One of the things I LOVE this most about being a bonafide DCC member and a true CORRECT daughter of PK (lagos) and Pastor B(Abuja) has to be the way my mind has been spiritually brainwashed with the water of the Word.


See my Pastors ehn, they don’t know how to ‘sugar coat’ the Word. It doesn’t matter who you are, if you are looking for the truth, and looking to grow spiritually, I proudly recommend David’s Christian Centre.


It is not uncommon to hear PK punctuate his teachings with ‘Are you people angry…?’ And angry or not, my PK/PstB will still hit you HARD and if you are wise, you will see the love and adjust!!! In my final year, I fell ill right in the middle of my first semester exams. So I pinged PK and our convo went something like

‘…pk, I’ve been sick for a while and I’ve been COLLECTING prayers from everywhere…please pray for me..’

Now if you KNOW pk, you won’t be saying such rubbish as ‘collecting prayers’ anywhere around him talkless of to him but I didn’t KNOW him then so I typed such rubbish. I’ll just skip the ‘finishing’ I got lol and jump right into the fact that he now used me to preach at a special program in Church titled FULL SUPPLY that evening. I was in Ibadan so I had no idea but the next day, he pinged me to ask how I was doing and now told me how he preached with my ‘COLLECTING prayers’ and how I should go and get the message and listen. My people, I got it when I came to Lag and like Pastor M told me then, at least you can rejoice that at least he also called you ‘Correct daughter’. PK attacked that faithless mindset that made me think prayers was something to be ‘collecting’ like a beggar rather than using my faith to activate my healing esp as it was simple malaria once and for friggin’ all!!!


As a DCC member, I’ve been positively BRAINWASHED. My vocab has changed. If the Word doesn’t prescribe it, I don’t care who is saying it, I don’t buy. I don’t believe. I live my life by ONLY what the Word prescribes. Tradition, religion, culture, etc are lost on me. Worst of all, popular opinion. Before I take in anything, I ask myself ‘Who said it?’


Without such an attitude, you will just run mad in this life with all the absolute stupid and mad opinions flying around.
Eish!!! I can’t deal!!!

Blessed is the man, oh the JOYS of those who do not follow the advice/counsel of the wicked/ungodly…’ Psalms 1:1

Has anyone noticed that the UNGODLY and Anti-Christ like to give advice? Sweetie, don’t even bother thinking of any devil/witch/babalawo, please look inwards. Any talk, any advice, any suggestion, any way of life that is NOT spiritually grounded with a strong foundation in the Word is UNGODLY and Anti-Christ. Simples!!!

Something happened on my birthday and my goodness, I expected it. And I loved that it happened cos I have needed a ‘relatable to me’ story to buttress my point in this post.


So I am pregnant. And my goodness, I am happily openly unshyly pregnant. Hey, I respect those who DENY vehemently the fact that they are pregnant (and happily married) until the 6th month. Cool. But I draw a line at two points

1. Why are you hiding it?
My blood Sis, She’s fiercely private. I recall one time someone bashed her car so in the period it was being repaired, she had to add the guy up on her BBM to be getting updates and pictures. In that period, she NEVER used any of her pictures or kids’ pictures cos of the guy.


Ah sister of mine. She would NEVER announce her pregnancy till she’s rolling around town. Privacy is her ‘why’. I respect that. But daz NOT me!!!
I belong to a BirthClub on the BabyCentre App (My Pregnancy Today)


once the Topic was ‘When do I announce?’ People had different answers but aside privacy, another reason some wanted to keep it private was cos they had a medical condition/complications and the Doc wanted to be sure they had passed the stormiest stages first. Infact some ladies with complications said they still announced as soon as they found out so that people around them help out where they can and  should a miscarriage even happen (God forbid), they will have help/support through it all.
Good reasons.
But I PAUSE where you are hiding and denying your pregnancy (complete with classic symptoms) just because WITCHES and WIZARDS are waiting to yank the baby from your womb. The App is an American App and NOT one single person mentioned that. This African DEVILISH mentality of witches sha!!! Before I jump into what happened, lemme state my reason number 2.

