… From us, from our friends, my pastors (Rev, major shalla. My dearest darling Daddy). Ah!!! It took many scriptural confessions and Rhema (God, major Twale Sir. The Word became flesh indeed) It took counsellings and listening to messages (doffing my hat for PK’s classic – I love him but my parents say NO…) It took divine timings too, both hearing and acting on them. Victory came.
I didn’t want any ‘village connections’ called Traditional marriage. I thought it was an absolute waste of time and money. I still think so… One wedding is enough. They agreed. But we still had to settle the ‘umunna’.
It was on my birthday night June 29 that all the wahala began… Settle… The list… Aha The LIST.
That was where ‘uka bidoro’. I can’t go into deeets dear Diary but all I can say is that I saw the WORST I had ever seen. I saw ostriches bury their heads in the sand. I saw wimps roll over and play dead. I saw lions threaten the entire jungle to dare to protest. I heard unreasonable demands being made. Shameful might I add. I saw values I thought we stood for thrown out the window. Sacrificed on the altar of tradition. I saw inconsistency with people I had immense respect for. I heard lies. Oh my!!! I got insulted, abused especially emotionally, accused of betraying (or was it not being loyal to) OUR TRADITION… I saw non-chalence. I saw wickedness. I cried!!! Oh how I cried!!! I got shouted at. I got threatened. Did tradition need to be so hard? When did it become sensible to ‘make it hard for them so they would treat you well’
I begged, pleaded, swallowed pride, grovelled. Whosai…
Several calls went back and forth. MTN made a tosh load of money off us this period.
As we met targets, they moved the goal post. With the most ridiculous things.
One Word tho… Selfish.
They called it LOVE… Shove it please. Love aint love till the other person especially an adult feels loved
Ah, dear diary. I can’t explain further.
I loved today for these reasons
1. It favored us… This statement is packed and I can’t explain it. And it favored them too. If they had an open mind.
2. My two Pastors especially that I love were going to be there. Officiating. Ah!!! That’s a dream come true. E no easy to track down those men ooo. Rev especially is itinerant much. But he had jiggled a few ish to be there to officially join his children. Aaaarrrgggghhhh. Chai… Infact, Ibadan was moving to Lagos for this. And this after an all-night ooo. They were yet going to pile into the cars and hit the road WITHOUT sleep for me. Yup I am a special daughter.
3. August was work free for me. My work place miraculously gave it to me. They didn’t even know I was planning a wedding. When I later told them, they felt good for even being ‘in the spirit’ when they gave me August free (with Pay ooo) Honeymoon woulda been spessssh yo!!!
4. It was TIME to leave. Time!!! TIME… I was friggin’ ready. My spirit was. He too was. We were ready. We had plans. We had projects as a married couple. We had prayer points. Ah!!! We covet the blessings of marriage and the attendant favors. He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains FAVOR… I also had career plans. Best finetuned in a husband’s house.
I explained all this. And more. I explained till I was BLUE. I was countered(ridiculed some sef) on all counts. For selfish reasons. iLaugh again. I wish I could explain the reasons. You would cringe. I am so sparing you deets.
Then people tried to save face from some shame and guess who they blamed it on…
How can you blame such a drop dead gorg innocent and fab face biko…
All sorts of emotional blackmail. Ewwwww.
My mom calls me ‘Ogbu agu’. Lion killer. I’m tough like that. But by tuesday last week, an event happened. It shattered me. Then I heard God tell me to change. He told Aku m too at the same time. He confirmed it by telling my pastor too. Confirmations. Did it look like I lost the battle. It did. Did I lose the battle? Mba… TeamJesus never loses yo!!!
I still gave it a whole day. To think it through. Be sure. I was sure. In the middle of all this, I had friends and friends parents call to encourage me. Ah… I felt too much love. I cried after some calls. Out of the love I got drenched in.
Aku m, I doff my hat and heart for you. I never had doubts. The things we went through were enough to scatter any relationship. Some people feared it would. There is afterall only so much someone can take. It strengthened ours. I saw him protect me from whoever and whatever.
Ah, my King David. The King after my heart. Lemme go and learn more for our wedding night and honeymoon. 😉
