Hey Friend,

If you read this blog, we are friends, right?


So I figured that the same thing I have been sharing with my friends in recent times, I wanna share with my blog friends too .

This would be as sincere and open as possible, and if it comes across as harsh at any point, please see my heart. I speak in love

Ok so, WAKE UP!!!

That is really all I wanna say. The times are too dangerous and the enemy is too rampage for us to be sleeping.

There are three things I sense so STRONGLY that God is doing in these last three months of the year, which have been aptly called THE POWER MONTHS!!!

First, He is downloading STRATEGIES.

Fortunately or unfortunately, they are not the kinda strategies you read in a book or hear from your Pastor. In fact, one thing I KNOW for sure is that it almost looks like God is on a roll and removing middle men cos He wants to speak to us directly. Now that is not to say our Pastors and spiritual leaders are not important but I have seen that He desires to speak to me FIRST and then as need be, maybe have a leader confirm it. But the whole ‘get a word’ from my pastor is not working again,

I recall going through a crazy uncomfortable season last month. I felt like I was losing myself. I didn’t understand what I was thinking, feeling and even doing, so I rang an authority figure in my life to explain. Normally, I am blessed with the gift of access to this one so even though my call was missed, the person was quick to call back. After I rambled all in my head, the person said it was quite unconducive to talk so let’s continue later. That later never came and boy, how glad am I it never did cos promptly after that call, the Lord was like ‘Wow, did I ask you to call anyone?’ 

I promptly repented and even when the person later apologizedon not calling back due to a crazy schedule, I happily said it was OK as I had worked it out with my Jesus. That is where He is with His kids now. Very jealous for us

And I love it 

(Yes, I intentionally left the sex of the person I called away haha)

So God is really shaking things up, and by that I mean He is messing up our whole lives, and then giving us new STRATEGIES with which to build, and most of them going completely against the grain!!! 

STRANGE but God!!!

So how do we get these strategies?

Good question.

We ALIGN and that is the SECOND thing I wanna highlight.

To align means to get myself in position to get the strategies He is downloading

Gosh, the aligning process is MADDDDDD!!! It is literally you handing over the ABSOLUTE control of your life to Him and He alone legislates it for you. 

Phew!!! From just talking to my friends who are in the flow of the spirit in this season, I have seen Him place crazy demands on us. For some reason, I think all my close friends are on a fast. And I am not surprised. Frankly some have been on back to back fasts and this is not a show off thing; it is a DIE TO FLESH thing. 

And due to our closeness, we share DETAILS of the various fasts God is calling us to and boy, it really is a dying process. Personally, it has been HARD. I feel like the second half of the year has been fasting all through for me. Food aside, I have seen a lot of people fast other stuff like social media and the likes. In fact, I was on a fast with a friend and next thing she disappears lol. After three days she returns and says she felt an urgent need to get off whatsapp and log out of various apps and go on a 3day fast off food and media. She didn’t even tell me her fastingbuddy, she was just off!!! A friend told me her body had mastered the normal 6 to 6 fast now so she was taking it deeper. I have seen my friends go on liquid fasts and Daniel fasts and all kinds of fasts. Not for show off but to die to flesh so that their spirits can be awake, alive, and aligned!!! ​

That has also been my story, phew!!!

Another thing that must happen as we align is getting rid of PRIDE and adopting a humble spirit.

Gosh, can we TALK about this?


The crazy thing about fasting is how God just makes your spirit so sensitive to your nonsense. I have never BEGGED for humility as I have in the past weeks. I mean, you will think you are doing OK and then wham, you realize that you are walking in pride in XYZ area and you must be HUMBLE enough to admit it and then confess it. Then take active steps to work out your salvation from the spirit of pride. 

I pray with my best friend Funto every Sunday morning and last Sunday, she made us pray with Ps 139 

PSALM 139 V 23 AND 24 IN TPT

“God, I invite your searching gaze into my heart. Examine me through and through; find out everything that may be hidden within me. Put me to the test and sift through all my anxious cares. See if there is any path of pain I’m walking on, and lead me back to your glorious, everlasting ways— the path that brings me back to you.”

I really prayed it cos please I don’t want anything to hinder His flow in my life in this very sensitive season. After prayers we are talking and the gist enters a point where she calls out a certain thing she felt I needed to work on as there was still work to be done on it. I am like OK and that day as I broke my fast, I really just opened that area up to God and asked Him to show me if there is more work to be done. It involved someone else. See me thinking God would hand me a gold star and say ‘Girl, you are good’ lol. 

Well, NO!!!

Dude starts to show me where there was OFFENSE and PRIDE in me, and I am like HEYYYYY!!!


I repented quickly in the spirit and THE SAME DAY in the physical, I saw the manifestation of my repentance. I could NOT believe it. God literally told me that I was blocking something in the spirit and once I repented, I saw a move in the physical.