2. I pause when you even attempt to suggest to me to hide under the bed with my pregnancy just because I should fear ‘strong people’ who have the powers to remove my pregnancy!!! Why in God’s powerful name do the ungodly like to give advice? Look I’m not averse to advice but if it is fear/experience/popular-opinion motivated,


SHOVE IT!!! With a cold glass of ginger ale for easy digestion.


I put up this picture above on BBM and see what this Sistur-in-the-Lord had to say… I have done well to remove her name.


I showed Diche because I was looking for a classic response Diche-style and trust her, she was like for someone who is NOT married and has NEVER been preggers, she seems to ‘know’ an awful lot and awful WRONG too.

Look, I certainly believe that the world has evil people ooo. No friggin’ doubt. But Shattah!!! Are these people DAFT enough to be playing with fire? Why should I be scared of them please? Why should LIGHT fear darkness? Why? Bikonu WHY!!!???

John 1:5 ‘…That light SHINES in the darkness and darkness can NEVER extinguish it…’

Let’s analyze this pregnancy scenario for a second and lemme attempt to brainwash you with the water of the Word…

These ‘strong people’ , whether I announce it or not, in the spiritual realm, hope we know that they KNOW these things too. We know, the devil z in charge of these ‘strong people’. As I’m pregnant now, as soon as I found out (maybe even before), devil knew too. He hears me pray for my baby. He sees me take my pre-natals. He sees me anoint myself and take the communion daily. Except he is world-class daft (and he isn’t) he couldn’t have missed it. He certainly doesn’t need me to announce it first before he sends his demons and ‘strong people’ to try themselves. As soon as he found out, he started putting plans in motion using his strong people. So please tell me if my announcement or not can stop this devil? Lemme tell you what can stop the devil and overcome the ‘strong world people’ –

1John 5:4 ‘…For every child of God defeats this evil world and we achieve this victory through OUR FAITH…’

My FAITH and KNOWLEDGE and APPLICATION of the Word. That’s my weapon for guaranteed victory.

‘… While men slept, the enemy came and sowed tares/thistles/fear/weed/thorns/etc…’ Matt 13:25

Who will the bastard catch sleeping? Or fearing? Certainly not E’.

BTW, we all know that even if you hide it taya yet you are not using your faith and the Word, strong people can still catch you abi?

With fear ehn, the devil will mesmerize you. So rather than spend my emotions and time being scared and hiding under the bed with my good news and blessing seeing as I am NOT like my sister, I invest it in the Word and books like ‘Childbirth without Fear’ and Supernatural Childbirth.


Btw CWF is written by a Christian ObGYN… Shaaatttaaaahhhh!!!

Now let’s for a moment assume the devil and strong people will ONLY find out WHEN I go public either on BBM or Blog (and keeping a straight face while typing this is so hard here), and I decide I will NOT announce. But how about the Doctor that did the test and knows? What about the Pharmacist from whom you bought the PT strip and pre-natals? Who’s to say they are not (potential) ‘strong people’? What of that house guest/colleague who sees you taking those drugs? What of your boss who will need to know so that some kinda work gets past you? What of that person who just suspects you may be preggers and asks you? Will you now turn to a liar because you fear ‘strong people?’ There is ABSOLUTELY no way only you will be pregnant and ONLY you will know. Since you cucu like to fear, you best be fearing everyone else but yourself?

And of course, the ultimate. The absolute ultimate. When you finally start showing and you will, are you safe then? Where in the big book of BALDERDASH did any get that the ‘strong people’ have powers only when you are NOT showing and suddenly become powerless when you start showing? Last I checked, miscarriages and complications happen at various levels. Plus someone can have a stillborn, or a baby who can later die. Come on na, this fear will you carry it forever?

Instead of fear, why not be using your faith from the moment you conceive through pregnancy to the moment you die not without pumping faith through the children too. I certainly don’t want a child who is afraid of ‘strong people’ and any cockroach that crawls past him at night cos in Sinach’s Words, I KNOW WHO (and WHOSE) I AM

Mehn, we need serious brainwashing with the Word ooo. And this babe who said this is a BORN-AGAIN CORRECT Christian Sistur ooo. Even we BA need brainwashing too. We need to be BORN AGAIN all over AGAIN. The world has sold us too many lies. The world teaches us to RUN from darkness rather than flood the world with light.