Ah, speaking of sex. Dear diary you know me na… Prude of Life. I had locked my body up… I was NOT even looking forward to the ‘sex-counselling’ looool. PRUDE!!! But as the days drew closer, I released my self some. Read books and articles. Christian of course. Asked questions. Got my mind a bit more comfy. To move from ‘Sex is sin’ to ‘Sex is a good MUST’ Then the date is moved… Chai… No words. No. I am so sparing you deets. Of course, you know I’ll still wait till it is right…
Speaking of moves… It was the move we made that caught them unawares. I’m sure they are wondering, what is this girl up to now??? Looool. Don’t worry, shebi Aug 3 is here and I didn’t elope. Calm down. Stop all the calls and knocks on my door to be sure I am in. Looooool.
It was a wise allbeit painful move. A move that I must admit has changed somethings for ever!!! Hmmm. Again iLaugh.
Who moves a wedding less than two weeks to? As you can imagine, money would have gone down for some stuff. Some of my very special guests had booked tickets to Lag. Gifts had been coming in even before. Dresses had been bought or sewn as the case maybe. Did I mention money? Hmmm. I’m surprised I’m not even broke. Loool. Actually I am not surprised jare. Jehovah bu Eze.
Oh but something surprised me tho…
The kinda care,concern and love that came from people. Frankly, some annoyed me. I almost screamed. My wedding date got moved didn’t mean I was losing my mind… It didn’t mean prayers should be raised because ‘she must be going through a lot now’ (aaaaaarrrrgGhhhh what’s that???) It didn’t mean I should be spoken to with pity (ewwwww) It certainly didn’t mean that every time I didn’t sound cheery when u called, I was in the dumps!!! Mba, I could be at work or asleep. Ha ahn!!! At work, I got ‘funny’ looks… Chei!!! Me!??? The confirmed cheerful pick-anybody-up-with-her-smile chica. It was funny ooo. See, pity doesn’t look good on me… I didn’t even know I was supposed to be ‘out of my mind with grief’. Like it was normal. I’ll be forgiven. Looool. Like most of my close friends said, be easy on them. People love you so they are just bothered. Just that they don’t know you. Ogbu agu that you are. I do feel a tinge of sadness. Naturally. But grace has shielded me. Shielded us. Plus I know God has a better plan. I’m convinced. It did mess my schedule and planning a bit but… Jehovah bu eze uwa niile… Since I decided to move it, I haven’t cried once. All the tears happened before.
Like I did say, this whole ish has changed PLENTY of things around here. Plenty… Oh plenty. It makes me smile sef.
People ask me, so when is the new date, etc? I say ‘I’ll keep you posted’
I’ve never been a fan of big weddings (I’m a fan of huge honeymoons though.). My wedding was small. About 100persons. Max 150. Now, I am a fan of tiny weddings. Maybe 5 people. Lol. I’m kidding. But now though, my plans are even smaller. Hehehe. I apologise in advance.
This is the point where I say my THANK YOUs. First, to my bridesmaids who had invested already and made plans. Who didn’t even make a fuss when I moved it. Their major interest was ‘how are you?’ Chai… Then my guests who had booked tickets. Gosh!!! Thank you for ignoring the money you had spent to ask me if I was fine. For some of you, this is your first time of hearing this cos I didn’t give deets. To my friends who even involved their parents in praying and counselling, chai!!! If love could kill, I woulda been dead. Then to my friends who have shown care and love. Oh my!!! I dunno if I’m as good as you people make me ooo. Once, I put up a crying smiley on bb (I was being dramatic cos the weekend holiday was over) and you need to see the calls and messages. They thought I was really crying. Loooool. Thank you so much. MTN is really making money ooo. Loool. To the ones who had given gifts even before, thank you so much. I didn’t know people give gifts before ooo. I’ll just mention, I’m getting married and wham!!! A gift. Inspite of all, you guys were major reminders that a wedding and marriage is a good and joyful thing. All the wahala almost made me forget.
But really, I am grateful. Love- God’s love and love from you guys has seen me through. Thanks for your prayers, love, care, calls,listening ears (especially when I go on and on) etc. Una plenty. Don’t let me mention names please. Thank you… My God bless you.
So what are my plans???
Haaaaa… Dear diary, allow me to keep that to myself…
I hear you ask ‘…should I be scared?’
Well, a little
Till whenever,

