Hiiiiiii yawl!!!
Gosh, this week was G A N G S T A!!!
Was gonna totally forgo this week’s #SavedFit&Fab post on my meals and all cos I hadn’t tidied it yet. But I decided to do this instead. I mean I know some ladies wanna apply and have been patient till today.

I hate disappointments. Both giving and receiving so…

I apologise it is a day late tho.

Plus I really want our class to kick off in February so this week would be for orientation and preparing.
Whoooosh!!! E X C I T E D!!!

So ladies, if you have read all the conditions , you qualify and have prayerfully considered it and are ready with all the stuff I mentioned, please do me a mail
I know I mentioned a neutral person was gonna select but I reconsidered.

For good reason.

So I will be selecting.

Won’t be on a first come first serve basis. Would be on a spirit-led basis. But by Monday night tho, I should have picked my 5ladies.

Please in your email, include
Your current weight and height
Dress size (UK)
And a lil about yourself.
Again, tz free but I mean business.
Read conditions well ooo.
If I am offering myself, then all I’m asking is you give it/me your best shot.
Trust me, RESULTS are EVERYT.H.I.N.G!!!
Tz tough yup but tz worth it!!!
Look at me!!! I’ve gone FULL CYCLE!!!


No gym. No weight loss teas/drugs/patches. And a Full time job/baby. And no help.
Just God’s help and determination.

Please don’t feel bad if I don’t pick you. I’m sure God has something better in store for you. I recommend Health n Healthy (Natachi Peace) ‘s class. She gooooooooooooood!!! But you gotta pay her sha.
I also shared plenty resources that can help in this post

Side note to Ijeoma: Please use our former mail trail if you can. Otherwise, please use the email address you use to comment.

One last thing, Pastor Mildred is also sharing her weight loss journey here.
Scoot over and follow her too. So excited about it.

Follow her small small sha. She goes HARD lol. 3.5kg first week ain’t no joke!!! My highest was 2.7kg one week and I was even on detox.
And she says she will wanna help some people too when she is ready so stay close guys. Especially CS moms!!!
Cool stuff.

Pray with me guys. Picking a home help this week by His Grace.
A Help like Naaman had.


That young slave girl who changed his life by leading him to Elisha. And his other servants who prodded him to go wash in the Jordan when he was being foolishly strong headed.



Everytime I read that story, I’m just blown away by it.
His servants literally changed his life!!!


Group hug guys and I hope to have a ‘regular’ post this new week.
Or two!!!





Funny story!!!
There was this girl in one of the online classes I joined. She packed a trailer loada ridiculous excuses BUT she always sent those broadcasts of Prayers and prophecies from Daddy GO and all. She didn’t participate in her WOs and didn’t follow any meal plan. It was like she came to be the preacher girl there. I used to laugh so hard. Her excuses ehn??? Choi!!!
So ladies, please in this our group, NO BROADCASTS. No prayer chains and forwarding. No prophecies. No fund raising!!! No contribution for any ‘good’ project.
The purpose is simple!!! Weightloss!!!
Thank you!!!

I have just encountered the ministries of Joseph Prince and Christine Caine!!! Guys, I’m in YouTube HEAVEN!!!
Caine is my twin (older) sister walahi. If you wanna know how I behave, watch her preach. Or just talk. Oh my!!!
Plus She is also Meyer’s baby. Gosh, I LOVE the way Joyce loves her. You see it in her eyes. Those two have a beautiful relationship. And how they met? Will share that story later.


What Chris did is TOTALLY something I would do.
Sooooo jealous!!! Ugh!!!
And pastor Prince? Gosh, I just wanna hang out with him. Not in a church gathering. Just chill with him in a neutral social gathering.
Dude. Is. BAAAAAD gooooood!!!
And crazy hilarious. And too deeeeep!!!


Plus he is Joel’s friend. Oh brother!!!
And to think I didn’t like him before.
God is sooooooo amazing to have all these children with different personalities yet so sound with the Word.

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  1. Hello madame, its been a very great oppourtunity reading how you pushed through your weight loss journey, its highly encouraging, will apply for your group programme and pray to get selected. You are such a big motivation. God Bless You.

  2. Oh my you finally fallen in love with Christine Caine. Heard her live at joyce Meyers conference. I fell deeeeeep in love. Couldn’t stop talking about her. Funny, deep and practical

    But wait… Who doesn’t love Joseph prince? Eziaha o! U have come o! Lol.