‘…You are the light of the world…here to be LIGHT…’ Matt 5:14

The bible says we are NOT to be ignorant of the devices of the devil but nowhere does it prescribe FEAR them.

‘…And having SPOILED principalities and powers, He made an OPEN SHOW of them shaming them publicly…’ Col 2:15
MSG ‘…He stripped ALL the spiritual tyrants in THE UNIVERSE of their SHAM AUTHORITY at the cross and marched them NAKED through the streets…’


That certainly doesn’t leave out the ‘strong people’ does it?

My church in Abuja used to use a Club for service on Sundays.


Evangelism used to be hard ooo. Once you mention ‘Cubana lounge‘ the questions start flooding. For the life of them, they believe that the spirit of the club will enter us as we worship. I dunno why we don’t think that the spirit of worship which we leave behind (and carry around too) will enter the clubbers and they too start worshipping. We even have precedents in the bible.

In 1Sam 19, comedian Saul sent men to capture David, see what happened in verses 20 and 21

20 Then Saul sent messengers to take David. And when they saw the group of prophets prophesying, and Samuel standing as leader over them, the Spirit of God came upon the messengers of Saul, and they also prophesied.
21 And when Saul was told, he sent other messengers, and they prophesied likewise.
Then Saul sent messengers again the third time, and they prophesied also.

Then in verse 23, Saul decides to go Himself…

23 So he went there to Naioth in Ramah. Then the Spirit of God was upon him also, and he went on and prophesied until he came to Naioth in Ramah. 24 And he also stripped off his clothes and prophesied before Samuel in like manner, and lay down naked all that day and all that night. Therefore they say, “ Is Saul also among the prophets?”

I LOVE that story.

Why???? Why are we so scared of darkness when we have infinitely more power?

Maybe in the past, I was like that too. I believed I had to fear too. But like I said, I’ve been brainwashed. Very brainwashed. I’m always checking ‘who said it? Is it in the Word?’

While still on pregnancy, a colleague confided in me she was preggers. I knew she was sick sometime earlier so I was like ‘…Oh that’s why you were sick…’
And almost like a blood hound, she was all over me….

‘…I have NEVER for one day had any pregnancy sickness. That was just me being sick. Had nothing to do with PG…’

I love how she attacked me ooo. Cos that thing I said was ungodly. Where did the Bible ever say ‘Pregnancy was a disease?’ What right did I have to ascribe sickness to her blessing?
Omo I adjusted immediately. (I’m sure she’ll be shocked I’m saying this here) And y’all best adjust too. If I say, ‘…oh I’m tired…’ You best not say I have pregnancy sickness ooo cos baby, I’ma be all up in your face with my fangs out like a Pythonic Cobra. This babe is rocking the otherwise popularly stormy first trimester like a Rockstar. Several times I have googled

‘… I’m in my first trimester but I don’t feel pregnant. Is that normal?’


Absolutely NO troubles.  For which I am so thankful.

That’s cos I have a better testimony in the Word. I have my confessions. (Though you best NOT spray any perfume beside me lol. I’ve turned off all the airfresheners here. Can’t stand the smell and frankly, I like that ‘symptom’ and the day I stop liking it, I pray it away. Simples. This Body needs to know I’m in charge and I have only wha’ I say)

But jokes aside, you get my point. Be careful to filter even pop opinions with the Word. Does it pass the Word test?

Another thing that upsets me has to be BBM broadcasts.

Look, I know Nigeria is super unsafe naturally speaking now and I’m all for passing info across and being security conscious but why is Psalm 91 in the bible? To put under your pillow? Then some ungodly person will now send the kinda BC that seeks to inspire FEAR in people under the guise of ‘passing relevant info’ and also end it with ‘IT CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE!!!’


I know that statement seems right, and maybe I would have said it in the past but hey…

‘…If you diligently hearken to the voice of God, none of these diseases/calamities/infirmities/insecurities etc will come upon you…’ Exodus 15:26
‘…God spoke to me with a STRONG hand, grabbed me with both hands and warned me NOT to go along with these people. He said ‘…Don’t fear what they fear. Do take on their worries/THREATS…If you must fear, FEAR GOD…’ Is a 8:11ff
‘…Come out from among them and be separate from them who will pollute you…’ 2 Cor 6:17
‘…No enemy attacking our walls. Peace everywhere. No crime/terror in our streets…’ Psalms 144:14

We can’t be making casual statements that gives the devil legal rights over us.
We can’t let experience colour the truth of God’s Word in us.

