​Hey guys,

So I’m flying in to share SOME pictures from my July Squad!!! 

Three weeks in and we have seen some crazy good results. Eeeeek!!!

Been sharing on IG and Twitter @savedfitnfab Feel free to follow us

And these pictures are accurate because I made them snap just BEFORE the Class and told them to keep the dress used because we would do an AFTER. So these pictures tell the true story. 

And hey, all thanks to clean eating and working out. Nothing else. 

Oh btw, incase you missed it… I talked contraceptives and weight gain in my latest video. And I also explained why Kimk bod is NOT feasible for most of us naturally. So all these I want to lose my tummy but not my hips (especially where it is FAT giving you those hips). 


Ok those pictures…

And even more

Phew… trust me I was undone by these pictures. Awesome!!!


I run monthly online classes and there are slots available this August. 10k for 4weeks. Email savedfitnfab@eziaha.com if interested or share with anyone who’s ready for FAT Shredder August…

I also have a program for those who want to blast arm fat… 

Tz a one month workout plan for 5k designed to FOCUS on an attack arm fat. I will also advise you on FOOD!!! Err if you need to lose total body fat, please this would not work for you. Please join the August class (or any month you are ready)

Cheers to a FAB week


Tomorrow, i am blogging on SQUAD DEFINITIONS!!! Basically how to DEFINE the relationships in your life so not only do you get the BEST out of each but also you are NOT disappointed at them. Kinda like a FOLLOW UP to the Post SQUAD GOALS.. https://t.co/cu3VkMNk2Z

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  1. Waoh! So proud of you dear. I bet you are fulfilled and proud of the impact you are making in other people’s lives. Cost I am too. You are a lesson on following God’s leading and trusting God on career choices.
    This is just the beginning of your empire dearie.

  2. see goose bumps all over me ooo…kai i am mighty impressed & 100% sure God called you into this. God bless u big

  3. Wow! I’m so happy for you. Especially for the way you’ve helped put a smile on these ladies’ heart!
    I amen that prayer of you having a special place in heaven.
    You’ve done well! God bless you.
    I wowed from the first picture to the last because you’ve helped make these ladies’ dreams come true. And God will bless you! Amen!

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