This is how I would sign out of 2013. In as many series as I can, I would be saying my THANK YOUs.
I may not mention everyone but I will try. Yes including my FAB community right here. Especially the ones whose comments, mails and stuff get me grinning silly. I want y’all to know that beyond the counting comments, you too count!!!
If your name doesn’t make this cut, be patient… And forgiving too. Lol. There will be more parts!!!
This is my heart… From me to you… For all your love for E’. You guys make me feel so special and I feel super honored and humbled at the amazing testimonies y’all share with me about OUR blog.
Keeps me on my toes here. That I am a mentor to a lot of you, I don’t take for granted. That some of you call me ‘friend’ or even ‘sister’ I appreciate. Infact… No words. Just plain humbled. That this blog blesses you blesses me… Thank you!!!
In well, no particular order… Till the last name at least… (No it isn’t Aku m) Thank.Full.E’ Part 1!!!

Thank you to my baby girl Genevieve… Viive. I absolutely love you. You are so me at your age and your mails just tickle me pink. Too much energy. Too much drama. Love love love darling.

My darling Teniola… I frankly dunno what you see in me but my prayer is that all the good you covet, God will give you and much more, in this new year and beyond. Love you babe

(Top Viive, BL-Frances, BR-Teniola)
Ah the very amazing blogger who I hope to meet before her Law school year is up… Frances Okoro. You are a real virtuous woman (don’t pay any mind to the lying bastard devil). You are atgtrll that and more. Not in yourself but cos you have ur Sugar daddy behind you and I see you rep Him on your blog. Thanks for being a consisten FAB’er since you discovered my blog. Thanks for your love and very kind words. Bless up!!! Squeezy hug darling.

Bestie in my head… How Aku m and I laughed the day that mail dropped. Jenny darling. We really should meet (I don’t recall but were you the one I couldn’t meet that day…? So sorry boo. Don’t worry, I have plans ๐Ÿ˜‰ for the FAB community ) I’m happy to inspire you. Let’s keep living the God kinda life jare. Love you sweerie.

Ah Lizzy!!! Elizabeth of life!!! Only God can reward you for me cos nothing I ever say or do will do!!! I am amazed as to how bankable and reliable you have been as a friend. And how selfless you are as a person. And I’m also amazed as to how you are respledently becoming a female Hon Patrick to us all. :p (couldn’t resist darling) Just know that as much as it depends on me, if there is anything I can do to make your life easier or better, I will do for you. One doesn’t make such sacrifices in your life and go like that. Thanks for all your input. Thanks especially for that ‘standing in the gap’ song you sent me one time. Thanks for sharing in my victories and my pains. You rock!!! Your husband and inlaws are so blessed to have you ( Calling the things that be not…). God bless you for me darling… Love. Love. Love much!!!

(Lizzie left and Priceless Right)
Priceless. Kathryn. Ah!!! Tz not just you but u and ur hubby I wanna celebrate. I recall one day Nnanna called me when I was just about to be over whelmed to tears with some wedding plans (the white this time). I know it was God that led him to call me cos I didn’t even tell him anything. He just said after asking me how the plans were going ‘my dear, the one you can do, please do. The one you can’t do, leave. It won’t stop you from being married…’And he prayed a prayer that God answered (You gotta call me for that in camera lol). Then kathryn…aside from being a healthy christian friend whose company is always uplifting and enriching, u know how to give me good counsel… Recall the dreads advice. I was going to take off my dreads before the wedding cos… Well long story. We met in church as I left the ladies and when I told her, she COMMANDED me not to try it and gave me great counsel. Then she made me get a ‘sexier’ lingerie than I had and went ahead to also gift me one incase I didn’t buy what she said and gave me some ‘rated 18+ counsel’. Let’s just say you have a special place in Aku m’s heart looooool. Thanks for all the company too darling. You have become a sister. Meeting you this year coloured my world beautiful. You know you gotta work that your blog more in 2014 yeah… Love you girl…

Ify Chime. The one and only Peace +++ Ify. How I await your comments. You have some of the best points and prayers. And to think you are one of those super women… Three kids, and in the bag, fantastic career, lovely home and pretty face with an even prettier heart… Nne if we weren’t good I woulda been beefing you ooo. Thanks for all your true love for all things FAB and E’. Ify who I have never met sent me a wedding present too. Hian!!! Nne, you are just a ROCKstar. Love you too much.