‘…Let God be true and EVERY MAN a liar…’ Romans 3:4

Some of these things sound right ooo but be sure you are not giving the devil a legal right in by virtue of what you say, hear or see. Let the Bible be a filter through which you sieve all you say and believe. I once did a post about Hustling.


When you keep calling yourself a ‘hustler’ hmmm. Little wonder you work so hard and make so little.
Let’s be careful ooo…

The problem is we don’t know the scriptures enough. We haven’t STORED UP  enough. Like Pastor Chris says, it is that you don’t know what to say.
I like how Jesus answered in Matt 22:29…

‘…Your mistake and your problem is that you do NOT know the scriptures or the power of God…’

MSG says You are OFF BASE on two counts
1. You don’t know your Bibles
2. You don’t know how God works.

When you store up enough, your mind will be renewed, your vocab will be different. You will just find out that you have the right Words for every situation.


I recall the sad day Kefee died, my mentees were discussing it and I was sorta busy but I was following through the discussions without saying anything till one of them said something about being scared of dying while pregnant (as it was alleged she was sick and pregnant and co which her Team denied) and how it can happen to anybody.


I dropped what I was doing and jumped right in. Say what???!!!

I don’t even know how the scriptures jumped right into my spirit but I was all up in their faces dropping the Word ooo and cancelling all that was said. One of my them, Chi now said
Ah mama always has the right Word for everything…’
I smiled.
In the beginning it was not so. No it wasn’t. I used to speak like ‘them’. But I had to learn to study (God bless PK) and STORE UP!!! Like Baba Adeboye says, in the time of trouble, it is what is already in you that will come out. We started a Joshua study this July in my online group and like one of us Nk said in response to Joshua 1:8 (open your bible) was that God doesn’t expect us to rush and start searching the scripture when the devil comes. He expects that we have stored up enough such that it just flows and that bastard runs away tails between his legs.


This second half of the year my darling FABers, it is time to STORE UP.!!!


The devil is re-strategizing for the second half but he will meet us ready!!! Don’t be caught napping baby. Don’t just say words loosely. Remember you shall have what you say (Matt 11:23). Why not say the right things?

God bless PK.


God bless Pastor B. God bless DCC. I am thankful i have been brainwashed.

Do you need a BRAINWASH? I proudly recommend THE WORD!!!




Heyyy thanks for all the birthday wishes guys.


And the Congrats on the new job and new baby. BABY not babies yet please. My twin girls are still in heaven. Thanks soooo much. Wow!!! God bless y’all. If I haven’t yet responded to your message, forgive me please. I will.

A Reader sent me an iTunes Voucher for HillSongs latest release ‘No other name’ on THE VERY day it came out cos ‘she knows how much I love HillSongs. I thought that was super sweet and super thoughtful. God bless you babe. Another sent me ‘Supernatural Childbirth by Jackie Mize’. Ah!!! Blessings on you.

I will be kicking off a series called PreggE’ diaries. I’m excited. Can’t wait to share this journey with y’all. Starting from screaming at the nurses in the hospital for attempting to ‘kill me’ with a wrong prescription. Looool. Watshaaaatt!!!

So another FABer shared with me her job testimony too. I have her permission to run it anon here. Kai!!! That girl did crazier stuff than I did ooo. Ah!!! I feared her no be small. Can’t wait to run it. Watsssshhhhhaaaaattttt too!!! Maybe my next post.