Time check: 10.08am

Pity doesn’t look good on me. Don’t try it. I actually am fine. I promise. I even have good plans for today.
The plan for our kids used to be, we will call them by their english names only. The igbo/yoruba names will be confined to their birth certs. Now the plan may be NO native names at all. Only the surname will betray roots. But really, we as a nation really need to kick tribalism. Far!!! I still saw TY’s The future vid yesterday and I recall the big push she gave to the character repping tribalism. Our children shouldn’t even experience such. I truly hope there are no tribalists among young people today. If you are, please just be sure you don’t come near me. I won’t be nice. #Selah#
This is one post that I am not going to edit and edit before I hit PUBLISH
I also didn’t think much about making it right enough, I just typed from my head now and I am posting…
Does it hurt? Not so much anymore especially because I have a Comforter…
Incase you are wondering, the ring used above is mine. In case you’re wondering any other thing, my period came a day late and lasts usually for just less than 48hours.
Whatever you make of this post is your biz… and yup the persons know who they are. This is just me talking with my diary

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    1. I keep hearing new names people have given me…
      What’s the meaning of this one now?
      There’s no yoruba person here to explain ooo

  1. Always, always, forever, only The Comforter can see us through. I’ve totally shut off my mind from imagining what might occur when I bring a yoruba man home. But since my dad is igbo n mum’s yoruba, I guess I’ll have it far easier than they both did. This tribalism thing…Chineke zokwa anyi biko. I’ll marry who God chooses for me and who I love. #shikena …God is in control babe. *hugz* 🙂

  2. Glory…Glory…Glory….
    Two immutable facts:God is Eternal ,God is Love….Love therefore is Eternal.
    I’m #Thankful for this Tribe-Christ Life.
    Its the only one in which you can never be disadvantaged because He is orchestrating every single thing for your good….Isn’t that tumbling,flipping exciting(to borrow your words)?….Dear Eziaha,Like I always say,it hasn’t entered into the heart of man the wealth of blessings the families of the earth will enjoy through you and Aku gi.
    All things fabulous are yours dear!

  3. Hehhehehhehhehehehhehheheeh!wat can I say! I LAFF @ d devil! The Rolling on the floor kinda laffin,cos we know that he has sooooooo failed!
    Hmmmmmmmn! I might start an organisation against Tribalism o!*thinking*(u just neva know)
    Mnwhyl ms FAB,ur life z a testimony

    1. Loooool Valerie
      We should start ooo
      Nigerian women against tribalism
      Needed truly
      And oh pls I’m with you on the laughing

  4. Lovely post,

    I know my opinion might not count much but I think the horrors of tribalism shouldn’t make you deny your kids of an heritage. My parents insisted on calling us Yoruba names, we do not speak Yoruba at home yet we were taught to treat everyone as human beings – nothing less, I intend to teach my kids that too.

    I think tribalism scores a point when it makes us attempt to lose our identities.

    Once again, its a lovely post – straight from the heart.

    1. Lol ife you write like a writer. ..
      I think tribalism scores a point when its makes us lose our identity. ..
      True talk dear
      That’s why we are leaving the surname yoruba.
      All ain’t lost after all. ..
      Thanks for dropping by dear.
      Lemme hurry to yours. ..
      Btw major shalla to your parents…
      Thier kind is going extinct….

      1. I don’t even know what ‘shalla’ means but the context suggest its good so I’ll take it.

        If NWAT sees the light of day, my parents’ kind might not go extinct after all… matter of fact, you folks need to start it ASAP, weddings need to be rescued.

        1. Looooooool
          Shalla is my way of saying shout out….
          I had to think of what NWAT meant
          Now now now we have an acronym

  5. God NEVER wastes our pain, Lady E!
    In the midst of a painful trial it is so hard not to look at our impossible circumstance and still believe that God is working all things out.  It is especially difficult when the enemy uses our emotions to make us think that we have no hope and that it is out of our control.