Giantsparkle… I loved your perseverance in stealing into a special place in my heart. Much as we are half namesakes, you still did some work to enter my life. Tz a good thing you did… Good for me. Good for you. I don’t even know the words to say!!! What will I say to your love abeg?!?! Good thing you are here for the long run!!! You are an absolute TEN. Hopefully we will attend a wedding under two years (if you are ready) and I will be very there dancing you into this wonderful world. Love you girl. And thanks for being this sweet lovely sister to me.

(Giant sparkle in orange. Berny with me)
Berny baby!!! Pharm berny. You got me tearing up in church on Sunday as we chatted. You have the sweetest way of reminding me of why I should blog. You remain one of my biggest cheerleaders. I recall the day you walked up to me in the library in Imoran to say how my blog had been a blessing. You still haven’t stopped. God bless you for me berny. And rest assured you and yours are in my prayers. We just can’t stop testifying now can we? Hope your dance is ready ooo… You must beat Oga ooo!!! Love you girl and from the depth of my heart, thank you!!!

One plus!!! Actually make that THE 1plus. Nne eh, both you and your blog need to be kidnapped and put in my house. Lol. Discovering your blog from Inthe’s was like gold. Then that lovely post you did for me. May men always celebrate you in embarassing but very welcome ways. Love you girl and thanks for the amazing gift of 1!!! We will be there when another 1 joins to make 1 too looooool.

Ah and I have to lump this four mamas together!!! Drum roll for @Naijawife @Inthemidstofher @marriagebydbook @anafricandiva. I had to use their twitter handles cos I want you to follow them. Amazing married women who write and tweet biblical truths esp on relationship. I have learnt a lot from you ladies. Even when you are being naughty. Just African diva is not anon. The rest are. They are gold on twitter. Our convos are super hot!!! We should totally package them and sell looool. Thank you Inthe for an amazing LIVING blog. For all those DMs and emails. Loooool. Thank you NW for having this dramatic life that teaches us life lessons. Exciting Christian, that’s who you are. Here’s to more random ‘hey’ or ‘yo’ DMs. Mbdb, you know where we meet now. Your blog is another gold. Here’s to more wisdom for the new year. And the diva herself, those articles on Vine. I still need an address ooo. Need to deliver this hug in person. May the wisdom God has given you all esp in the aspect of relationships last forever. Amen. Group hug ladies. With extra smooches. And NH, you know you are boss right? Twale Sir!!! Keep up the amazing work on NH.

Bella girl, you dunno what that blog did for me ooo?!?! Was that me you put right after my pastor kingsley? Me??? As in E’… You made my morning Bella Mayei. I just discovered your blog so I’m looking forward to more of you in 2014. Be mentioning me on twitter ooo. Thanks girl. You must be a super amazing person.

And some amazing people in the #LA137 fam. Tho I dropped out (after I explained to Ike) the fire of bible study was ignited in me from our study. Signet seal, you are a real star!!! Ur analysis were real. Eloxie!!! Lemme not lie darl, if we weren’t cool, I for dey beef you ooo. You seem like one of those girls that any prospective inlaw would love… Prim and Proper, british, reserved, deep, and a beautiful Christian sister. Plus you know how to just tweet the lovelies things at me and drop super sweet comments. I suspect that if I cut a bit of you, you would be real sweet to taste. Lol. Sweetheart, I love you and I really hope to sit for a drink with you sometime this new year… Deal?

Salsera… I love that you take my blog very seriously. Thanks for that lovely email to clarify things. It will reflect when I write it. Thanks for regularly commenting. I look forward to your comments. Love you hun…

Tannie my darling.
This one is a God-sent. She is as naughty as she is lovable.

I wish you didn’t miss this wedding ooo. Thank you for your hand in friendship. Thanks for being such a blessing to me this year I met you. Bless you darling. Your’s is this year abi? By God’s grace we will be there. Love you girl.

Osibomu and Zi. One a secondary school friend and the other Uni. But they drop insightful comments on my blog that bring a new slant to things. That’s what they have in common hence my putting you girls together. I always look forward to reading your comments. Thanks for not making them scarce. Please make them even more regular in 2014. Love love love.

