Hey b,

I got your email darling. Right after your IG message, tweet/DM and Facebook inbox. You really want to lose weight. At least I think so. At the very least, I hope so.

You reached out to the right person boo. Me!!!

Ignore the hair

You see, God helped me and I won the battle over FAT!!!


I can tell you that to a really large extent, that I feel your pain.

You see, I was FAT and I really hated being FAT. I almost said ‘I hated myself’ but that would have been a lie. I’m pretty awesome so how can anyone hate on this?


Haha. Kiddin’
But seriously tho, I hated being FAT.


I shared a bit of my story on this blog (link at the end of the post) even though it was a lot worse. I hated looking in a mirror. I hated how I looked in pictures. 


Let me tell you a story. Most of my friends know I’m powered by hugs (Yes I’m powered by the Holy Spirit but i’m talking carnal here, Spirikoko you!!!). I just love a real good sister tight prolonged hug.


So I had this friend who came visiting. I happily rose to hug her happily. Yes happily used twice in a short sentence. All 106kg of me and she said ‘please don’t squash me jor. See how big you are ‘ and she freed herself from my grip.
I did a good job of masking my feelings but I was hurt. So hurt I wasn’t that enthusiatic about giving or receiving hugs again.

May I just repeat that I’m powered by hugs.

Or the other day, I had took this really long walk to SPAR (I know the tense is ‘taken’ but I just wanted to be a lil’ bit naughty there. Shoot me!!!). On the checkout queue, there was this man, I wouldn’t qualify him as fit or healthy. I wasn’t even talking to him. I just picked a pack of Bounty…..

Err, Sugar, lemme tell you this story in my next letter to you.

Today, I just wrote to empathise with you.

Especially those of you who have been on and off this bandwagon for a long time and are just plain tired!!!

You see hun, tired is what you are. But are you really READY to kick fat?

Tired and Ready are two very different words.

Can I just say the truth to you sis? The raw uncut truth!!! One truth I believed and still do?

This journey is HARD!!!


It is a long, tough, restricting journey.

Do NOT believe anyone who says to you ‘our diet is not restrictive’. That’s a LIE!!!

Think on this Love. How do you think you will continue to eat WHAT you eat HOW you eat it and expect to lose weight? Miraculously?

Someone show me Angel Gabriel!!!

Sister, if FOOD got you overweight (ouch), and for most of us, it was food, talk true, you will have to RESTRICT yourself as you learn new habits and unlearn old ones.

That. Is. Restrictive.

It really has to be, if it will have any effect. At least at the beginning and a little more flexible later.

You will have to eat less carbs (think bread, pasta, chinchin, rice, cake etc) and almost zero fizzy drinks (think minerals and co) and eat more fruits, proteins, salads and veggies.

Honey, that’s RESTRICTION!!!

I’m truly upset when I see anyone market the ‘our meal plans are not restrictive’ so that pushes me to get the plan ‘backhandedly’ and I don’t see foofoo, afang, rice, cake, pizza, etc featuring there frequently, or at all.

So babe, don’t let anyone lie to you ok. You will have to RESTRICT your diet. A LOT!!! Especially if you were as food indisciplined as me, downing almost 4000calories or more daily between what I called food and junk. 

Restriction is NOT starvation. Restriction boo, is discipline!!!

Until you are ready to be food disciplined, you are just tired!!!
Tired but unserious and not ready to do something productive and progressive about your weight. And guess what won’t change? Yup, we all guessed right.

Lemme introduce you to one of my babies. Ify.


I love her sooooo much.
I had just started my journey when the Holy Spirit prompted me to ring her and ask her to take her weight more seriously. I did and she gave me a time when she would start.

‘Next month…’ she said.

Ify started in November 2015. She would call me A LOT asking me questions here and there. You see, Ify is a correct Igbo wife. Her foods had to look ‘sexy’ in her words. Sexy meant oil swimming everywhere and her carbs had to be served in VERY generous portions, time of the day or night didn’t matter. She had to make MAJOR adjustments to her diet.
Look at Ify today.


I’m tooooooooo proud. Toooooooooooooooo proud of her. She eats very clean today and she has health testimonies as an added bonus to this new vanity look she’s sporting.

Babe, Ify did it. And so can you!!!

Now, another eason I am writing you this letter is because I cannot and will NOT give out my phone number everytime anyone asks me especially after they have seen my picture or heard my story.


It is not that I am prouding or stuff. It I just that I can NOT!! You see, at the beginning, I indulged every ‘please let me call you so I can ask you XYZ’. I would spend sometimes ONE HOUR talking to just ONE chick. I am quite a talker. I have a MOUTH!!! But I would be exhausted too. Then at the end of my talk, the chick will tell me ‘na wa oooo, it is hard ooo. I don’t think I can do all that. You really tried. It is your personality’ and various degrees of such nonsense.