    In God’s word, we read that being out of our own control is actually a victory.  Every time God led his people to victory, he had to first render them powerless in their own might.  Job lost his children, his riches and his health but God was still able to bless the second half of his life more than the first.  Gideon’s army of 32,000 was reduced to just 300  men who had no weapons, yet with God’s power they were able to take down the Midian army and make them flee. King Hezekiah was no match for the vast Assyrian army who was coming against the Israelites. However, during the night, the angel of the Lord went through the enemy’s camp and struck down 185,000 Midianites.  The Israelites rose the next morning to find that the entire army was defeated by the hand of God. 
    You will still have enemies to fight in this perishing world but they have no power to destroy you. All they will do is reveal that you have been declared a conqueror through the power of your God. Peace comes from knowing that God will never fail you no matter how impossible your situation seems.  He takes no pleasure in having you wait but each one of your struggles is a divine appointment with a merciful God who wants to reveal more of himself to you.  The testing of your faith produces a steadfastness that will have its complete effect that you may be perfect, complete and lacking in nothing. ( James 1:4)  There is a purpose for your pain.  It is working out a greater good.  It is preparing you to be royalty, Darling. Shame on d devil. We neither retreat nor surrender. We are a royal army who are being trained to rule in a kingdom that will never end. Nd we continually chant to our Heavenly Father ‘I will praise you in the storm and I will lift my hands; for You are who You are, no matter where I am.’ Love u darling. God has planned d party. We r simply waiting for d IV

    1. He sure has… and we dey wait IV o jare…
      I do feel powerless indeed so I’m on course. Every line in this comment just counts…
      Thanks my darling

  6. I haff not finishedoooo. Ehheee…Tribalism ko?
    New forms of tribalism are reducing our wondrous God to a “tribal deity” and our own “local Baal.” The God of all nations, all families, and all peoples, is too frequently being invoked by us as a God, more exclusively, of my own nation, my own family, my own church, and my own people. Its sad how sincere Christians cannot accept each other’s authenticity. If belief in Christ is necessary to attaining of everlasting life, then it behooves anyone who calls himself or herself a Christian to bring credit to the faith, at very least not to embarrass or disgrace it. Making God a tribal deity, our local Baal, is embarrassing and disgraceful. Well many things of course, but surely a message of universal love and peace which knew no bounds. Jesus broke down the barriers of human society and culture to value all people equally for what they were rather than who they were or what they did, and he rejected the tribal barriers that separate people. His parable of the Good Samaritan is so potent not just because the Samaritans were a different tribe, but because they weren’t ‘properly Jewish’, indeed they still worshipped idols. The parable speaks powerfully about interfaith relations, and about the dangers of hypocrisy developing within religious cultures. But beyond this it warns us against cultural tribalism. EVERY individual has VALUE and WORTH. Gbammmmm

    1. If only i can copy and paste this into people’s hearts.
      God certainly wasn’t expecting auch divides and complications when He created ua. Like Kush said in Lets live together “…our strength is in our diversity. ..’
      My love
      Thamks love

  7. This has brought me so close to tears, thank you for sharing. I’m excited about what comes next…God always allows a delay when He is prepping to show off big time…that is one Dear Diary entry I can’t wait to read. God bless hon

    1. Oh we will read it
      You and me and us all cos I will share it.
      Big time show off oooo. This our Jehovah. I’m too glad I am a show off candidate always
      I do know how to show Him off
      Thanks love
      Don’t cry ooo
      I’ve filled up enough buckets already looool

  8. Hugs for you dear. And it is well. God does his things when He decides, just keep on believing and tribalism too small. By the way started a gratitude journal and got a testimony based on my Journal the next day.

    1. Oh wow
      Thats fabulous news
      Congrats love
      Mega happy for you.
      Thanksgiving sure rocks
      And thanks for the kind words
      Tribalism too small jare
      I will testify

  9. I love you Eyinju. Its simple. Love CONQUERS ALL things. Plus unreasonable TRADITIONS. It’s history already. “The Victory of Love” How about that for a book?…..