Aligning will kill you oooo. It will humble you and we MUST submit to the process.

And once God exposes any sin, don’t argue please. And certainly don’t take on guilt. Just repent. It helps me to talk to a friend to have her pray over me. In the past week alone, I think I have spoken to three different friends and really opened up in brave vulnerability stuff I was working through. In fact one of them exhaled when I was done and thanked me for finding her worthy of being opened up to. If the case wasn’t serious, I would have laughed, but it wasn’t funny. She then got to pray and by the time she was done, she had dragged me round 7 blocks and once again, I died!!! Lol

Let us not fight our battles alone or think that our own is the worst and we don’t wanna be ashamed and embarrassed. My sister, who doesn’t have sin? Who doesn’t have weights? Who?Better to be ashamed for a minute and then free forever.

Me I frankly don’t have shame lol. I recall sending a friend a short message that read something like ‘I feel like I am about to lose my mind. Please call me back’. She called me when she saw it and she literally panicked as she apologized for not being available. Me I just let myself cry as I unburdened and she prayed me through and could counsel me too, the burden lifted IMMEDIATELY and we have had cause to joke about my drama and how it all worked out. 

Why am I sharing all these stories? To align, I need to be the best WHOLE version of me. If I am bent out of shape with sin, guilt, lies and more, how can I be properly aligned? How can I be sure that the signals I am picking up is not from the devil or from my twisted emotions and mind? I am not ready for that nonsense hearing so I submit to His searching gaze so He can fix me and nothing is clogging my spiritual senses especially my eyes and ears. 

The third thing I am strongly sensing in this season is a call to LOVE.

Phew. I am right here PREACHING a whole message to myself. This is not the season to be too busy to pour out into another of God’s children. This is not the season to hold any one in unforgiveness. This is not the season to practice what I call convenient love. It is time to be lavish, rich and real in expressing God’s love outwardly. This is how I see it in very practical ways… 

If there is any testimony I have from Jesus, then I must be an outward expression of it to another person.                                                                                                                                                                     

If God has helped me fight sleep, what can I do to help another sister fight it?

If God has really shown me revelations that have helped me fight my battles until victory, how can I show another sister the way to fight hers too until victory?

If He has healed me from deep emotional wounds, how can I help another sister be healed too from such?

If He has met my financial needs, how can I help another stop struggling with basic life needs to?

If He has healed my marriage, HOW can I help another sister’s marriage get healed?

That is really the scripture that says ‘As He is, so am I in this world’

As He has been to me, so I am to another of His children.

Of course I do not now assume that I am God to another person and will heal the world lol, but gosh, if I stay sensitive to God and His promptings, I will see those to whom I can be a blessing. Like, I MUST make room in my SLAMMED TO THE TEETH schedule and LOVE ON His other daughters too. 

I just feel like God is tired of all these ‘I am busy’

And to say the truth, I too am tired of being the kind of busy that is INSULAR. So right now, I am in a season of being BUSY but also LOVING on the people He highlights to me, and most of these love expressions should never make it public

The world around us is hurting, and we must be intentional about helping even if ONE PERSON. In fact part of my confession is ‘I elevate souls over numbers. I see THE ONE’

Let’s look out for THE ONE and for two seconds get the hell out of your own way to help even if just one person through something you have mastered.

Hint: It will cost you time, money, energy and emotions but it IS SO WORTH IT!!! 

I wanna touch on two more things that God has personally taught me in this season

The importance of DEEP CONVICTIONS and right there connected to this is the importance too of finding and sticking to the RIGHT TEACHERS He has chosen for us in this season.

You see, information and knowledge is endless… literally a dime a dozen, and I am even talking about good ones. But not every teacher is for you. Once God highlights the ones for you in this season, my sister feel free to tone down on the rest including your favorites. 

It is not that they are now bad, no, it is that God is the ULTIMATE one we are following so where He leads, we align!!!

Recently, God highlighted Apostle Joshua Selman to me and as I have leaned in, like REALLY LEANED IN, I have realized just how much DEEPER my conviction have gotten. Recall that I said God is downloading strategies and some of them are so MAD and WILD that there are several days you will doubt yourself and sanity but when you have a teacher, the only thing you don’t hear in their sermons and book is them personally calling your name. Apostle has been a very strong confirmation of a lot of things God has told me and in fact, it is SO WEIRD that I find myself completing his words. He shares some experiences and I am like WOW!!! This is EXACTLY what I have been going through that almost made me lose my mind and doubt everything. Now that I have FOCUSED, I have seen my convictions get deeper cos even though it all looks like foolishness now, hearing Him be SO ACCURATE and being steps ahead of me, that there is a SURE REWARD and NOTHING I do for God can ever be in vain.