It happened SO MANY times.

Sometimes, it would be via whatsapp or BBM. I would type and type and the person would say any of the nonsense above.

I’m sorry if you think I’m being harsh by saying Chicks be saying NONSENSE!!! Trust me, it is real painful to pour your heart and soul out only for the chick to say that. No wonder one of the people who helped me on my journey said ‘the only thank you I want from my clients is that they really put in the hardwork and lose the fat’.

80percent of people don’t take what you say. They always want the easy way out. They wanna live in KFC, pop a diet pill, drink some weight-loss teas, move into Chicken republic and STILL LOSE WEIGHT!!!

So you see, that’s why I started this segment on my blog, inspired by the Holy Spirit who really makes me look infinitely better than I really am. I wanted to have a broader platform to refer such requests to.

The sad truth sister is the fact that even when I refer some Chicks here, they still come back and say ‘…please I still have some questions. Please send me your number…’
I decided to indulge one again recently and I spent at least 45mins on the phone to her, in the course of which I realised she didn’t really read the posts. Anyways, after the talk, I then referred her to one of my ladies to get something that would help her further. Guess who didn’t turn up?
She!!! Or Her!!! Whatever. Lol

The HolySpirit laughed at me so much because He had warned me against giving out my number on this weight loss matter.
Now I am wiser. Please don’t be offended if I do NOT give you my number. I have poured as much of my story here, and I continue to. I also share a lot on Instagram (Eziaha). Trust me, if you lean in well enough, you will not need my number before you start the journey.

My voice is pretty awesome and i’m quite exciting to listen to but it won’t get you off your cute lil butt until you are really ready. And if you are really ready, you won’t need my number to start.

I really dunno what else you wanna hear. Lol. A dear friend actually told me to tell him what I did WITHOUT telling him to reduce his food portions or not eat XXX o. Lol.

Bless those sisters who have sent me mails telling me how they have started their journey just from following my story on my blog and have lost XXkg already and so on.

Good Lord, those ladies make me so happy. Some even send me pictures. Then when they have their questions, without even asking for my number, I give it just to scream in excitement in their ears.

I can see their seriousness and I jump in to further help.

I mean, that’s a lesson right there, no?
You need to be seriously ON THE WAY if anyone is going to jump in and help. I called Ify a lot as I chanced on any info that would help us. Or just to find out how she’s doing.

This letter is getting too long. I will write you again soon, sister. And tell you about my crazy good friend, Priceless. Another chick I’m fiercely in love with who kicked FAT.

I’m about to go for my evening run.


I shared in my last post how I had moved to 81kg.

March 13

Good news is, I’m back to 77kg.

March 21

It was HARD!!! I was VERY busy yet I cleaned up my diet again and worked out.

No miracles here!!!

Oh sis, before I leave, may I share with you that I’m actually really nice. Just incase my letter makes me sound ‘un-nice’.

So nice I took on 6 serious ladies to help on this journey for absolutely free, pouring water and blood in to make sure they saw results in 5weeks.

One of my ladies

I enjoyed it so much I’m taking on another FIVE. Good news is I have a slot for one more lady. Just read the requirements, be serious enough, read ALL my #SavedFit&FAB posts and then do me a mail. You will see the email in one of the posts.

And hey, even better news is the fact that after this second set of oshofree, I like Jacob can say ‘…it is now time for me to make some money and look out for my own interests…‘ and so we will put a fair price to it.

Feel free to apply again then when I am ready to kick off.

This journey is hard yup but the results are well worth it.

U can tell im doing a lil bit of 'suckin' belle' but still... #abscooking

Over and over again.

As I put back my golden pen into my basket full of roses, I’m also sending you Hugs!!!

The kind my 77kg self LOVES to give…


Stay Saved, Fit and oh-so-FAB!!!

Sorry if I haven’t gotten back to you on the second Saved Fit&FAB group. I’ve been fruitfully busy chasing my 10,000.  Lemme let you into the gist of my absolutely engaging internship with Joyce Meyer and Christine Caine in another post.


Well, e-ternship more like as it is electronically powered.
Anyways, I’m trusting God we will kick off next week. The group that is. I got all the emails and would respond in the course of this week.
Gosh I am so sorry ladies.

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  1. God bless your soul mama. Thank you for effortlessly pushing me into who i am now. You are my biggest inspiration anyday. You pick up anything and bring so much life to it.

    I can totally relate to that story about some jokers who wants to loss weight without any effort. Some ask me if I took any drugs and I tell them NO. I take my time to explain and send them tips, all i get is “this is hard oo, you really tried. I can’t do it” So annoying.
    Wow!!! I see me above. You inspired me mama. Never knew I could ever exercise or stop cooking without oil. Now everyone around me, knows me as a Healthy eater. You made it possible. God bless you again and again.

    I await the tranformation of of this new set. God bless you for your selfless service. More grace.

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