  10. Ezzy, ure a strong woman, even the devil knows dat wella. As sefi attah said, everything good will come. But everything good will come in God’s time, if it’s delayed, then its only been delayed to its right time…I’m happy u (both of u) won ur battle strong. Like one of d comments said, my opinions say you shouldn’t deny d kids cultural names and whatever else becos of this. God knows why Ezzy is Igbo and not jus Nigerian… Yeah and though I dint comment on d post on malleability,- it’s my most favourite so far.

    1. Loool… lemme go line by line…
      Yes that loser knows oooo. I sorry am
      Yup God’s time… it all ends in praise…
      Oh we won this very strong….I feel very blessed…
      Again they will have a cultural surname… I don’t have an English name. I have more than made up for them 🙂
      Ezzy is Nigerian. Igbo is secondary (Ezzy sounds strange when I call me that. I prefer Ezi)
      I love it too. That and spicing up your quiet time have gotten the most feedback so far…
      Thanks love
      Was waiting for your comment.
      Yup you are that special
      Have you settled wella yet?

  11. Yo! You know I can’t come at this on some religious tip. I’m disppointed for you, hurt almost. Her wedding day is a day I know women take so seriously. I hope when you do get married, the day feels like the perfect one.

    You know I dig your strength, I pretty much think you’re the ideal chick… That you’re still Goldilocks after all this speaks to the abundance of courage, will and strength etc that you’ve been blessed with…

    Also, the word ‘Tribal’ is perjorative jor… Denying your children their birth right because you met some people whose ideas are less than Godly on this inter-ethnic wedding is wrong. Eziaha is a beautiful name, no English name could have replicated that beauty, our disparate cultures make (or should) things more praiseworthy, God in his infinite wisdom, saw it fit to make an EZiaha as well as a Morenikeji, so, are we to throw out that for a mish-mash milkshake of blandness in the name of being “ethnic-neutral”? In all this, that is what alaramed me the most. That a woman as strong as you are would throw in the towel and let those who don’t understand that love is the foundation for all kinds of cool things, ethnicity be damned, win. Again, Eziaha is a unique name, one of the things that drew me to you. Let your children have cool names like that too….

    In sum, you’ll be fine, this just another hurdle that you’ll scale. Your faith will be fortified. :-*

    1. Tola pumping
      You always bring your flava like I love…
      Someday sha you will go ‘all religious’
      I promise
      I consider(ed) naming one of my twins Eziaha and the other Eziama. I have also considered Kamsiyo and kamsicho
      Just maybe…
      I’ll gist you more on bb
      Moving it was for good
      Like I said, the tables have turned and walahi i love it ooo
      Nobody can blame me for anything or decision moving forward
      Cheers love
      And that your tweet response eh…
      Infact lemme respond on twitter.
      Ocho okwu

  12. This hurts so much! i can’t begin to imagine what u must have gone through. U r a rare gem. Like u rightly said, there’s just so much one can take. Some people would’ve given up…but u stayed through to what u believed. Honestly Ezi, u both r destined for greatness. You are God’s light! The Devil lost d battle before it even started.
    Also, when d DAY comes, trust me, its gonna b PERFECT.
    Keep stayin’ strong…u r celebrated now n always!

  13. One link followed another link and I’m here at this midnight hour.
    I had never really given thoughts to the still-existing tribal issues in Nigerian marriages. I’m actually surprised I just typed “still-existing” because I didn’t think they were.
    Now I know.

    It obviously IS a lot having to literally fight for your marriage but from what I read, you have laid your foundation in Christ. There really is no instability in that.
    I’m happy for you, Eziaha!
    And I shall be back to read some more diary moments.

    Does your period really stay for less that 48hrs??! Talk about cash-saving!