Somsom darling. Your testimony on my blog this year still resonates. I love how it blessed lives. May you have more to share with us this new year and may we all who celebrated you continue to testify too. Thanks for sharing baby. And you know tz love I got for you…

(Som on the right, Jioke on the left)
My Starship!!! I am just watching you!!! Hope you got shades on ooo. I see too much brightness in your future!!! Jioke, you are an absolute star (somehow u and Eloxie strike a similar chord in me). Thanks for accommodating me when I relocated temp to Abuja when all you knew of me was just my blog. Thanks for being a real virtuous woman indeed. Thanks for reppin’ our Sugar daddy very well. And thanks in advance cos you will remember me in your kingdom and I won’t have to fill form to see you oooo…. And this is me envying that blessed man who is your very own!!! Love you round the world and back… Wish I could give you a real hug right now!!! Ugh

Marysemako, Mary darling!!! I can’t wait to meet you so that you can give me all the hugs and kisses you send to me on a regular. You must be a real joy… Thanks for letting my blog be a blessing to you and thanks for letting me know always. I appreciate you more than you know b… More. Love you girl!!!

Worship and swag AND Cannime, my late discoveries on 2013. Good thing I discovered you girls. We go rock 2014 yeah? Shout out to you girls for all the love you show me in the comments section.

My Booski My Booski. *singing No one be like you…* Nobody else can be my booski. Nne, do you see God at work in your life? Aren’t you in awe?!?! Won’t I be justified to beef you? How can you be so blessed?!?! *beefing you jor* loooooool.
Me I am looking at you transform before my very before and I can’t even keep up. You say you learnt from the best abi? Nne, you are beating the best ooo. I almost can’t believe you Dumebi. You see eh, 2014 I am sticking to you even more. You may need to start teaching me some of the things you say I taught you. Looooooool. My girl. My bestie. My Booski. Clearly 2013 was our year. The girl didn’t love me alone and adopt me as a sister, she got her parents to adopt me as the other daughter they didn’t have and her brothers too. That’s intense ooo. And this is a special shout out to mommy dearest. Thanks for also reading my blog. Hugs and kisses. And thanks for the beautiful gift of Booski!!! My darling, we will bury the devil even deeper in this new year!!! Bloody loser. He messed with the wrong set of girls…

*evil laugh*
My Booski… Words can’t express my love but since tz just words I have, I LOVE YOU baby!!! Thank you for a fantastic year. Distance was absolutely NO barrier!!! And if you end up in Abuja with me, I promise, I won’t complain. And please don’t bother, you will get pregnant before me. I don’t mind. Enjoy and leave me alone oooooooo!!! *askor*

To my 5crushes in DCC. This is the point I bring out my tissue. *sniff sniff*
Diche, Eky, Charming Onyinye, Adaora and Blessing.

If anybody told me that a whole month would go by and I won’t receive a hug from either of you, I won’t have believed.
They generously donated hugs to me. Infact, we would chat and prepare for the hug the next service day loool.
Diche, Diche… Thank you. I miss you sha… Chai!!! Love you big *wailing*
Ada… Who will squeeze me like you please? Who? *sniff* Ada Ada!!! Blessed woman. Obviously!!! Love you too much
Eky… I am seriously looking for your wings. Angel you are!!! Confirmed!!! How someone will always be looking for a way to bless you as if we are dating beats me. Eky, God bless you for me.
Blessing!!! How I miss seeing you sing heavens down. Or just shamelessly coming over for a hug everytime.
Onyi the super charming lady. Mommy to be. Can’t wait for the charming princess to be born. Onyi would read my blog then ping me privately for gist lol.
I miss y’all mega. But I’m thankful for the love you guys show me and especially the hugs!!!
This is too emotional to write. And I’m sure it is really long as I am just typing away on my bb without checking.
My last (for this part one) person was supposed to be the one man I am proud to call DADDY who has been such a HUGE blessing to me that I can never get tired of mentioning and loving up on him. If you are a regular FAB’er, you should know him. I am too drained emotionally to do a befitting thank you so I’ll roll it over to the next. I have to be alert to write about him…
Ok three announcements before I run along…
I am a guest blogger on Chioma Chuka’s blog today on her #31days31Writers series. I attempted to chronicle my 2013 there. You should check it out and drop a comment too.
I love how God gives us various pieces of a puzzle to solve and how the pictures come together nicely. That’s the crux of this Post I want you to read from JustUsGirlsNaija Yup tz my Pastor’s totally fabulous blog. The post blessed me so much and I took over the comments section looool.
Then my January series on 31F.A.B.Voices…Testifying!!! Wow!!! I have 10 already. I hope I haven’t missed anyone’s own ooo. Please send to ONLY
Don’t forget to attach a picture.
Then please don’t mix it up!!! I see some are mixing it up… You may wanna re-read the article here first
Please write on plans for 2014 not how 2013 went. Also try and make it very rounded.., both the serious stuff and the fun stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚ You can write not more than 1000 words (I upped it from the initial 500)
Still expecting more so send asap!!!
I am so excited at the plans most of y’all have. Together, we will!!!
Thanks y’all. Much love!!!
And merry merry Christmas eve darlings!!! Hope you are done shopping ooo? Loool. I am so done so tz going to be a real happy holiday for me. And Aku m. Yay!!!
Happy holidays too


