Guys, I am just in love with God. I mean, I am just plain obsessed with God!!!

Groupie. Freak. Stalker. Lover. Everything!!!


The NUMBER one resolution I have this new year is to spend more QUALITY time with God!!!

I seriously shortchange myself EVERY SINGLE DAY I don’t spend quality time with Him. When I just sit before the Lord, it is a download session, it is incredible.

God is like the most EXCITING phenomenon in the entire world and beyond.

2016 will be a most amazing year. I know!!! Soooo many things will happen. I will close my eyes and JUMP. My life will change, in astonishing ways. Oh I am excited bundles.

It was Tuesday night that after I finally put KingDaveed to sleep, I just went into my prayer room as I had not prayed all day (yeah it was one of those CRAZY days haha). It was about 11pm but I certainly didn’t want the day to go by just like that.

I had a lot on my mind I needed to make sense of and it was like God had just pulled a seat and was waiting for me in my prayer room because no sooner had I sat that He just started downloading. I mean, it was CRAZY!!! I had to come back the next noon just to re-read all I had written and realised God alone inspired me.

I frankly do not remember how I found myself on Heather’s YouTube page that same night but I know God orchestrated it. I saw a video on How to spend time with God so I downloaded it and got to watching.

As I watched, I just smiled. I could have done that video myself.

Everything she said resonated!!! Goodness!!!

Guys, this new year, you MUST spend QUALITY TIME WITH GOD.

Leave that STUPID excuse of ‘I am busy’ in 2015, ehn madam/oga


Resolve that this is not the year for ONLY interrupted time with God e.g. on my way to work, in the shower, stuck in traffic, etc.

Of course those sessions with God are good and should be encouraged but you should have that QUIET TIME where you go someplace, shut the door (real or imaginary) and shut out the world and just FELLOWSHIP with God.

God has a LOT to say to you. He created you. He KNOWS what path you ought to take in life but if you are not spending enough time with Him, how will you recognise His voice or even hear Him.

One of my fave people to follow on IG
One of my fave people to follow on IG

These three women- Priscilla Shirer, Joyce Meyer and Heather Lindsey- have spoken a lot about just spending time with God.



To get to know someone, what do you do? You spend more and more time with them. One of my besties Eniola, I know her soooo well. I spend a lot of time talking on the phone with her and chatting with her on BBM.

Yup I am about to be a godmama AGAIN!!!
Yup I am about to be a godmama AGAIN!!!

You cannot pretend to be Eniola to me. I would know. The Bible says that the devil disguises as the angel of light but if we have spent enough time with God, we would easily discern between the voice of God and the devil’s.

God wants to really lead us. Infact sometimes I think He DESPERATELY wants to lead us. He is just there thinking ‘Oh if only Eziaha would spend more and more time with me, this would not even be an issue in her life’

He wants to lead us in every detail of our lives, leaving nothing out.


I recall as I just spent time with Him that night, I walked round my prayer room and just talked. And then I was just telling Him how I wanted to cordone a part off to use as a library and all and then God says No, call it a VISION ROOM not a Library and no don’t separate it. I knew in my spirit that the name could have only come from God. So I have a Prayer room and a Vision room in one space.


Seriously, God became my personal interior decorator and He downloaded exactly how that space should be designed. I mean it was a full blown out discourse. If you heard me that midnight, you woulda thought I was going crazy.

And then there were certain projects I felt in my spirit He was kinda leading me to but I didn’t quite see the full picture. That night, He downloaded details to me. I know I am smart ooo but NO WAY I coulda thunk up that stuff.

It was beautiful!!!

So listening to Heather and she was talking about how she spends time with God and how He speaks to her, I could relate.


And then God told me to go and put this down in a post instead of the THANK YOU post I was doing to wrap up the year on my blog. And He also told me to do the VISION BOARD ONLINE PARTY post too.