In case you don’t have a Word for the second half of the month, please let STORE UP be your mantra. Even if you do have a Word. Trust me, you will need it. Thank me lerar…

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  1. Have to be in litigation meeting, I never read finish, scrolled down and e still plenty, I will be back, mk I nor enter black book for lateness.But dis topic is one I talked abt wt my roomate b4,including hiding engagement till wedding.I will be back

    1. Had to adjust your comment
      It came with soooooo much attachments from the email notification
      You people and BB 10
      Will be waiting
      I am happy you commented first tho
      I actually thought of you a lot as I typed this. I even wanted to shout out to you in one of the PS’s
      I forgot
      Ah, I forgot the wedding ooo
      People who hide cos of ‘strong people’

      God!!! He must be having a laugh at us from heaven

      1. Ok, I am back, after how many hours, I don read am finish.lols.
        It’s super nice to know that thoughts of me was in someone’s mind while I was running up and down 3floors today.ah, thank you!
        And kai! You have finished this topic!
        Nigerians, always expecting strong thing, na till them born before u go even know say dem get belle, some will even be persons you were “close friends” with, all cuz of fear!
        I jotted down and will meditate on some of the scriptures you shared…its like one of Joyce Meyer’s words I heard in one of her videos, she said “for those who worry that they don’t remember what they read in the Bible, worry not, if you put it in you, it will come out when you need it (paraphrased)
        Bottom line, feed yourself with the word! Stuff yourself on it! Over belleful on the word! When we need it, it will flow out!

        Ok, lemme share this post! Everyone needs to hear!!!
        And you look mighty, splendidly, (for lack of more words) great!! Oga marry well oh, lools.

        1. Thank you boo
          And what JM said I am fully a witness
          I used to bother I didn’t have enough but I realize in those times when I need them, it jumps out from within…
          That’s why I say STORE UP

  2. I looooooooove this gal!!! Just thought I should drop that here.This post really blessed me…I need to STORE UP!!! Yea,it’s ok to be a naturally private person,but it’s not ok,as christians to allow ourselves be controlled by our fear. P.S -On your birthday,one of my friends who attends the same church with you,had your pix as her dp,I told her I follow you on twitter and read your blog posts.I asked her if you were always as energetic as you sound…she said ehen na!lol. I’v never met you,but your energy rubs off on me each time I read your posts.Weird something!!!

    1. Looooooool
      Ehen na indeed
      I think I am even more effervescent as a writer tho than in person but people still don’t think so.

      I LOVED reading your comment boo



  3. Ahh E’ you have to be the sexiest pregnant lady I’ve seen o. See how you just dey shine! Lol Congrats!!!! May God be the sailor of this ship and I pray for a safe delivery in advance.
    And PS: I hope you’ve not forgotten my series o ( batts eyelashes)
    Congrats once again

  4. Fab E’, You have said all well.
    No need trying to hide the truth.
    I love@ Lets God be true and every man a liar” including our fleshy part
    May God grant us grace to be Christians indeed and not to shake at the little devil.
    I sure will store up.
    Thank you for the write up because i have heard a lot and i just wonder.whats there to keep when the strong man is even spirit.
    Congrats on your baby You will carry it well IJN

  5. I agree with you. Who God bless no man curse. We as Christians have the 7 fold armor of God as instructed in Ephesians 6:10-13 if daily applied to protect ourselves against all evil.

  6. True you no dey this planet… Our very Nigerian way, I hate it plenty too sha, more so because of the reasons they do it. Especially if they are Yoruba, they can’t tell you what month they are expecting, they won’t say if it’s a boy or a girl…. They just hush about the whole thing, smile and lie… Happy for you babe… Great news and like every testimony it should be shared.. Congrats again love. Every time I see a mail It’s your blog, I should just learn from u and clear the webs in my blog… Kisses darling… Rock on!!!

    1. Yes boo go clean up your blog OK
      He he he
      Ah, yesooo Yoruba people can do it. Some people actually don’t even let you touch their tummy