55 Responses

  1. Ah Eziaha!!! Kai eyes have not seen nor ears heard the resplendence your life mirrors now and in years to come. All the honour you show me and noise you make about me (I don’t think I merit still), will be but a fraction of the testimonies that will attest to your impact on lives, the world over. I’m Thankful God saw fit to bring you into my life.
    Walahi, the people that will attempt to kidnap you from Aku’m are plenty. Trust me.

    Cheers to super-duper, more F.A.B years together.

  2. Oh my God! Thanks for your sweet message. Now I remember one more reason I totally love you, it;s your attention to people and details. This was some ‘thank full’ summary! You just know how to make everyone feel special, how to pick out the subtle undertones that make each person glow and blow them up, and that sincerely too. You are such a special one, reason you see so much beauty in others. And you commit your time and memory to same.

    I’m thank full with you for such a super beautiful year and again, you bring to light one of my biggest lessons of life so far. Life is about people…and I am glad that you have such a diverse and yet amazing group of people in your corner. I am even more intrigued by your grace. The grace to peice it all together and express such effusive gratitude in most sincere words and for making time out to write this? Love you girl.

    Oh, it would be an honour to have that drink with you. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for being ever so effervescent, bursting with light and life. Your life will continue to shine brighter and brighter unto the perfect day and nothing will take away your zest for life and purpose.

    Okay, let’s ring in 2014, there’s yet more grounds to conquer and now that there’s Aku’m’, when you took out 1,000 in 2013, you two will take out 10,000 in 2014. Love you babes.

    1. Ah Eloxie! Your comment resonates!!!!!! Your expressive prowess is mirrored in a beautifully-all encompassing, summary of this post, the writer and the heart behind it. And to think I thought of you and imagined your likely comment when I read this post. You upped the ante mehn!

      *hands you the comment of the day medal* ๐Ÿ™‚ Lol.

      Bless your heart ma’am!

      1. God bless you dear Lizzie. Your comment left me blushing despite my dark skin. If you speak like you write, I daresay you have the gift of the gab and because of who your father is, I know you are getting better by the day.
        Your comment was refreshingly tasteful and effortlessly eloquent. God bless you and give you more grace. God bless Eziaha too for this medium to celebrate God’s beauty in others.

        1. *sigh*…remind me again, why aren’t we twins?….I read your comment and hear myself. How remarkable can it get? Bless your heart, Stupendous Grace for today and the other day. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. I have cried again…I’m still crying and my husband thinks it’s because of d gift he got me for Christmas *yimu*. Dear Lord, may he not read this comment. Eziaha…someday I will put barbed wire around my emotions and u won’t be able to make me teary eyed again. And Soneday, I will show you in the best way I can just how much I love and value you and your friendship. But for now…let me cry and enjoy one of the best gifts from you to me this Christmas. Always…U are Tastefully Divine.

