A letter to my friends as we end 2019

Hey Friend, If you read this blog, we are friends, right? Right. So I figured that the same thing I have been sharing with my friends in recent times, I wanna share with my blog friends too . This would be as sincere and open as possible, and if it comes across as harsh at any point, […]


Ah I wrote this post in December 30th, 2015 and I chanced upon it recently. I love it enough to share again now. Will add my updated thoughts in bracket… Enjoy spending time with God yawl. He is like so FREAKIN’ good!!! What I find the most interesting about this post is the JOY I […]

How I keep my distraction levels LOW… #LeadE’series

Hey yawl, Ok so one thing and theme that is HUGE in my life is LEADERSHIP and as a Leader, time, people and energy management is SUPER IMPORTANT if not, you just find yourself majoring in the minors and letting distractions have a field day with your life. Now I must define what I term […]

How we (Heather Lindsey & I) spend our QUIET TIME…

Guys, I am just in love with God. I mean, I am just plain obsessed with God!!! Groupie. Freak. Stalker. Lover. Everything!!!   The NUMBER one resolution I have this new year is to spend more QUALITY time with God!!! I seriously shortchange myself EVERY SINGLE DAY I don’t spend quality time with Him. When I just […]