I just know that these two would bless more people way more than that THANK YOU post would. Moreover, it is sooooo important to LIVE LED!!!


LET Him interrupt your life and plans. Because honey, you NEVER know what is on the other side of your obedience.

I would advise that you find time to watch this Heather’s video.

But let me share some of the practical steps she shared in the video as to how she spends her Quiet time.

She said a lot more so go watch the video.

Not everytime download new song or workout videos. Sometimes download THE WORD!!!

Something Joyce Meyer says is that sometimes we are all like ‘Oh I dunno what to do in my Quiet time’ and stuff like that. But really, just go, take a seat and sit before the LORD uninterrupted. God will meet you at that level where you at. So long as you find that time for Him.


And yes you can have this one by PRISCILLA SHIRER too

I am so thankful for my Prayer room and my Vision room. It is still NEW and empty and I look forward to decorating it like God instructed. But when I go in there to pray, the first thing I feel is PEACE!!! I just KNOW that God is ready for me.

I am pretty creative and unconventional about how I pray. But on a side of my wall, I have stick-on notes containing prayer points and scriptures for every area of my life. My husband, My son, My friends, intercession, My family and in-laws, My Rehoboth (my home)Myself, etc. so I keep adding to the list or striking out. On another side, I have my testimonies. Eeek, I love going to that corner because it amps my faith volts mehn!!! It just shows that God is REEEAAALLLLYYYY working.

I also have my Bibles, my Vision journal and my Prayer/Study journal. Then my diary and laptop. My pens, papers, masking tape, ruler and highlighters. And of course, good ol’ water haha. I am thinking of buying Dates and leaving them there. So my ‘Dates’ with God is the only time I get to eat Dates. How cool is that?

It is my space so whatever works for me mehn!!! Of course I have my Confession too.


I actually pray as the Spirit leads even though I have a prayer timetable. Oh and if there is any book I am reading at the mo’, I have it there.

Of course, I will share more pictures as it takes shape. And more tips as the Spirit leads.

I really really pray that yawl make time for God this new year, there is so much about your life and future He wants to share with you . life is TOO BIG and confusing I don’t wanna waste time making mistakes. But if your life is too cluttered, with Him getting only the drive time on the way to work, honey there are some things you just would never know. It is like my relationship with my husband. There are some things he would never say when we have those casual random talks. But when we have a proper clear-out-your-schedule time, then there are deeper things we would get to say to each other. Ditto with friends. Ditto with God.



So *in Heather’s voice* Some of yawl need to QUIT that job or that lil boyfriend/girlfriend and go SIT BEFORE THE LORD and hear from Him…’

I love yawl. God is crazy about you.

Cheers to a new year of being FIERCELY INTENTIONAL about sitting at His feet and getting directions for your life…

Happy New year guys and see yawl soon


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  1. Reblogged this on shugarythots and commented:
    This echoes my thoughts totally. God bless the day I found Eziaha’ s blog. 2016 is a year if knowing God for yourself, spending quality time with Him. Doing all that lovey dovey stuff with Him, and then watch Him show up for you.

  2. Heather is amazeballs & So are you ???
    There have been moments when I feel stucked, confused and Boom, I will just get a nudging to check her YouTube videos or my emails for alerts from her and sometimes you – like today.
    I have some personal question, dunno if I should DM you on Instagram or if you would prefer another form of communication.

  3. Heather is amazeballs & So are you ???
    There have been moments when I feel stucked, confused and Boom, I will just get a nudging to check her YouTube videos or my emails for alerts from her and sometimes you – like today.
    I have some personal question, dunno if I should DM you on Instagram or if you would prefer another form of communication.

  4. Amazing post darln i hv been struggling with this a lot and this sure helped .
    Before this post i told my friends dt 2016 isnt a year to joke with God..thanks darln u r indeed a blessing to me nd i love u plenty

  5. Mehn You are just one person that came into my life I can’t stop blessing God for. Like seriously, what more can be wanted of a woman- beauty, character, brains and God to hold it all together. God bless you hun.