  4. You need to see this really BIG smile on my face :D…I am so honored.(ยดโŒฃ`สƒฦช)
    Lemme munch my screen *DP tinz*
    Everybody must see E’ mentioned me on her blog.โ”Œ (ห˜.ห˜)สƒ โ”(‘โŒฃ’โ”) (โ”Œ’โŒฃ’)โ”Œ ฦช (ห˜โŒฃห˜)โ” โ”Œ(ห˜.ห˜)สƒ
    Thank you E’ *mwuaaaahhh*

  5. Ah,lemme reply LiZzie’s comment first-ah,babesssss,I should have known that you’ll drop your vocab here like its hot.choi! This post merits it plenty plenty though.
    lemme now comment my own…

  6. E…E…,Mrs Eziaha…
    Your words had me teary eyed. truthfully,me,a whole strong girl like me went all soft and for a worthy reason.
    Oh,see God using you to wipe off the silly,silly thoughts in my head at this near end of the year.
    Ah,I know. yes,I am all that,because our ‘sugar daddy’ is behind me,He is working in me and it will show forth.
    I am lost for words on how to even express what I feel.suffice it to say that if this words wrapped up 2013 for me,I am satisfied.
    Little did I know that when I foray(ed) into the blogosphere,that I would meet amazing people like you.
    Oh,God bless u E,may u continue to inspire others with your fab life in Christ. and as u’ve taken the time to type this all out,to touch us in the sweet parts of our hearts and make us smile,may your thoughts also make God smile.
    Cheers to 2014. God bless u,ur Aku’m and all yours.
    Thanks,thank u,thanks lots…

    And yay!!! 1000words now yeah?? I need to write this post ooo,I have written a draft but I’ve got to couch it well.Its all in my head but I need seriousssss push!!! Kai!
    Its oncoming soon,before the rest fab testifiers go chance me.
    And hope I chance lizzie for long comments thing this time? I hope cuz lizzie’s a strong something when it comes to comments.
    Ok o,b4 this turns to another post(this post had that effect on me),I gotta go.

    Ok again,thank u.
    #ok bye.hehehe.

  7. I forgot to say Merry Xmas to you and oda F.A.B. Sisters. MERRY CHRISTMAS DARLINGS *sprinkles love, kisses and cute shiny things

  8. I’m just speechless how someone can be soo thankful. I wanna say thank you to those who have made your life (E’s) this beautiful and amazing. May God increase you all in this coming year 2014. Merry Christmas E and every FAB community member, Its beautiful to know these beautiful things that make all of you special and unique. Thank you E.

  9. Eziaha Olojo…… big hug. btw this is the only thing i miss about u(those hugs)…I am thankful for the gift of U baby….
    U don’t know how much I look up to U and how much u inspire me. If I recite the lines of ur blog I have in my head ehn… and thank U for opening my eyes to Psalm34:5 that verse has worked like jazz for me.
    I love u darling and yes U must come for my own o. I trust Aku’m to release u.

  10. Hmmmmn…… where do I start from? Now I really dnt mind travelling down to locate you and give you that squeeze-you-tite-spin-you-around-bear hug. I appreciate you very much. Words will neva be enough but I wont stop praying for you. May God reward you abundantly. You shall be singled out for greatness. May God bless ur home and perfect your marriage. Amen. May God’s Will for your life be done. Amen. Love u plenty much sweety…..

  11. Now I understand what you meant when you said you were emotional drained. I’m sure each person is worthy of the love you have shown them. God bless your beautiful heart and the beautiful hearts of those you are thankful to. Merry Christmas everyone.

  12. Ezi Nne, I’ve not posted a comment on “d list” cos I’m short of words and u know tiz rare 2 find me speechless, and nw I see all this luv abt me and hubby* cleans tears* all I can say is “God aint tru wit u sweety” watch out for 2014.

    EmMm tell ur Aku dat I’ve got ur back anytime o, heehehhehehe *winks* as 4d blog, it wld be beta by nxt year . Ild even ping u later sef 2 discuss som ideas.

    Luv u girl and happy holidays 2 u and Aku.

