Running CoachE’Squad… The Testimonies, challenges and more. Phew!!!

Hey people Gosh, do you know we actually registered a whole website for CoachE’Squad and this year, right after we registered the company as a Limited Company, so i am not even supposed to promote anything CoachE’ here (at least alone or primarily) but on the website BUT THIS YEAR HAS BEEN INTENSE YAWL!!! I […]

SavedFit&FAB… Going PREMIUM to serve you BETTERER!!!

My bestie just popped out baby number 2 and Sunday was the christening. I had gone into the bathroom and on my way out, I didn’t realize I was talking to myself out loud. Haha. Guess what I was saying? I was mentally preparing a customized meal plan for a Client who was looking to […]

#SavedFit&FAB… Dear Sister-trying-to-lose-weight,

Hey b, I got your email darling. Right after your IG message, tweet/DM and Facebook inbox. You really want to lose weight. At least I think so. At the very least, I hope so. You reached out to the right person boo. Me!!! You see, God helped me and I won the battle over FAT!!! […]

#SavedFit&FAB…The FIRST FIVE (Pix) and ANOTHER FIVE!!!

Been a while on these streets guys. Air kisses. How’s everyone’s fitness game going? Strong? Off the tracks? Just there? Haha #FitnessStruggleIsReal Just keep pushing guys. Consistency is key here and so if you are willing to put in the discipline now and pay the tough price, you will get to your Later On where […]

#SavedFit&Fab… Book review:Good Health Good life by Joyce Meyer

I have never been more excited about anything on my weight loss journey as I am about this amazing book written by my mama. Joyce Meyer is a MAJOR inspiration in my life generally and when I decided on this journey, I turned to her yet again. Mama has always been big on health. This […]


Hiiiiiii yawl!!! Gosh, this week was G A N G S T A!!! Lol Was gonna totally forgo this week’s #SavedFit&Fab post on my meals and all cos I hadn’t tidied it yet. But I decided to do this instead. I mean I know some ladies wanna apply and have been patient till today. I […]