  6. Just shared this with a friend, will share with my siblings too…we just spoke extensively on taking God seriously and spending time with Him during today’s quiet time..even me don’t know where the words were coming from as I spoke and we all discussed.

    Exodus 33…there were spectators(the israelites) and participants(Moses and Joshua) who made it a habit to go outside the camp and commune with God..guess who God’s glory arose on? yep! Moses and Joshua! Where are the names of the other Israelites written today?

    God’s just been pulling on me in this season which is a season of His glory arising on us who are ready to shine for Him..but the glory isn’t stepped into all of a sudden, it begins with knowing God who is glory Himself intimately.

    God help us all even as we INTENTIONALLY place Him first.

    Happy new year E!

  7. Now I know for sure God’s being nudging me about spending quality time with him and I don’t have an excuse anymore cause mama E who has a baby just as I do finds a way to be with God, so its a MUST for me.. God bless u ma for gingering mi

  8. Eziaha there have been many times when I have received a word and I’d see a full blog post on your blog on that word. This is one of them.
    Thanks for this beautiful post and I’m reading this on my birthday- double blessings.
    Have a beautiful 2016!

  9. This post right here is speaking directly to me. The vision party post also. This year is gonna be great mehn

  10. E! from this day i forcefully adopt you as a sis…. when i say a sis i mean a sis… the fun times, misunderstanding times and the struggle sef… you’re so you.. you’re so the kind of person i am finding in friend…. lemme share you with you special friends….. and we need a pinky promise retreat kinda lookalike in this Nigeria o and I see you carry that vision…

    1. Honey I got all your messages.
      I would respond pls.
      And oh I am open to whatever HE leads me to do.
      Pinky promise is soooo super cool.
      Looking forward to attending one soon

  11. Oh my goodness, I got goosebumps reading your post, especially about how God told you to talk about the Vision Board Online Party. Thanks for sharing your resources, I’m also going through this phase, where I’m trying to move to the next level with God. This helped. I just ordered my Everyday with Jesus Bible too. Kisses

  12. God bless you for this post. The last time I checked your blog was oct/nov and I just had the nudge to check today.
    Being loaded with the word strengthens us in challenging times. I just have to create time to spend quality time with God.
    happy new year.

  13. Awesome write up E, I actually took notes and God help me, I am gonna have a prayer room. I have seen War Room partially, I haven’t had tiime to finish ooo,

    I just found your blog today and am soooooooooooo inspired. Where is the world have I been? Av missed oo. By the way, DETOX MODE ACTIVATED TODAY< SO HELP ME GOD.

    Thank you Holy spirit for the conviction and thank you google for bringing me here, when i searched for "Nigerian Christian Blogs"

    1. Grace to detox and stay detoxed.
      Frankly it has been an absolutely BEAUTIFUL journey for me
      And I am happy my tags led you to my post. Will be sure to keep tagging my blog cos recently I get too tired to.
      Welcome to my FAB WORLD sister

  14. Every time I look for the love button, I can’t find. I can’t deal!
    I love this woman! Heaven knows. I don’t like to give my comment publicly. But really, the chain is broken. I love you Lover E’
    I don’t wanna start an epistle! Simply, thank you for every step of obedience towards God’s call. Thank you ma. Wanna hug you right now ma.

    1. Public comments are fine. We should appreciate with words too. So Thank you darling. Hugs (all ur midnight activity on my blog lol)

      1. I’m committed to you ma. I’m blessed each time I open
        It’s called refreshment for the soul cum food for the Spirit. God has blessed you ma.

  15. This is 2019 and I’m just thankful to God for your blog and for this post Eziaha!!! I wish you know how much your journey and your transparency in sharing that journey at the time through this blog has been such a blessing to me personally. I’m just going to shut down this laptop and everything and go sit before my Father. God bless you Maam!!

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