    1. Nne it does ooo
      One and half days
      By the following hours, panty liners can do the work…
      God knows I don’t have ‘blood power’
      Looks like the diary posts are to be looked forward to yeah?
      Nne it exists oooo. E taya me sef.
      My focus is on my generation. It is my prayer we don’t perpetuate it.
      Yesooo I’m firmly rooted. That’s why I’m fine.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. And thanks to the linkers. ..:)

  14. *Hugs*….
    I won’t pretend to know all the details ( I am sure all the amebo’s in town probably think they do) I also won’t pretend that I have magic words than can make you feel any better so I’ll ask the comforter; the only one who can get good and deep into all the cracks and crevices we ourselves might not even know exist and ask him to give you joy over flowing, peace everlasting and strength ever present.

    Ps…Akinkanju obinrin is basically a “She Warrior”

    1. Looooooooooooooool at amebos
      Inthe…. ooooo
      Thanks love
      And amen
      And yup le boo already told me what it was but yours is clearer. Simple she-warrior since tani didn’t tell me.

  15. Nne I’m in tears as I read this post, You and your boo are very examples of God’s unfailing love and faithfulness, there’s noo need to tell U that the end of the matterr will be beyond glorious is there? Our God is a wonder working God sha o! I visit ur blog daily(your sense of humour and spiritual insight makes it impossible for me to forget to visit ur blog, and God uses ur blog to speak to me especially when I have serious issues) and wen I can’t I try to read any post I missed but I did not see this post till today, was on Jade’s blog reading her old posts (thanx for recommending her) and saw her link to ur post and I’m still awed by this Jehovah who neither sleeps nor slumbers. I’m from Imo (my surname is Ajaero too) and he’s an igbo Deltan (ndokwa) and my parents say it can’t work, have known him for 6yrs and 2mths. Have tried to date other guys (dated an “Mbaise” but he turned out to be totally obnoxious and spiritual maturity was zero, so much for dating a guy from home rme) so we rremained ‘just friends’ yet I know he’s where my heart rests and he’s Gods gift to me. However yesterday I was feeling very frustrated by the whole tin, he hasn’t gotten a job yet (he just graduated) but he’s sure he’ll get a job before October (he’s a man of faith) and he told me yesterday that he wants us to get married by June. Was thinking of how to tell him to not include me in his plans, decide to wait till the weekend and seek Gods face. I’ve gotten my answerr in less than 24hrs. Thanx dear E’, may God’s grace, favour and annointing always flow tru U

    1. Oh my
      This is so sweet
      I’ll send you a private mail
      Hope ur email addy will show
      Then lemme skip off to your blog and see what you got
      And yay Ajaero

  16. Akinkanju obirin is a strong woman! Gaan start learnin Yoruba oo!! It might just bcom d next official lagos language, lol! #tribeJesus!

  17. Wow. this was heartfelt. I could really feel all your trials when reading this. May God strengthen you both for the challenges before you and make your marriage a shining example to others. amen!
    p.s. – One of my aunts married a non yoruba man. and they gave their kids names that were both yoruba and esan (e.g. half the name was yoruba, the second half of the name was esan). Their kids have the most beautiful names that reflect both their parents heritage…So the names are the best of both worlds, and not of a world that isn’t theirs (e.g. the UK ). I like how they did that and always told myself that if I married someone non yoruba (sadly I didn’t lol) I would do the same. It sends the message that we’re not ashamed of our culture, but we appreciate what both our cultures have to offer.

  18. Wen u come out of a thing, u come out loaded to bless. But sincerely I tire for devil o. The fool’s been failin and foolin himsef since ages and him no dey stop take inventory. I mean, there are just some kain pple devil no suppose play this joke with, cos it will backfire on him. The guy is just a dunce I swear. Sorry for the word but na true. 6000 years and oji be gi ire ya guo eze ya ogu. Cos God sure has a bang coming.
    Babes, am waitin for the next big thing. Just that u want an intimate affair, I for like come and re-emphasize my point dat devil’s a sore loser.
    Am proud of u girl. And ur boo. Am proud of u guyz. You’re not my prayer list, mbanu! U r nt a prayer point. U r on my praise list….an extra reason to give God TWALE!!!!!!

  19. Thank God for the strength He has given you and more for the amazing people you have around you! My sister, TeamJesus all the way! May your wedding day be more perfect that you imagined and may your marriage be more splendid than you thought.. God bless you E and your Aku’m, God has great plans for you! xxxx

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