      Oh gosh
      I am just weak weak weak at mindsets

      Tz well

      Thanks Ms Giddy

  7. I just love you more everyday shebi u know….. oh and that boy that is on the way.. Sm1 has eyes on him already for her girl…
    I remember when people talk about the hustle or a side hustle/i say i want to do sthg on the side but I cannot hustle…
    Oh and i have started a promise book i want to carry about everywhere…Finally believers need to learn not to keep quiet.The other day at work I had no money in my pocket/wallet, so i planned to withdraw via ATM meanwhile a delivery person was chilling for me at work.Sm1 now said what if the ATM doesn’t work.U shld have seen the way i refuted that statement.
    2 Cor10:3-6(msg)  The world is unprincipled. It’s dog-eat-dog out there! The world doesn’t fight fair. But we don’t live or fight our battles that way—never have and never will. The tools of our trade aren’t for marketing or manipulation, but they are for demolishing that entire massively corrupt culture. We use our powerful God-tools for smashing warped philosophies, tearing down barriers erected against the truth of God, fitting every loose thought and emotion and impulse into the structure of life shaped by Christ. Our tools are ready at hand for clearing the ground of every obstruction and building lives of obedience into maturity.
    Lets keep smashing warped philosophies with the word using our mouths

    1. Those lil things
      Then the atm will now not work.
      We gotta counter n fast too
      Your girl had better be related to both heavenly and earthly royalty. Not British but Christian Middle East Asia.
      Love you too babes

    1. Thank you dear
      I hope you got something else from the post and the pictures didn’t distract too much or I take it down hehehe

  8. And u harrassed me when I told u I was pregnant when u came for darling I love this post.the funniest I have heard is to use a pin on ur dress as it helps prevent those ‘strong pple’ from taking ur child.i taya.where the spirit of God is,there is liberty.freedom to live o cos he has not given me a spirit of fear but of sonship.i am his daughter.why shud I be afraid of small men?eesh!abeg rock these 9months.i have never had one sick colleague said I shud stop saying it cos I dont know 2mr.i told her I know my 2mr and it involves a stressfree pregnancy. u said,u shall have what u say;why not say the right things.

    1. Amaka ooo lol
      Pin on Ur dress

      God must be having a huge laugh loooooool
      Soon you go put pin for water drink
      We know tomorrow ooo and yup stress free pg dey via

      Thanks dear and rock yours too

  9. Eziaha…if you know how happy this post made me eh. I was reading it gently on my phone like i always do. just scrolling through, then i came to the part about the pregnancy and JUMPED straight to my computer so i could leave a comment.

    Eziaha, I pray that God will bless you, your child, your husband and your marriage. May he bless you especially for not being ashamed to tell the good news, not being scared and MOST ESPECIALLY for living in faith. I wish more women were like you. No matter how many superstitious “looking for witches under their bed” people try to discourage you, PLEASE remind yourself that you are a child of the light. Not the dark. You have NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING to fear from ANY HUMAN BEING.
    Psalm 27 v 1 – Of David. The LORD is my light and my salvation– whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life– of whom shall I be afraid?

    God is not a man that he should lie. His word is there for us to use and apply. Of whom should you be afraid? people who live in darkness? tell them to SUCK IT! (excuse my language lol)

    If you decide to tell people you’re pregnant or not, that should be based on whether you and your husband feel you’re doing well enough physically to be able to share the good news.

    As for babycenter, lol, they have a “wiccan” group. (don’t ask me how I know). But regardless of whether witches dey babycenter or not, once again YOU AND YOUR CHILD ARE BLESSED AND HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR FROM ANYBODY BE THEY AMERICAN FRENCH UKRAINIAN OR NIGERIAN

    A very wise pastor of mine told me, “it is what we give credence to, that has power over us”. So those “sister in the lord”s who lend credence to “strong people” will forever be under the power of those so called strong people. Just pray for them and continue to give gracious answers when they spout their nonsense.

    I just find it incredibly daft that people think witches only know something once you announce it. Hello? Duh? Like you said, the enemy doesn’t wait for announcement. So I was pumping my fist when you said “how about the doctor that did the test and knows?” OSE! CORRECT GIRL! Or do people think doctors cannot be strong people? HAHAHAH I laugh in spanish.

    By the way…i knew that picture of you and hubby showing “the difference marriage made” had more to it! CONGRATU FABU LATIONS AGAIN!