Meanwhile I had been dealing with confusion from listening to some of my past teachers in my previous season. I wasn’t sensitive enough to know that God had moved on me. Now, me I just focus. Apostle is even so deep that I don’t even have enough time to enter all His messages not to talk of now sharing my limited time. They are still my teachers, not just for this season.

Ok, so now are you wondering HOW you can truly align to all that God is doing the last three months of the year?

I gatcha sis and my answer is short!!!


You see, all these I am busy, my job is this, my kids are that stopped reigning last three years. If you don’t make time for Him, you will not hear Him. If your job is too busy, drink coffee and stay awake ALL NIGHT.

Take a leave and check into a HOTEL without your phone.

Take the weekend off and disappear…

Go to redemption camp

Have regular vigils at home when the kids finally sleep (and if they wake at night, let them cry themselves back to sleep)

Come back from work, leave your phone and social media, do what you need to do and then catch 3 hours of sleep, wake and then spend 4 hours UNINTERRUPTED with JESUS. Do this 2 weeks in a row

Delete instagram. Sign out of twitter. Uninstall whatsapp. Your destiny is way too precious oooo.

Give out your TV if you have to. 

Delete every worldly song from your phone and laptop. If they come up on YouTube, BLOCK THE CHANNEL

YOU MUST HEAR GOD and He actually needs you to MAKE ROOM FOR HIM!!!

What is sleep? We will all sleep in heaven ooo.

Hmmmmmm!!! You can see I am prescribing extreme things because this is SERIOUS!!!

Let’s all just DIE to flesh cos flesh has NOTHING to offer.

Ask Him for supernatural strength daily!!!

If you have friends that distract you, BLOCK THEM!!!

If you find yourself overeating, call a prolonged personal fast.

Satan works well through food and sleep ooo so you MUST master both!!!

If you are struggling with a sin, confess to a friend to hold you accountable

If you are struggling with prayer, go to someone God highlights and have her help you and then you too submit to the helping process.

All this prayerlessness will KILL YOU!!! Literally.

Let’s stop the rubbish and give Him a place of pride in our lives and schedule.

He is the ONLY one that can truly help us ooo. He is the only stable one… everything else is fading away

Isa 40 v 8 NLT:

“The grass withers and the flowers fade, but the word of our God stands forever.””

So let us hold on dearly to Him and His word and allow Him complete legislation over every last area of our lives

Let’s do this ladies… let’s absolutely do this even as we end the year.

Praying that we all experience God-encounters that wreck us for good in Jesus name, amen




I wrote this post falling in and out of sleep. Lol. Any errors abeg forgive. Phew!!!


Finally got clarity so I am happy to announce that a brand new NEXT LEVEL Community WILD is resuming in December!!! I sure will keep yawl posted and trust me when I say this is a WHOLE NODA LEVEL!!!


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  1. Hi E’

    My response is so long; I will come back to post. In the meantime, I want to talk about how daunting it is to die to flesh 😭
    But wait, God equips me with all I need for doing His will 💃🏾

    Thanks for sharing with your blog readers and yes, you are my friend biko!

  2. Thank you SO much for this. One thing I admire about you is your DISCIPLINE, I read your posts even with how busy your life is, and I know that my single self has no excuse and laziness has to go completely. There’s a price to pay and sacrifice to be made but it’ll be worth it. Thanks again and may God’s grace be continually multiplied to you.

  3. Recently Apostle Joshua Selman is one person I and especially my hubby has been listening to .I stumbled on him a few months ago and gosh his messages are for such a time as now. His messages are so deep.Spending time with God very important.

  4. *wipes sweat from forehead*
    Whew! Talk about a wake up call! This is it! If I was deaf before I can hear loud and clear now, thank you for this post, it has brought a lot of clarity and confirmation to me. I admire and desire your level of discipline. God bless.

  5. Wow. This is actually the reawakening I needed. It’s like you knew what had been bothering me and just said it. Thank You for always being a blessing CoachE. You inspire me and I’m sure that one day, God will give me the opportunity to appreciate you. God bless you!

  6. Hmmm. Thank you so much for this truth. I’m visiting your blog for the first time and this is what I see!!! Your desire for God is contagious and this sleep thing ehn! Every single thing you talked about is so true to me and God has used you again to give me the same message “WAKE UP”. I sleep so much yet still get very little sleep. Sleep 6hrs and still wake up tired and would rather toss and turn in bed instead of get up to pray because “I need to be well rested by morning” I’m making up my mind now, it’s time to wake up. And I’ve successfully secured a 5day leave off work for next week. Thank you Sis. God bless you.

  7. Strategies.
    Things are not staus quo.
    Die to flesh.
    Master sleep and food.
    Simple but Hard but so worth it.
    Let go of pride.
    Some of this reads like a page in my journal. A lot for me to learn and do

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