    1. I really didn’t. My first exposure to him was someone bashing the GRACE message. Then when I saw him I saw Michael Jackson lol
      Plus he spoke funny!!!
      Now everything I didn’t like then are the EXACT reasons I ADORE him. Plus his snappy humor????
      Goodness!!! Icing on the cake.
      Mama *exhale*
      That’s me exhaling the beef on Caine!!!
      She will be at this year’s conference.
      Crossing everything crossable!!!
      Right now I feel like I can author her biography.

  3. Wow, Joseph Prince is so amazing, a friend of mine introduced me to his teachings and books last year and I’ve really been blessed by them. Will look out for Christine Caine too. Hmmmh, always learning new things from this blog every moment I visit. May God keep blessing you real gooooood, dearest E’.

    Maduagwu, E, A

  4. And Pastor Prince is the truth! Will check out Christine Caine too.
    In other news… KingDaveed has got to be the most camera friendly baby around. He’s so comfortable and cute! Those smiles have brightened my week already.

  5. Hello Eziaha. My sister told me about your blog and especially the weight loss programme. I just have one question. I am a CS mom, my son is seven months and two weeks, is it safe to apply? Please respond. I’m really praying to join your group of five. Thank you.

    1. Hey hun
      Thanks to your sister. Looking out for you and everything.
      I think a 7month old CS scar should a healed abi?
      If you are COMPLETELY healed and no complications, please apply.
      Check with your doc too. I am so clueless about CS love. Even a bit scared so please check OK?

  6. Christy Caine on point!!! Fell in love with her at about the same time I became a Jesus-Culture-Freak… heheheee…
    I’ve been on my own journey sha; was self-motivated, tho’ weight loss wasn’t the goal, just healthy lifestyle (food, water, exercise). But mehn, the weight loss results have amazed me. Moved from a (very tight) 14 to a comfortable 10. Not sure I should go lower before my mother faints the next time she sees me (she’s been on my neck like what is wrong with this girl that you are wanting to lose weight.) Even her prayer for me to gain the weight back no work :D.
    Thumbs up dear, you doing a good job and I admire your heart. And who knows, I might just add “Abs” to 2016 goals. What say ye?

    Love you!

    1. Haha haha
      We have the same mama.
      She has been crying and calling me.
      Because of her I decided to do just once.
      Well done girl. I know how hard it gets on this journey so well done

      Yes yes yes to Abs!!!

  7. hello Eziaha, my friend told me about your blog. i was wondering! where have you been all my blog reading life?! thank God I found you finally, (I need to take my friend out for this). I am interested in the weight loss program, but I haven’t started praying about it. maybe next batch if there will be. Lols. Joseph Prince is hawt! you should watch daystar TV more often. I love love him.

    1. Dude is HAWT ooo even physically.
      How I didn’t see it before I wonder.
      Holy Hot!!! Haha
      But the real trip for me is his biting sense of beautiful humor. He is sooooo cool!!! Goodness.
      Gimme a fine man, with some humor, finely dividing the WORD, whooosh!!!

  8. The Joseph Prince part really got me. Honestly I didn’t like that preacher. From the way he talks to the sound of his voice and I just don’t understand him. I double avoid his preaching but last month. Nothing was coming on air that I like. I was forced to listen to him and I came to like him and truly understand he is deep. I looked forward to catching him on air again but havn’t but now that my mama has talked so sweet about him. I will Definately give his teachings more attention. See all the swag and posing KingDaveed is giving us. You both look great. More grace as you take on the project of helping others mama. God bless you.

    1. Hahahaha
      I guess I was forced to too because he comes up right after Meyer daily and usually I just leave it because I am too lazy to change.
      Gradually I realised just how amazing he is.
      Amen to Grace babay. I need am

  9. Ever fab E’ ur weight loss story does inspire me. congrats u look absolutely hot. pls do u av any realiable tip on how to add weight .. …pls help a sister oooooo *smiles*
    personally av always wondered why you never talk abt My pastor Joseph Prince. am super excited that u av finally discovered him. I dont miss him on Daystar and faith TV. I recommend u watch pastor Creflo dollar too.

    1. Will do an entire post on that love
      Then Pastor Prince is just BAE
      U have even claimed him as yours haha
      Oh I watch Creflo alright and have watched him for years now.
      Def one of the influences in my life.
      Love his gangsta English too

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