  13. Now I gat to comment here most definitely. Yay cos I was menttioned of course plus most importantly I have to support and second and re-affirm dat my 2013 has been a year of testimony for me. I have truly testified whether d devil likes it or …..dats his business. I have sed my NTOI to EkWEnsu o. I have risen with Christ. And dat DANCE my darling, dat dance has started o. Thank you Eziaha for beingg such a blessing. Have a very MerrY Christmas

  14. Christmas meal going cold for d second time today. been off social media and almost missed this… Awww E’. Thanx. Thanx for being an inspiration (yeah to u it’s obeying ABBA, but for us it’s an inspiration) friend of life, sister of life. I’m glad you had a wonderful year. indeed He gives his beloveth sleep(rest), and here u are majestically entering ur rest. what prayers can I pray for u and ur sweetheart sef?(ehen! this one I like muchos) that u both will continue to light the world bright for Christ till eternity. and thanx for remembering me. sometime in d future I hope I can work as in really work with u. toodles. I couldn’t find d smilie blowing kisses but I’m blowing them anyways. merry Christmas love

  15. OMG!!!!!! Can’t believe she mentioned me first!!!!! #teamdancingazontoforchrist! Menh! The kind of ‘plenty talk’ I see in the comment section gets me scared to comment sometimes! I mean I’m not a ‘plenty talker’ (unless I’m giving Aunty E gist *shines teeth*).But not this time! The kind of blessing that God will bless you for me ehn,its has no measure!

  16. You are clearly someone who values her friends and good friendship. Even though I’ve never met you I can tell! E, I hope you never change. So many women are afraid to be friendly and open because they’re afraid of being hurt, but I think that if we all followed your example, by choosing good honorable people to surround ourselves with, we’d all be blessed the way you’ve been.
    p.s. – I’m just here blushing at your shout out.

  17. Yaay! just checking in after d last time n i saw dis…. i feel so good cos i was mentioned….lol. Also want to say a big thank you to you, ur blog has bn a blessing to me n has always helped put things in perspective, like dumebi said – ”Tastefully divine”. keep up d good wrk n i will love to also read more on ur other blog.. d nysc/inspiratn stories…. hv a jolly holiday darl xxx

    1. Thanks darling.
      My Nysc blog has run its course I guess. Prospective corpers can visit for info as tz there on the site.
      Bless you darling

  18. Hmmmm, currently in villa and network has been crappy but I cldn’t let it stop me from commenting. My charmer thanks for your wonderful words, you know it’s easy for you to be envied when we get to see the happy side of you forgeting there are lots of battles fought behind the scene. You are an amazing person, I would hav prayed for a life of yours but I’ve learnt we all have different destinies. I pray your life continues to shine and lead men to Christ. Just as you’ve celebrated many people on your blog may you be celebrated, stand before kings and may your hubby wake up every morning with a smile on his face with tots of you , he’s blessed to have you. Loads of love.

  19. Chaiiiiii…where do I start…I am speechless and because I am reading this blogpost from my BB, I had to read ALL the other comments first before getting to the section to post my own comment. NOW, after reading all those SUPER FAB comments by all the FAB’ers, I am truly short of words…
    Ezi dearie, I am still in the village o and GLO network is still poor hence my comment on this beautiful last day of the year 2013. Awwhh, I was sooo excited to have been able to download this post after our chat yesterday, complete with the pics, then the network went offline again. Being an introvert and a very private person, I hardly want to be on the spot or to be erroneously tagged as being a snub! I just want to be…. He he but Eziahakaego darling, from the first that I discovered your blog from PM’s mention on Just Us Girls, I was hooked to your Favored and Blessed Lifestyle. You truly inspire me Nne, and though I’m older, you do teach me ooo. I thought I would remain anon all through my comments, but the God in me and in all of us Fab’ers has to be celebrated. So dearie, thanks for being Thank.Full for me…I am truly thank.full for you too…you remind me to stand up for Christ and to represent wella, and also to SWAG eeeee. In fact, E’ here’s to our Sugar Daddy, *wine glasses raised* and toasting to a truly Fab year, I can’t count my blessings, miracles and perfect reports…
    All glory to God Almighty, Blessed Trinity and Holy Unity.
    Squeezy hugs and forehead kisses from me and my Triple delights’ (the young C’s)
    God bless Nne, looking forward to an amazingly wonderful beautiful perfect 2014…
    Peace and love +++

    1. Your comments always make me glad. Thank you nne. And we will have more to celebrate this new year amen
      *clicks glasses*
      Kisses to the three C’s

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