    1. Thanks darling
      And you have said it all
      Won’t be looking for the ‘wiccan’ group tho
      He he he

      And amen to all the amazing prayers

      God bless you too and why do i think you are pregnant too. Hehehe

  10. Thank you Mama. God bless you so much for this post. I find myself with a jotter and pen anytime am reading your blog lately. There is so many faith filled scriptures I never knew exited. I really need to store up the WORD. To think I always have the feeling that their is one strong person or the other, waiting to attack. I was saying to myself today, that I wouldn’t tell my mum am pregnant till am six months gone and none of my family members will see while carrying my baby. God just brainwashed me with this post. Am so blessed. Was listening to JM last night and she said. “Just store up the word, once you need it. God will bring it out” thank you Mama mi, have been so blessed by u. Time to step up in my WORD life. You look so fabulous. Enjoying every step of this beautiful awesome experience of motherhood. Love you dearly.

    1. Ify my number one toaster he he he
      Your comments drip sweet like honey

      I am glad this is blessing you and you are becoming a better person.

      When u do get pregnant, you will show no fear because nobody can do anything against a faith filled woman…

      Love you darling and thanks for the compliment

  11. Eziahakaego darling. Congrats on ur job and ur baby(ies) as God wills. Am so happy for u. May God’s light continue to shine bright in ur life. Amen. God bless you darling.
    P.s. Happy birthday in arrears

  12. Pearl this is a very nice post. I really enjoyed reading it and I kept laughing in between.
    Even if one chooses not to announce it, one shouldn’t deny it. Makes no sense denying God’s gift.
    Many will learn a thing or two from this post. I sure did learn a few.
    Congrats on the bun in the oven and the new job.
    Keep up the good work

  13. Congrats dear, God has started a good thing in your life and he will complete it. I rejoice with you.

  14. Its amazing how we passively let the belief system of others regarding issues like this rub off on us. Thank God for the Word (Romans 12:2).
    Congrats on the new job, baby and I know the next will be your new car *winks*. I rejoice with you and may the sounds of rejoicing never cease in your tabernacle. Can’t wait for you to start sharing your pregnancy experiences. Thank you for always being real.

  15. Lovely post as always darling, indeed it’s sad for any child of God to live in fear and cowardice, it shows such a fellow doesn’t know who he or she is in Christ. Ephesians chapters 1-3 clearly states our inheritance in Christ… You are right we need to store up! Congrats on everyside hun. Mwuah!

  16. Wooooow, am so glad I came across uuuu.A good dose for my morning.a first timer.Thanks E for this wonderful piece it a reminder to brace up on storing up the word and living it.congrats……..looking forward to more from u.u are blessed

  17. I never realized that there was a reason people were scared to announce they were pregnant. I just noticed that there was a secrecy around it. All of a sudden, I would just see a baby on someone’s dp, and I would go, “were you pregnant”? Lol. I even just heard that I was not supposed to ask a pregnant woman when her baby was due. I didn’t bother to ask why, I just said sorry and moved on.
    I didn’t catch your announcement on BB, Congrats dear

  18. I had my baby a day before this post and I cannot but encourage you, just as you have identified, Faith is key! God’s word works!!!
    I’m mega happy you put this post up and I pray it encourages a lot of young women concerning pregnancy and childbirth, enough of this believing the lie of the devil. I remember when I first heard of ‘Naija coding’ especially with pregnancy, I suddenly developed this fear from nowhere, ha! thank God for his grace and Faith, HE came through even with my mustard seed Faith! Don’t even get me started, pregnancy is a miracle, if we understood it more, we’d appreciate that we can’t hide it even if we tried 🙂 Not to talk of all the fun you should have while pregnant, if you are ‘fearing awon aiye’ how are you supposed to enjoy it? Let alone getting help, God will not come down to help you, he uses people. If I list how much help, support and prayers we’ve gotten since day 1 we told people we were expecting.. we’ll be here ’till thy kingdom come’
    I’m so happy someone already gave you the Supernatural Childbirth book, I am now a self proclaimed evangelist lols, Hollywood has made us believe it is impossible to have a painless, quick and complication free childbirth, of a truth I can boldly say #supernaturalchildbirth is true and the story of the Hebrew women isn’t a myth! I also recommend Childbirth in the Glory by Janet Mills I discovered this towards the end of my pregnancy, it is a great resource, to just help you stay calm and remember God is on your side!
    My comment has turned to a post lols! A thousand kisses to you! God bless you and your little one.

  19. Aunty Ezi, how is work and the baby? We miss you oh! Try and update na even if its one paragraph.

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