Thank.Full.E’… Part 1

This is how I would sign out of 2013. In as many series as I can, I would be saying my THANK YOUs. I may not mention everyone but I will try. Yes including my FAB community right here. Especially the ones whose comments, mails and stuff get me grinning silly. I want y’all to […]

FOUR MORE YEARS… I’ll tweet to that…

Original Black African Managing America… that’s O.B.A.M.A A darling friend tweeted this… I mean, who wouldn’t love Obama… yeah I know some don’t but deep in their hearts they do ooo… hehehe But the silly girl is NO MORE darling seeing as she tweeted this too… JELOXXY… I don’t like Mitt’s name… It sounds like […]

Once upon a DEMON…. Seriously

Ladies and Gentlemen… there is a Writer’s demon!!!!  No I don’t mean Writer’s block ooo.. DEMON. The kind that hinders progress… I don’t think it is of the Devil though cos the Devil is super powerless where I am… I think it may be from my Village, My classmates or even one Supermarket I stopped […]